Sunday, 17 June 2012

Firmoo sunglasses

Disclosure: These sunglasses were sponsored by Firmoo, but this review is written based on my honest opinions.

This pair of sunglasses arrived just in time for my Sentosa, Singapore trip in 2 weeks time. I was on the lookout for a big pair of sunglasses which would cover practically half my face and this fit the bill. I was also attracted to the fact that the frame is purple and white in colour to add a bit of quirkiness and fun. I did have fun matching them with different outfits.

They are super light, but very well-made. They seem pretty durable and would probably last a long time.

I am ready to go out and play in the sun without having to worry about harsh UV rays in my eyes.

The Firmoo website is very easy to navigate and they have tons and tons of fashionable eyewear. For each pair, Firmoo provides as much detailed information as possible and displays pictures from several angles so you really know what you'll be getting.

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I like that Firmoo also provided measurements as this really helped me in selecting the right size of sunglasses I was looking for.

The link to the sunnies I got is here*click*. Unfortunately, the website now says that this design is being phased out by the manufacturer/desinger. What a pity, but if you really like this pair, drop Firmoo a request as they are happy to check with the manufacturer incase there are any left in stock.

Along with my sunglasses were a spectacle case, a spectacle bag, a piece of micro-fiber lens clothes, one screwdriver and even extra screws. What a nifty little package!

Firmoo are always giving out massive discounts and even free eyewear so hurry and head over now to!


  1. Super fun and funky. These glasses will be so good for a sunny vacation.
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  2. awesome glasses,i love the color!!^^

  3. These sunglasses are amazing!! I love the colour.

    Thank you for your compliments on my dog. They are so naughty though -.-" I totally agree that Naruko products are either hit or miss. I really like their night jellies but I have tried their eye cream and this tea tree targeted treatment thing and I just don't like them at all.


  4. Cute! 

  5. francesca romana capizzi21 November 2012 at 15:05

    These shades are gorgeous! I love them!!
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  6. They are so cute Joey and purple is a great color on you.

  7. Purple sunglasses! I always forget to wear sunglasses when I'm out in the sun even though I should wear them more often since my eyes are sensitive to the sun lol I like that these are light. I only have one sunglasses and they're pretty heavy =(

  8. the purple sunnies really suit you! hope you have a blast on your trip :)

  9. Aww, these are so cute and fun, and retro! I love purple <3

  10. those sunglasses look great on you, I like how they're white on the side!

  11. Those frames look great on you Joey! I love oversize sunglasses. Great purple too!

  12. Lovely sunnies
    you look adorable :)
    Have a good day beautifulKiss from

  13. Cute sunnies!!!

  14. Oh! You look so good in those sunnies! They really suit your face. 

  15. You look cool with the sunniessss Joey~ btw, yeah the Revlon foundie smell bad IMHO >_<

  16. I love giant sunglasses! Those are adorable ; 3 ;

  17. i like these purple sunglasses! they're unique looking and i think they really suit you :D keep in touch <3



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