Saturday, 26 February 2011

Peter Pan

Peter pan-collared dress: Primark
Skinny leather belt: H&M

Hehehe...I think my face looks funny in the second picture. I wasn't ready, but my camera went *click* anyway. Thought I'd put it up as a funny blooper. Besides, the picture is slightly brighter so you can see the dress better.

This outfit is a bit preppy, isn't it? I love the peter pan collar on that dress, though. Primark. What a find!


  1. i absolutely love the dress. this is something wearable everyday, and i'd definitely want to find a dress like this. :) loovee it.

  2. what a lovely dress! I don't usually like things from primark but this is really nice

    the brown belt looks good paired with it too, I love h&m!


  3. :O The dress is so cute. I wanted a dress with that collar but I don't think I could pull it off.

  4. Hello, the dress is lovely, adore that fab peter pan collar, how cute! And the belt looks great with it also. Thank you so much for visiting my bloggy, so great to meet yours. xx veronika

  5. oh I have this dress and have already worn it to death! love the idea of the belt with it

  6. abby: Thanks! :)

    becalala: Thanks! I think Primark has some lovely pieces for the Spring season this time. I love H&M, too! :D

    amanda: It's quite cute, isn't it?

    Gloria: Give it a try, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised :) x

    Girl and Closet: Thanks! No problem at all, you've a really nice blog

    A Certain Vintage: What a coincidence! I would wear it more often now that the weather's getting warmer

  7. collar on the dress is lovely and i like what youve done with belt too xx

  8. Oh that's pretty dress!! :) It looks very good on you Joey! x

    Haru x

  9. Belle: Thanks :)

    Haru: Thank you, sweetie x

  10. That outfit is so cute :) You look really nice. Lovely blog, I'm following you :)

  11. Hey! Great outfit! My girlfriend thinks so too - kudos with what you did with the belt. Great stuff, your boyfriend is a very lucky guy. Maybe you should show what shoes you have? Would be interesting to see what kind of shoes you'd wear to go along with that dress. Really love your fashion.

    P.S. Your hair looks really good in all the photos!

  12. Love the dress it's so casual chic! :D. From Primark? Great find! And the belt goes lovely with it. I didn't realize you were from Malaysia. Me too! Now in the UK as well :)

  13. Primark? I'm guessing that's a store located only in the UK. Cute dress, especially with the peter pan collar (:

  14. What a super cute look on you!!! Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  15. i cant believe the dress is from primark it looks amazing! i would mind getting one ;) ^^

  16. Cute outfit :)
    I had (and loved!) that dress but it shrunk in the wash so I only got one wear out of it! :(

  17. Jessicalouise: Thanks and thank you for following x

    Nicholas: lol Stop being funny :p

    Katie: Thank you

    Sharon: Oh? A fellow Msian! Yay!
    Thanks, sometimes Primark surprises you ;)

    Wendy: Thanks! Yeap, a massive chain store selling really cheap stuff

    Liesl: Thank you

    Hello Naka: Right?! It was a very lucky find

    Michelle May: Thanks! Yeah, I think mine did, too, that's why it's a bit short. It's in the washer now, so I wonder if that's the last time I'll be wearing it :(

  18. yes, if this outfit is green...

  19. preppy but very cute and feminine! and i love your blooper...hehe! :)

  20. Aki No Yuutsu: Then I'd really be Peter Pan? ;)

    Archives: Hehe...thanks :)

  21. love the collar of your dress. :)

  22. I love the dress! I think Rebecca from TheClothesHorse featured the same one in an outfit some time ago!

    And I don't think there's anything wrong with being a little preppy :)

  23. Stop showing off your super cute primark buys :P

  24. Kekeke can't help it. Primark's awesome! :D


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