Thursday, 17 February 2011

Stone bib necklace

Parka: Crafted from Republic
Furry cuff wedge boots: New Look
Studded bangles: Malaysia
Stone bib necklace: Portobello Market (London) 

I love Portobello Market. You can find such good vintage items there. I was rummaging through a humongous pile of vintage jewellery on one of the street stalls when I found this stone bib necklace. I nabbed it immediately. The stones are really pretty in real life and the ribbon cord means I can adjust it to whatever length I fancy.

I dressed it down with a simple white tee today, but I'm sure it would look good with a dress on a night out.


  1. hi! blogwalking...
    ur necklace is very unique..
    like it..
    i'm following u rigt now..mind if foll me back/have a visit?..

  2. such a cute find! i've been hearing a lot of really good things about portobello market :) i wish i can check it out someday!


  3. Putugian: Terima kasih! Checked out your blog and I think it's very sweet. I've followed you :)

    Reg: You simply must! It's such a unique place with lots of good treasure

  4. i like the jacket that you're wearing ^^

  5. Oh what I find! I love Portobello market too, it's a treasure trove, especially if you're into antiques! jazzy ♥

  6. Elisa: Thanks :) And it's really warm, too

    Claire: Exactly! It's great, isn't it?


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