Monday, 21 February 2011

The Vintage Fair

1. The Vintage Fair

2. Handmade necklaces

3. Granny jewellery

4. To satisfy those with a penchant for handbags

5. The lady at this stall makes these lovely vintage-looking book bags from unwanted old books and fabric. I bought 2 from her last year and got many curious questions and compliments from friends. I also bought 2 reworked dresses from her which she made using old shirts. What a good way to add a new item to your vintage wardrobe and help the environment at the same time.

6. Leather shorts and vests.

7. Lovely detailing on the collar

8. Tons of men's shirts

Despite the snow (yes, we had a bit of random February snow), there was a very good turn out at the fair. In true British style, there was a tea party going on in full swing in one corner. People were nibbling on cupcakes and sipping tea out of china teacups; the proper way.

The only thing I purchased from the fair was this beautiful Halina Paulette Electric camera. I saw it sitting there amongst some accessories and felt as if I had to buy it immediately despite not knowing how the thing works. It wasn't expensive for a vintage (Google tells me this is from the 60s! Awesome!) camera, but I was rather skint after a bout of online shopping in January *shifty eyes*.

I was debating on whether to buy it or not simply because the seller wasn't a camera enthuasist and didn't seem to know much about it either (or whether it was even functioning properly!). I didn't want to pay for a broken thing. The rational side of me told me to put it down, but my hands just wouldn't let go. In the end, my boyfriend paid for it as an early birthday present. Yay!

I can now add this to my very small (but growing) collection of cameras. I downloaded the manual as soon as I got home and now I can't wait to get some 35mm film and start shooting. Hope it works *fingers crossed*

Pistachio-coloured vintage style dress: Blogshop
Alexa-inspired satchel: Blogshop
Wedge brogues: Schuh
Vintage cameo brooch: Vintage Fair


  1. Oh! the bunch of leather shorts!! I really wish I was there!! :O
    You've got a really pretty present!! :D
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and lookbook Joey!! I'm gonna follow you back x

    Haru x

  2. Thnx for dropping by my blog!
    I love all the accessories at the vintage fair, I think if I went I'd go broke there! lol

  3. Haru: Yeah, but the leather shorts were rather pricy at £25 each. You're welcome and Thank youuu x

    Dakota: Awww...Thanks

    Le garcon avec les lunettes: Thank you :)

    Annie: You're welcome. I like your blog.
    Yeah, vintage items are not very cheap and a dress here and a necklace there can quickly add up x

  4. Oh my god, the jewelry. I want.

  5. This fashion fair looks incredible, I love the shoot of all the bags and jewellery! Great find with the camera too, I really want to get a film camera but not sure what, will probs end up going for a Diana unless I can find something decent in a jumble

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  6. Your outfit is so cute! I'm definitely loving the shoes and the bag! I've been hunting for those for ages :-)

  7. your outfit is so cute!! love the vintage-y vibe with the cameo brooch you added!

  8. love your bag and love the vintage fair you went to!

    hurray for the boy as well. excited for your posts with the new camera. :)

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I love your eye for accessories! And the vintage fair looked like fun! You're in the UK right now! Thinking of taking a summer course there too! Still don't know if it's the right decision. :P

    Congrats on your new cam! :D Loving your photos! Following you now~

  10. oh my, that vintage fair looks so, so wonderful! I want to go to a vintage fair, it looks so full of pretty things. :)

  11. Really cute these pics, and i love your outfit!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    THank you so much!

  12. An award for you at my blog. Thanks and cheers! :)

  13. OMG,everything is so pretty!^___^*
    The jewelery,bags,clothes and you outfit!~
    I LOVE TI!<3<3<3

    PS;Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog and for being my new follower!^__^*I'm following you back,cuzz your blog is AMAZING!;D

  14. i love your brooch
    and i want that little vintage camerraaa !!

  15. Putugian: Vintage stuff is great, isn't it?

    Ssaem: Pretty, aren't they?

    Hannah: Thanks! The Diana is a great camera from what I've heard. I've a Holga and that's quite good, too. Hope you get lucky and find a cheap one x

    Michelle: Thank you! I got the shoes from Schuh *click* if you're interested x

    Lisa: Thank you, Lisa :)

    Chyrel: Thanks! I had a great time at the fair. And yeap, I'll post the shots if it turns out well. Can't wait!

    Sharnie: No problem, you've a great blog and I love your style. Oh, Yes!! You should definitely come over! It'll be a wonderful experience.

    Thank you (for the compliments), Thank you (for following) and Thank you (for the award). You're so sweet x

    Greer: Keep an eye out for similar fairs like craft fairs or even car boot sales. You can get very good stuff from these, sometimes x

    Veronica: Thanks :)

    Michelle Chic: Thank you x

    Yumeko:'re so cute! Thanks and thank you for following, sweets x

    michelle_: Thanks! You should totally get one (maybe from eBay?) as you're such a great photographer. I'm sure your pics will turn out amazing!

  16. Sigh. I want to go there. All those leather shorts...leather shorts are actually heaven. And tht top with the adorable detailed collar. is a MUST.

    You know im so so so so so...a few more so's might explain how jealous I am of your living situation.

    If it wasnt so cold in England I would move there in a jiffy.

  17. Roshi, keep an eye out for car boot sales and the like, I'm sure you'll find loads of goodies there. Are thrift shops any good in your area?

    Awww...thanks. I guess I'm quite contented at the moment. However, you don't have to envy me too much; I'm away from home and family so these materialistic things will have to keep me happy.

    It is blardy cold!

  18. Even if the camera doesn't work perfectly, it may have an interesting effect on the film. I look forward to seeing your photos!

  19. Hopefully. Will surely post some up once it's done :)

  20. No, problem. Love your blog! :) And yes, I've been thinking of taking a course in London!! But maybe that will remain as a dream. :(


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