Monday, 29 October 2012

Veet it Off with Nuffnang

It's certainly not an exaggeration when I say that I've been using Veet hair removal for as long as I can remember...thinking that body hair is unattractive. Yes, ever since I learned that body hair is generally unappreciated on the female form, I've used Veet.

It's super easy to use and makes my skin so soft and smooth. I've always personally preferred the cream version because there's zero pain involved and I can use it just before I shower and then rinse it off. I always choose the one with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E because I think it helps with moisturising my skin.

There are no before&after pictures of me using the cream, though because I've just shaved my legs last week for my company's annual dinner. My legs are still pretty smooth and hair-free. Veet brought out the confidence in me to don that little bordeaux number and show off my legs...and armpits.

Not that I want to purposely show off my pits la, but there were games and entertainment involved in which the emcee kept asking us to "put your hands in the air, put your hands in the air"


Luckily, I used Veet so that ensured that no unsightly stubbles were visible and I could confidently...yes, "put my hands in the air".

Otherwise, I'd be like Lady Gaga

Obviously, it's stuck on. Oh Lady Gaga, you be crazy!
 [Pic credit: Stomp]

How quick and easy is that? Perfect for the lazy me.

Nuffnang and Veet are holding this contest to give us a chance to win some pretty fabulous prizes and I thought, why not?

I dug out a very old, plain black dress which I've not worn in a long time and decided to revamp it. The reason I've not worn it in a while is because I think it looks very dull. However, it's a waste to throw out a perfectly good piece of clothing, so I cut out two holes, wore it back to front, threw on an accessory with a giant zipper and chains and voila!

The cut-out dress trend has been around for a while and I've seen it on many celebrities and power bloggers/lookbookers. I'm glad that I now own one myself hehe

This is how the front looks. Even though I wore the dress back to front, it still looks pretty good, eyh?

I drew inspiration from this Topshop cut out dress
[Pic credit:]

Friday, 26 October 2012

Vivi magazine (October, Malaysian edition)

*Click pics to enlarge*

The very pretty Lena Fuji on the cover.

Some suggestions for what to wear for your bottom half. Lena Fuji wears lots of peplum or flared skirts with layers. I like the rest, but I'm not too hot on the cropped pants. I think that unless you have long legs, it does tend to cut you off.

Even tough studs are still around, I noticed they are shifting slowly towards the bijou trend...think rhinestones and bling. There were quite a number of blinged up outfits throughout the mag.

I personally find these metal tip shoes mad hot, but I haven't found any here that I really like. No, actually, I've seen some at Aldo, but I can't afford those.

In my last post*click*, I told you oxblood is the colour to be seen in this Autumn. However, can anyone really differentiate bordeaux, oxblood, wine red and burgundy? My colour vocab is so limited, sometimes I think I was born a guy.

I like these simple, yet stylish outfits. It's much more suited for the weather here.

You'll notice the Neko (cat) trend is here. I have never been too particularly fond of cats to be honest as I'm more of a dog person. However, I do think some the accessories are pretty darn cute. I'd love to have that kitty hat, for example, but it'd be of no use here in hot and humid Malaysia.

I definitely like this issue a lot as they use lots of dark colours and is more mode gyaru. I definitely can't pull off the sweet, demure look (lots of frills and florals) so I'm happy to draw some inspiration from this month.

Which trends will you be sporting this season?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

That bordeaux dress

Disclosure: The Teodora dress was sponsored by Chi-chi

So a couple of weeks ago, I was busying myself at work when *ding* an email popped up in my mailbox. I opened it expecting the usual company humdrum, but the words "company dinner" quite literally leapt up at me. I was duly informed that the event will be held in less than three weeks. THREE weeks!! Holy smokes! Where am I going to get a dress so soon? And shoes? Everyone needs new shoes for an event such as that. Gahhhhh...fret! fret! fret!

But just like magic, I was contacted by Kim at e-tailwebstores asking if I'd like to work with Chi-chi, a company specialising in cocktail, prom and evening dresses. Their offer came just in the nick of time! My weekends were packed and there was no way I could fit in a full-day shopping trip to get a dress.
(Kim, if you're reading this, you're a saviour)

One thing I like about online shopping at websites like Chi-chi is that they provide detailed information on their garments. I was able to look at clear pictures, get the measurements and know the material in just a few minutes. I did all these within the comforts of my home and didn't have to walk 'till my feet were sore trying out dress after dress at random shopping malls.

The dress I chose was this gorgeous bordeaux coloured dress with ruched mesh and diamante details; the Teodora. I am really not quite sure how to differentiate bordeaux and oxblood as they seem pretty similar to me. As oxblood is apparently autumn's hottest colour, I knew I had to wear this!

Very pretty diamantes
Loving the twists

The night turned out to be a wonderful one and I had lots of fun with my colleagues. I sat at a table full of fun people who were sporting enough to go on stage to play games, cheer loudly and act silly. It always is the company (pun?) that matters the most.

I honestly thought I'd have no more chances to doll up like this once I leave University, but I guess I was wrong. Needless to say, I took lots of pictures that night, but these shall remain private hehe

Here are the little details that complimented my dress:

5-inch heels from Nose

Murua tatt behind ear

DIY bling nails with Zoya nail polish in Jem

FOTD. Smokey eyes with Sleek Au Natural palette and Rainbow Color lenses in Storm Grey

Go check out Chi-chi for more beautiful dresses for all occasions. They ship worldwide!

Chi Chi banner

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Instagram Images 011

Topshop phoneholder/purse. So convenient for lunchtimes

Neon pink slippers

Pretty mooncakes as corporate gifts

Pink mushrooms at Cameron Highlands

Getting a mani pedi

The colour I chose for my manicure

Hello chipmunks!

Decoration at Publika for the Mooncake Festival

Got cheated by flower sellers at Cameron Highlands. It wasn't dried nor long-lasting as they claimed.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

ChurpOut 2012

With Cheesie of Cheeserland

With Audrey of FourFeetNine

With Jane of Chuckei

So I went for Churpout 2012 at Publika yesterday and it was pretty much how I imagined it to be. 'Twas my first time going for a Churp Churp event you see, so even though most of the Malaysian bloggers have been to many such events and have prolly seen so many of our top Malaysian bloggers that they're pretty blase about it, I was quite excited about the whole thing. When I was in the UK, I could only look at pics and envy those who got to go for such Nuffnang or Churp Churp events. They always seemed to have a ton of fun.

It was my very first time meeting Audrey, Cheesie and Jane and they are all super duper pretty in person! Their pics don't lie. I was surprised that Cheesie is so petite! Yes, I have heard that that is the normal reaction she usually gets from people meeting her for the first time, but it still surprised me. How does she look so tall in pictures? What is this sorcery?

Anywayz, they were all really friendly and were happy to take pictures, so that's how I got those pics forever immortalized on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and now my blog. Yes, of course I had to blast it out quite literally everywhere. Such monumentous moments. Ha!

After snapping the pic above, I did wonder if I should have asked Cheeching if she was okay being in the pic. I just assumed that she wanted to remain anonymous. But that was silly of me because...she's obviously there  (without any disguise), so she can't be anonymous, yes? How rude of me. Oh well.

I got to meet (see) the adorable Wafu and Pafu. Such cheeky things.

I actually did not realize that these were the first appearances of CheeChing and Miao as in they have been blogging semi-anonymously all these while. Now that I know, I feel very honoured to have met them and for Miao to have drawn a cartoon of me.

Here's me getting my cartoon drawn by Miao

And here's the finished drawing!

That's me!

The goodie bag I got upon registration.

My haul for the day. Murua tattoo set from Audrey and Cheesie's store, Leather necklace from Joyce of Kinkybluefairy's store and in its 4th appearance, the cartoon of me (FOC). Oh yeah, I got an Abuden?! band, too, from JinnyboyTV's store (it was on my wrist when I took the pic above).

So yeah, it was a pretty fun day despite the rain. I might go for more of such events even though I feel like a million years old amongst all these young, pretty bloggers. Bloggers are getting younger and younger these days. I feel so old.

But if my friend is willing to go with me again next time, I most probably will. 
Thanks C, for accompanying me!

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