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I stumbled upon a high school students' art exhibition and was wow-ed by their talent and creativity. I was (still am) terrible at art/crafts, so these pieces of artwork really do amaze me. Those little miniature rooms are super duper cute and the detail is amazing! The little cradles are half the size of my palm so you can imagine how tiny everything is.

If you're wondering what those things are hanging in the corner of the rooms, those are sarongs which are essentially baby cradles hung on a very strong spring and you can bounce the babies to sleep. The gentle bouncy movement soothes them, apparently. I think it's a very typical Malaysian thing.

ben's seemingly hand-written menu

ben's table deco which includes suggestion cards for conversation topics

ben's lagsane

I seem to have been to ben's too many times the past couple of months. Truth be told, I think they are way overpriced, yet I always seem to end up there with different friends and family. And next week, I'll be going again with my colleagues. I think that will be my last time for quite awhile...until I crave for their soft-shelled crab spaghetti which is one of their dishes I love most.
The lagsane you see above was terribly dry and I literally had to force myself to finish the last few forkfulls. Never again.

I went to watch Step Up Revolution and it was goooooooddd. I love movies about dancing, but I sometimes feel they can do away with the cliche love stories that is almost unavoidable in movies like these, but hey, I know they gotta sell to young teenage girls.

I can't stand romcoms which is probably something you didn't know about me since I hardly talk about personal stuff like that here. I don't know, I feel like if I try to explain why, I would be insulting half the population. I don't think even many of my friends know I strongly dislike (because 'hate' is a strong word) romcoms and I always have to hold in my sigh of exasperation when they recommend me a romcom and assume I'll love it by default just because I'm a girl.
I have been told that I'm very unromantic.
Then again, I do like Love, Actually and New York, I Love You and Paris, Je'taime (High five to those who can spot the theme here). So I'm not entirely unromantic...yes?

September issue of Ray magazine (Malaysian edition, English)

September issue of Vivi magazine (Malaysian edition, English)

This month's Vivi and Ray mags are so similar in theme! Super pretty and girly, though! Hope the few of you ladies who are swapping with me will get your mags, soon! xx


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