Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Me in my bag

  Me in My Bag by Yi Ying Wang

Lately, I find myself glancing frequently towards this wonderful coffee table book sitting no, not on my coffee table, but on my book shelf in between Banksy: Wall and Piece and Debretts's Etiquette for Girls (oh, the irony). So today, I pulled it off the shelf and decided to do a blog post on it.

Can you guess what this book is about? Well, in a nutshell, it's a wonderful collection of pictures of 100 Londoners and things in their bag. Yi Ying Wang, Hiromi Iguchi and Will Farrow decided to go around London and ask random people to expose the contents of their bags! What an interesting project! The result is this charming little book, Me in My Bag.

To quote Wang on her website, "This fun project blends design, London life style, fashion, trendy bag styles and photography together and plays on people's insatiable curiosity as to what people have tucked away inside their bags."

Ahhh…a book to feed my voyeuristic needs.

As you can see, this delightful book comes in the shape of a bag! Also, the clever page layout allows you to open up the pages so it feels as if you're truly peering into someone's bag.

The hundred Londoners were also given a short questionnaire to fill up, mainly to ask them about their bag and its contents. Some of the answers are really funny and some are creatively decorated. Oh, there was one by a 2 and three quarters year old toddler and his questionnaire was random bits of coloured paper and ink blotches. His bag must be one of those bottomless bags you see on children's tv because he had a lot of toys in it!

It’s definitely not the type of book you want to rush through in one sitting. Take your time to slowly devour it. Look closely at the items on every page; are they tutti fruti or minty fresh? Read the ticket stubs to see where they've been or what they've watched. Do they dump all their receipts to the bottom of their bag or are they a neat freak? With every page I turn over, I see how different lives are summarized between the pages of this book. Can we really tell how a person is by looking at the contents of their bag?

A lot of the artsy ones doodled on their questionnaire.

Besides your wallet and your phone, what is the one thing you always carry inside your bag?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Vintage style floral box bag: Primark
Blue gingham skirt: H&M
Knee-high socks: Primark
Wedge brogues: Schuh
Cardigan: Primark

I was contemplating whether to pull up the knee-high socks or leave them scrunched at the bottom. I decided on the latter, something I've never done before. Even back in school, my socks were always neatly folded at my ankles (as per the school uniform rules). I did get several odd glances (British people are much too polite to stare) today, but I tried to stroll on confidently. I'll admit though, that I was a tad bit self-conscious.

As we were walking pass French Connection, as if to justify my style, I pointed at the mannequins wearing heels with socks...

Me: See! Socks and shoes! It's fashion!
The boyf: *lifts one leg up* Yeah, socks and shoes.

He was, of course, wearing socks and sneakers...just like every day  -_- "

Anywayz, pretty cherry blossoms are a-blooming everywhere! Yayyyyy!! I love cherry blossoms!!!

When I'm a little less busy with Uni work (hopefully, that would be before the end of spring ha-ha), I will go around and snap some pictures. Last year, there were some really beautiful pinkish/purplish cherry blossoms not too far from my place and I really can't wait to see those again. Meanwhile, here are the very, very pale pink ones.

By the way, I know I said I would blog about Japan Day, but I'm still waiting for the official yukata pictures to be sent to me. I didn't want to bug the organizers because I know there were tons of people queuing up on that day, so I'm sure they have a huge pile to go through. I will just wait for a couple more days to see if I get them, if not I will just use my non-pro pictures :)

Friday, 25 March 2011

everydayoutfits's First Giveaway WINNER!!

[Pic credit:]

Congratulations to Ainie!
I was so happy when I cross-checked the randomly generated number with my participant list and found out it was Ainie dearie. Yay! She's such a sweet girl, a regular reader, and her blog is very cute. You should definitely go check out her blog!
An email has already gone out to her, so I'll just have to wait for her mailing address to send those goodies her way. Hope she'll like them! :)

Thank you to everyone who took part in my first giveaway! I've seen many giveaways around (not won any, though) and have always wanted to do one of my own. It really was fun shopping for this giveaway, snapping photos and editing them to put up on my blog. Watching the entries come in one by one was very exciting and so was the checking process because it brought me to a lot of new blogs, some of which I'm now following.

So, thanks, again and hope to still see you here! xx

Thursday, 24 March 2011

ASOS shopping haul

[Pic credit:]

Okay, more like 2 items rather than a haul...

Quite some weeks ago, Groupon had a fantastic ASOS £9 for £20 deal on offer. I hesitated for all of .2 seconds before grabbing it. I decided to use that coupon to purchase the above denim shorts which I think is perfect for Spring. The floral print on it is really quite sweet. I also picked up that pretty georgette dress. I like how floaty it is and it's wearable not only for Spring/Summer, but also colder seasons if paired with a cardigan and tights.

Remember to enter my GIVEAWAY HERE! It ends in less than 24 hours! I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow night xx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Japan Day

 Vintage style floral box bag: Primark
Polka dotted skirt: Primark (eBay)
Sakura tank top: Blogshop
Red military ladder coat: New Look
Cardigan: Ark

Every year, the Japan Society at our University organizes a one day event to invite audiences to learn and experience the rich cultural and traditional backgrounds of Japan. This celebrated day is simply named, Japan Day! This year, the society decided to donate all profits made on this day to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A very generous gesture. Obviously, I had to go support my friends. A day to bask in the awesomeness of Japanese culture AND do a bit of charity? I'm there!

By the way, the more eagle-eyed amongst you would have noticed that I've put up a link to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal on my sidebar. If you wish to donate, just click on the logo and it will bring you to their website.

The moment I knew I was attending Japan Day, I already had an outfit in mind. I couldn't wait to wear this tank top with pretty sakura flowers printed across the chest and we all know what that large red circle represents. I thought it was perfectly apt.

It looks like Spring is finally here (Look Ma, bare legs!)! So I decided to use my brand new Primark vintage style floral box bag. It's so cute! It's so boxy and sturdy that I can neatly place all my stuff in it and they wouldn't move around. Nice!

Would you like me to blog more about my day? For example, for this post, would you be interested in reading more about Japan Day?
I'm not sure yet if I want to make this my personal blog, but I don't mind talking a bit more if that will keep you interested ;)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

To the theatre

Assymetrical dress: Brand unknown
Red military ladder coat:: New Look
Mary Janes: Spain
Red roses clutch: H&M
Single flower diamante ring: H&M
Skull and Heart 3-finger knuckle duster ring:

This was what I wore to the theatre to watch Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I was a tad bit overdressed, but that's okay because I'm overdressed most of the time anyway. It's not every day that I get to go to the theatre so I definitely wouldn't want to waste this opportunity to dress up.

That charming necklace with the little key and bottle that says "Drink Me" was another birthday gift from the boy. He obviously knows me well because the necklace combines the two things I absolutely adore; quirky jewellery and the story of Alice in Wonderland. I love it to bits! When he first gave it to me though, I went, "Is that blood inside?" -.- Seriously, doesn't it look like a vial of blood? hehehe...

The play was pretty good and I thought the acting was great. I wasn't bored for a single moment because it moved pretty fast and also because there were lots of yelling. We (the boy and I) were lucky enough to get front row seats for just a fiver each because we were both under the age of 26. Being so close to the action meant that I could actually see Martha's (played by Sian Thomas) tears! The story is set in the 60s and the play consisted of 3 acts which were acted out entirely in the same room, with the same 4 characters. There was only one costume change the entire night.

Remember to enter my GIVEAWAY HERE! It ends 25th March! x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's not Chanel

Sweetheart locket: Blue Nile
Long heart necklace: Topshop (from years ago)
Cavour tank top: Blogshop
Cardigan: Primark

Nor is it 5preview. I hope they don't see this and get their panties in a bunch. I don't want my picture to appear on their website with a red "X" amateurishly drawn across it.
5preview, if you're reading this: I did NOT make this tank top. Kthxbye.

Well, to be fair, they're the ones with a t-shirt that says "Imitation is the highest form of flattery". So you'd think they'd be more flattered than flustered...

If you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, that's okay. I don't even know how I know about 5preview and their anger towards copies of their copies er, inspired stuff. But that was ages ago.

These days, loads of high street stores themselves are treading a fine line between inspired by and outright copying, anyway. Why is it okay to buy a River Island platform that is obviously a Miu Miu (oh, by the way, why do so many bloggers call it Mui Mui?! It's M-I-U M-I-U, for fashion's sake!) copy, but it's not okay to buy a look-alike from some dodgy-looking stall owner in a night market? No, really, this is a genuine question. Take my tank top for example, I saw it on an online blogshop, thought it was cute, bought it. Simple as. However, I would never dream of buying a fake Chanel bag from the road side. Why? Strange...

Any-jimmy-who...I have actually got a more important question to ask you guys.
What camera do you use to take your outfit shots?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

Five beautiful ladies have kindly passed on this blog award/tag to me:
Lauren from
Jessica from Forever Miss Vanity
Hitomi Neko from Hitomi Neko
Lita from Lita's Daily Life!
Miss Tea from miss. tea & co.

Go check out their blogs, guys!
Thank you so much! I'm not sure if I'm truly deserving of this, but I'm happy to accept it and would love to do the tag.

Here are the rules :)

1) Thank the person who awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award

2) List 7 things about yourself

3) Pass the award to other bloggers and contact them about it

Hey, everyone, I am so sorry there's 2 consecutive blog posts where you're subjected to the torture of reading highly interesting *sarcasm* facts about yours truly. I will try to make this short, but more fashion-related. Normal everydayoutfits posts will resume after these self-absorbed facts.

7 things about me (again!):
1) I have quite a lot of jewellery, but I'm currently going through a sort-of "ring phase". You can check out my ring collection here*click*, if you're interested. I've gotten a few more since that post, though.

2) I think I'm very impatient and unfeminine. Seriously, I always snag my tights no matter what brand I buy. I'm just too rough.

3) I don't own anything designer (my Lanvin for H&M t-shirt doesn't count, I don't think). However, I've always said that when I'm financially stable, I want to get a Chanel handbag.

4) I have 30 pairs of shoes. I actually think that's a pretty average number, but obviously my boyfriend thinks that's WAYYY too many. Bah, boys!

5) I'm not very good with heels, so I prefer wedges.

6) I hate crocs, but I'm totally fine with uggs. Feel free to judge me.

7) I judge people with VPLs. Oh, yes, I'm mean.

I would like to pass this on to the following stylish bloggers:
Mae Lu from thereafterish.
Shalanda from Live Life in Style
Sher from Beneath The Crystal Stars
Tricia Isabela from Swtie Pie Pnai
Memosne from Fa Fo Fi

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

A BIG thank you to the lovely Sharnie from A Random Fashionholic for passing me this blog award/tag. That girl has got great style! She always looks so chic! Also, reading her occasional food post makes me drool. Go check out her blog!

Beena also awarded me this same blog award/tag. Thank youuu

Rules of the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 7 recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

7 Things about Me:
1) I love snow. I love waking up and looking out the window and be pleasantly surprised that everything is covered in a beautiful fluffy white blanket.

2) I love traveling. After I hand in my dissertation in September, I hope to travel to a few Eastern Europe countries before I return home to Malaysia.

3) I love London. It's hard to explain why, but London will always have a special place in my heart.

4) I love dressing up, but I'm SO lazy when it comes to make up. No, seriously, I'm so lazy and so lacking in the make up skills department, it's not even funny. I'm learning, though!

5) I love my little camera collection. I've got a Holga 120CFN, a Mini Instax 7s, a Digi Harinezumi 2, a Halina Paulette Electric, a Samsung EX1 and a self-made pinhole camera (which has been sitting in my drawer unused since I made it a few months ago *shifty eyes*)

6) I love Harry Potter. The books. Only the books because the movies are CRAP (and yet, I've watched nearly all of them because every.blardy.time I get conned by friends who say, "No, this one's really good!!" fml)

7) I love my boyfriend. 

Hehe...cheesiness to the max!

I would like to pass this award on to these bloggers I've recently discovered:
Roshi from Whimsical Delights
Jo from Jo's Jumbled Jardiniere
Chyrel from The Fiction I Live
Ssaem from ssaem's blog
Jessica from Forever Miss Vanity
Jane from Love Makes The Girl
and to anyone who puts their heart into blogging :)

P/S: Sorry, I know I owe several people some Thank You posts for awards/tags. I'll do it real soon. Promise!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Usamimi headband

Jumper: Primark
Flower ring: Dorothy Perkins
Usamimi headband: Blogshop

Usamimi (or sometimes called usagi) headbands were a huge hit last year in Japan (and most parts of Asia). For some reason, the trend never really quite caught on here in the UK (and this is only based on my humble observations). However, recently, I've noticed that quite a few high street stores like New Look, H&M and Primark have started selling them. Even though the trend is a whole year late, at least it's in time for Spring/Summer 2011.

It is essentially a piece of cloth wrapped around a wire. Still, whoever thought of it is a genius because this allows the headband to be twisted and bended in all sorts of ways. The name loosely refers to "rabbit ears" because if you style it correctly, you're supposed to look like you have a pair of bunny ears. Mine's a bit too short so it was hard to create the rabbit ears. In any case, I don't think I can pull off the kawaii look.

You can also use it for an irregular braid, though it's a bit harder to do if your hair has lots of layers. I learned this from Bubzbeauty's tutorial.

What do you think of usamimi headbands?

If you want to win one, just join my giveaway here *click*.

P/S: Sorry about the awkward face-covering pose, but I didn't have any make up on. I hope my pretty nails and giant flower ring made it a bit better kekeke...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

everydayoutfits's First Giveaway! [CLOSED!]


So I woke up this morning and discovered to my delight that I've 50 lovely followers via Google Friend Connect! I know it's a very small number compared to some of the blog giants out there (don't be raining on my parade), but I'm really, really happy and grateful to all of you.

I have only had this blog for a little over a month and I know there's still plenty of room for improvement, but thank you for dropping by. Thank you so much for being patient and showing your support by following. Also, big, BIG hugs to all those who left such sincere and lovely comments. It always brightens my day.
*ends Oscar-esque speech*

To show my appreciation (because action speaks louder than words *winks*), I'm organizing a mini giveaway. I bought these items myself and I decided to go for a Spring theme. Hope you'll like them.

How to enter:
1) You must follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
2) Leave a comment with your name and email (so I can contact you if you win) (1 entry)
3) For additional entries:
- follow me on Twitter @everydayoutfits *click* AND tweet about this giveaway [please leave me the link to the tweet] (+2 entries)
- blog about this giveaway or post it on your sidebar (please use the banner above) [please leave me the link] (+3 entries)

You only have to leave one comment.
Open internationally!
Deadline: Friday, 25th March at 12pm (GMT)
The winner will be announced that same afternoon. Promise!

 Some close-ups of what the winner will be getting
P/S: The cameo ring is the one I wore in this *click* post. I used mine for photography purposes, but the winner will be getting a brand new one, of course :)

Good Luck!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

My Birthday

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes! *BIG hugz*

On my actual birthday, I went out with my boyfriend and a bunch of very close friends to a Thai restaurant. The restaurant was wonderfully decorated (made me feel as if I was in a restaurant in Bangkok) and the food was authentic Thai. Most of all, the company was fantastic. I've known this group of friends for nearly 5 years. We used to live in the same student halls of residence the very first year we arrived in the UK. We quickly bonded and have remained close friends ever since.

There's that little black convertible dress, again. Did you recognize it? I wore it about 2 weeks ago to a friend's birthday party *click*. On Friday night, I pulled it out again and wore it to my own birthday dinner. This time, instead of turning them into sleeves, I pulled both straps to one side and wore it one-shouldered. I love this dress and intend to get as many wears out of it as possible.

I know gladiator heels are so two years ago, but I refuse to shove them inside a dusty cupboard just because fashion dictates that they are no longer "in". I fell in love with gladiator heels when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wear them in Sex and the City. I love the pair I got because it makes me feel about 6 feet tall in them.

Here's a picture of the rings I wore. These rings were lovingly handmade by the boyfriend; one of the many birthday gifts he got me this year. He sneakily took one of my rings to measure my ring size without my knowing. Every time I was out of the house, he'd painstakingly wind the wire and beads together. I was very touched because he has never made jewellery before and though he bought the materials, he pretty much made these rings from scratch. I love them!

And these are the birthday cuppycakes he got me! Aren't they gorgeous?

He requested for customized cuppycakes and specifically asked for handbags and shoes to be made out of fondant because he knows how much I love bags and shoes! Awww...they were so pretty I almost couldn't eat them. Almost. Because my friends came over after dinner and I decided to share some with them. Everyone was so high on sugar after that! hehehe...

Who knew that Thai food, cupcakes, Heart Attack (a card game) and Pictionary could elicit SO much laughter? As cliche as it sounds, I had such an amazing time, I wished the night would never end.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pre-birthday dinner

 Floral dress: Melody (local boutique)
Bangles: Blogshop
*NEW* camera: Samsung EX1

Ah, the past week has been a relatively busy one for me. Not just with the usual Uni workload, but a couple of other side projects, too. On top of that, I've also been busy celebrating my birthday! Whee! Expect a couple of updates within the next few days about that :)

Had a pre-birthday dinner with some of my classmates on Thursday. I chose a "Latin, Italian and Spanish" restaurant for a wider selection, but ALL of us ended up ordering a variety of pasta. I love Italian food!!...and Malaysian and Japanese and Chinese and Thai...I guess I just love FOOD! Yums!

My friends surprised me with a beautiful Chinese fruit cake which they ordered from a local Chinese bakery. A Chinese fruit cake is very different from a er, normal fruit cake; from the texture of the cake right to the type of fruits used. This one's a fluffy chiffon cake with fruits cleverly inserted in between the layers and decorated with whipped cream and thin slices of fresh fruit on top. It was heavenly!

Sorry I haven't been replying to comments in my previous post, but thank you for leaving such lovely and sincere comments. I really appreciate it and I do read every single one of them. I've also got a bit of catching up to do on some of my favourite blogs this weekend so I better start now.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Story of the blue jumper

 Vintage blue jumper: Cow (local vintage store)
Destroyed denim shorts: River Island
Bow hairband: Singapore
Cameo ring: Primark

So I strolled in to Cow, a local vintage store, hoping to get a pair of vintage Levi's 501 denim shorts. Now, the fact that I have thunder thighs was never apparent to me as I have successfully deluded myself all these years. However, on that fateful day, I was most upset to find that I couldn't fit into the size I thought I was nor the next size up.

Instead of walking out empty handed, I seeked comfort in this large, cosy jumper. I guess by telling myself I can fit into something is a way to nurse my hurt ego. But jokes aside, the jumper's really great! It's such a lovely shade of blue. Also, you can't see it from the pictures, but it has a very subtle glitter effect. It's subtle enough for me to wear to class without looking mental, anyway.

The ring is a recent buy from Primark. It's so pwettyyy! Love the faux pearls, love the diamante, love the cameo, love everything! Initially, I wanted to pair it with a faux pearl necklace (which I got in a vintage fair), but in the end, I decided to go for subtlety with my faux pearl earrings.

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