Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bloggers Do It Better...Red

I quote Kristina at Pretty Shiny Sparkly,
"Bloggers Do It Better is a movement. An initiative to showcase real girls, with real style, wearing real trends. Think of it as inspiration from the girl next door."

The latest instalment is simply entitled, Red. Bloggers were asked to interpret it however they wished to. Here is my interpretation of it.

Red shirt: Bugis Street, Singapore
Paperbag skirt with heart prints: H&M
Ladybug ring: Random market

While this colour is really apt for today, Valentine's Day, I actually wore this one day while visiting relatives during the Chinese New Year period. Red is of great significance to the Chinese and it is tradition to wear red during this festive season. It symbolizes good luck and is the colour for celebration and happiness.

This was actually the first time in 5 years I've visited my relatives around Malaysia and collected angpaus (red packets). Chinese New Year in the UK is a sad affair and it can feel terribly lonely, though I've gotten used to it. Still, it was a delight to be counting and spending my lucky money.

This is where some of my money went.

My 1st blogiversary giveaway is over. I've randomly selected a winner and the winner is...



  1. Hahaha I know, right? I've been to so many Sasa outlets since I've been back

  2. i hear you about being "lonely" during CNY. no lion dance, no fireworks, no homemade cookies, no ANG PAUS. 

  3. Love the way you wore red :) and that heart print skirt is super cute!

    Good use of the red pocket money I say!! Unfortunately I was given one this year that had £40 in it...when I was in the kitchen cooking. I must have tossed it in hte bin or something by accident because I really can't find it now T.T Wahhhhhhh!

  4. Love your red blouse and that skirt is really cute ^^ thé skirt for thé Valentine :P
    Tehehe I recieve redpockets from family as well, I mostly spend them on clothes and
    cute (abit unnecessary) stationary and gadgets =w= xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  5. love your outfit! I didn't know there was a skirt with that print, I have a top with the same print! I really love your ring as well ^^ xo

  6. Joey, I love your heart skirt and ladybug ring. I think the red packet tradition is so fab! Enjoy

  7. cute heart skirt :D !! great for valentines day ^^ 

  8. Wow! Happy Valentine's day! 

  9. ohhhh the majolica majorca box set is awesome! the red lash curler is so pretty. and i love your outfit too. u look great in red :D the ladybug ring is such a cute find!

  10. Fabulous look for bloggers do it better. I loved red, it's one of my favourite colours to wear. Your skirt is just so adorable and I love it.


  11. awesome outfit, you look adorable!


  12. the cutest ring !!


  13. cute outfit! love the red, it's definitely a colour growing on me to wear more often :P
    hope you had a wonderful CNY! :) I would love spend my red envelope money on sasa, if only I could get my hands on sasa products from London without having to purchase online lol

  14. omg, thank youuu so much, when i read that mail I was like : omg ! yaaay!!

    I like red color, it suits you :) i think it's one of best colors for black and brown colored hair girls (do i write it right? eh..difficult  sentence :D ) Oh and that Sasa shop <3 only good thing, that it's not in my country is that, it will svae my money :D 
    hope it brings you lot fo luck that red color :)
    wish you nice day ^^

  15. omg, those words. SALEEE  + Sasa = love ♥ haha
    and a lovely look! :D 

  16. Hi! I found your blog by participating in the recent BDIB
    Challenge. Love how you styled your red. Cute blog!! Please visit mine if you
    get the chance. Have a wonderful day!!




  17. Wow, nice outfit! And I LOVE sasa! It is my go to store

  18. Bloggers do it better sounds... AMAZING! I want in! I love the skirt you choose to match your red top. So lovely!
    If I had a Sasa where I lived, I'd probably spend my money there too.. haha

  19. "girl next door" sort of fashion inspiration is a very good idea imo, love it when I see amazing outfits created from inexpensive, accessible brands and aren't all about high fashion! the skirt is so cute, it's perfect for vday (well it's a cute skirt for any day really!) :P

  20. Great look for the challenge! You still love your rings! The ladybug is so cute!

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

  21. 'Rm59.90 is slightly over a tenner!' Haha omg that puts things into perspective! No more guilt when shopping then haha! Majolica majorca is damn smart! Who can resist a red eye lash curler?

  22. Lovvvve the outfit and I also love everything you got from SaSa. I have relatives in HK and we used to visit every summer, but we haven't due lack of time. But I used to hit every SaSa on every corner in HK like a junkie lol

  23. Love that skirt! You look cute and chic, eh. :)

    Cathy@cheap digitizing


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