Saturday, 19 January 2013

Project Pan 10 (Part 2)

Yes, I do know I am very late in posting up my Project Pan 10 (Part 2). Excuse my tardiness.

6) KAO Essential - Hair Essence
This was also part of my haul from Singapore*click* in December 2011. Though I've been using Kao Essential products for several years, this was my first time trying out the Hair Essence. Sad to say, other than the lovely smell, this did nothing for my hair.

7) KAO Essential - Conditioner (Rich Premier)
I always seem to have way too much conditioner leftover. Even when I have to start on a new bottle of shampoo, I'd find that I'd still take awhile to finish up the conditioner from the previous bottle.
This worked really well when I first started using it. It really did moisturize my hair and made it smoother and softer.

8) KAO Essential - Shampoo (Nuance Airy)
It's funny that in December 2011, I said that I had no intention of switching brands, but this is in fact my last bottle of Kao. When I was first introduced to it many, many bottles ago (I've gone through both the pink and orange ranges), I really did think it was good on my hair. However, since coming back to Malaysia, due to the hot and humid weather, my hair's been really dry and frizzy. Perhaps my hair has gotten "immune" to it, I don't know. It's time to switch!

9) KAO Essential - Conditioner (Nuance Airy)
Same story with the shampoo. To be honest, I cannot tell the difference between the Rich Premier (Orange) and Nuance Airy (Pink).

10) Lux - Shower gel
Nothing special. I finished this so I threw it in together with my Project Pan 10 hehe...

If Part 1*click* was more on Hada Labo products, Part 2 leaned heavily towards KAO Essential.
I will continue posting Project Pan 10 posts, periodically.
Hope these short empties posts helps.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Swallow print sweater

Swallow print sweater:

Happy New Year!

Have any of you made any new year's resolutions? I used to be the kind of person who makes a list of resolutions and then promptly forget about it like two weeks into the new year lol. Now I just don't bother. I guess if I really wanted change, I can always do it at any time during the year, right?

But I guess if I had to make a new year's resolution for this blog, it'd be to be more consistent with updates. So here I am with my first outfit post of 2013.

How adorable is this sweater?

Just looking at all the little swallows make me happy and I love the detailing of the gold-tipped collar. And guess what? The collar is detachable so I can totally pair it with something else!

[Pic credit:]

I like dressing up, I do, but there are definitely many days when I prefer to just lounge around in a simple t-shirt. The t-shirt below is apparently made from organic cotton. It really is very light and comfy. I heard V-necks make you look slimmer so this t-shirt is definitely top marks in my books.

Cotton pocket tee:

If you're interested in the above and more, do check out

Disclaimer: The swallow print sweater and the t-shirt were sponsored by

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