Monday, 7 March 2011

My Birthday

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes! *BIG hugz*

On my actual birthday, I went out with my boyfriend and a bunch of very close friends to a Thai restaurant. The restaurant was wonderfully decorated (made me feel as if I was in a restaurant in Bangkok) and the food was authentic Thai. Most of all, the company was fantastic. I've known this group of friends for nearly 5 years. We used to live in the same student halls of residence the very first year we arrived in the UK. We quickly bonded and have remained close friends ever since.

There's that little black convertible dress, again. Did you recognize it? I wore it about 2 weeks ago to a friend's birthday party *click*. On Friday night, I pulled it out again and wore it to my own birthday dinner. This time, instead of turning them into sleeves, I pulled both straps to one side and wore it one-shouldered. I love this dress and intend to get as many wears out of it as possible.

I know gladiator heels are so two years ago, but I refuse to shove them inside a dusty cupboard just because fashion dictates that they are no longer "in". I fell in love with gladiator heels when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wear them in Sex and the City. I love the pair I got because it makes me feel about 6 feet tall in them.

Here's a picture of the rings I wore. These rings were lovingly handmade by the boyfriend; one of the many birthday gifts he got me this year. He sneakily took one of my rings to measure my ring size without my knowing. Every time I was out of the house, he'd painstakingly wind the wire and beads together. I was very touched because he has never made jewellery before and though he bought the materials, he pretty much made these rings from scratch. I love them!

And these are the birthday cuppycakes he got me! Aren't they gorgeous?

He requested for customized cuppycakes and specifically asked for handbags and shoes to be made out of fondant because he knows how much I love bags and shoes! Awww...they were so pretty I almost couldn't eat them. Almost. Because my friends came over after dinner and I decided to share some with them. Everyone was so high on sugar after that! hehehe...

Who knew that Thai food, cupcakes, Heart Attack (a card game) and Pictionary could elicit SO much laughter? As cliche as it sounds, I had such an amazing time, I wished the night would never end.


  1. The cupcakes are adorable <3 and the ring looks really amazing I never would have thought it was made by a first-time jewelery maker >.< Kudos to your bf!

  2. The cupcakes and rings are adorable! Your boyfriend is so sweet and you look downright awesome. =)

  3. You look really good in that dress :D Your boyfriend is too sweet..the cupcakes are so thoughtful..I love the handbag/shoe details <3

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. Happy belated birthday! The convertible dress looks really cute on you! I've thought about getting one, but I was afraid the jersey material would stretch out over time. And your bf is so sweet to handmake the ring for you :D

  5. Those cupcakes are to die for!! And I wish my boyf knew how to make jewelries.. You're one lucky girl:D happy belated birthday!

  6. Happy bday! that is one hot dress, work it girl! ;P i want some cupcakes :/

  7. Gloria: Thanks, I'll pass all the kudos to him :) The cupcakes are so bad for me, though. Look at all that icing!

    Memosne: Thank you!

    Little Dust Princess: Thanks! It's even cuter in real life, I wish I could freeze the little shoes and handbags and keep ém forever :P

    Rinny: Thank you, dearie! Oh, is that what happens to jersey? I've no idea, I hardly wear that material because it really clinks to your body. Didn't mind this one so much because it has a lot of ruched details.

    Ainie: Very cute, aren't they? Thank youuu

    FashionableAsians: Kekeke...thanks *blush* Ah, the cupcakes are all in my tummy, unfortunately :D

  8. Dear Joey,

    No, I dont mind you asking the question. Yes, the photo was taken in Malaysia, although Im not entirely sure of the exact location, possibly either Penang, Malacca or Johor where she had resided.

    That little black dress is very sexy and well paired with the gladiators.

    Sorry for being late, but Happy Belated Birthday!

  9. Happy belated bday ^^ !! the cupcakes are so cuteee <3 and your outfit as well =D !! sexyyy ^^ !

  10. I hope you had a fabulous birthday :) You look so sexy in the dress! I love all the wraps and ties. It's beautiful. Thai food is a favorite of mine :D

  11. GORGEOUS LOOK!!! Oh wow that dress is sooooo stuninng on you :) I love love the shoes Theres the convertible dress again you work it!
    and those cupcakes..would you mind sending me one in the post?
    kthnx HAHA xoxo

  12. Peh Sun: Thank youuu! No worries about being late, I love getting belated birthday wishes, it kinda prolongs the celebration hehe

    Elisa: Thanks, sweetie :)

    Rainy Days and Lattes: Yes, I had a wonderful time. Thank you!
    I love Thai food, too. Tomyam gung *slurp*

    Roshi: Thank you, dearie! You're always so kind.
    Oh, I would if I had any left, but greedy me gobbled the last one this morning. Kekeke...

  13. you look stunning in that black dress !
    beautiful and classic !

  14. hi girl! you have a nice blog =0
    mind to visit and follow mine?
    i'll follow u back then =)

  15. Happy birthday, Joey! From the sounds of it, it was a great one! For the record, game night is one of my favorite ways to spend time with friends as well :D

    The convertible dress is great! I tried making one years ago, but I wasn't able to style it as well as you did :)

    Take care!

  16. Hey lovely girl.. happy belated birthday. You are such a cutie! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with great people. And you looked amazing as well. :) Here's to a wonderful year!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  17. Reminds me of the one from Victoria's Secret. I have a couple of convertible dresses from Emami Fashion on my blog... I absolutely love them.

    This looks like a good investment. Where did you get it?

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.

  18. @Joey: Haha I actually have no idea because I don't own a jersey convertible dress, but a few ppl who bought the Victoria's Secret one said it felt a little looser after they wore it a few times - probably from all the twisting and tieing of the material :)

  19. tagged you btw ^^ :

  20. Those cupcakes are brilliant! Loving your dress and shoes doll! Heart Attack is such a fun game I love it haha. Although the favourite among the Malaysians here is Mafia. We tend to play that one more lol. Your bf is so sweet to make that for you himself! Must've taken a long time and they look really good! Glad you had a fun birthday!! :D

  21. michelle_: Awww thanks, sweetie!

    LoveMakesTheGirl: Thanks! Game nights are awesome, right? I love it! Just pure, innocent fun.
    Thanks, I had to play around with it before I finally settled on this. Google images helps a lot, too. Ah, I envy your sewing skills, I really do :)

    sharonlei: Thank youuuuu :D

    Mae Lu: It does, doesn't it? I actually didn't realize VS did convertible dresses until I Google-d for style inspirations. Oh, I'll definitely check out yours in a bit! I'm really loving convertible dresses atm :)
    I got mine from an online blogshop from Singapore

    Rinny: Oh, noooo! I hope mine lasts. Not sure if this helps, but I handwash mine, so hopefully that will make it last longer *fingers crossed*

    Elisa: Thanks, dearie, will check it out in a bit :)

    Sharon: Nom nom nom! Haha...Heart Attack is crazy! We laughed 'till our tummies hurt.
    Oh, oh, I've played Mafia before. That's great fun, too!
    Hehe...I'll pass on the praises to him. Thanks!

  22. Happy birthday, hun! The cupcakes look delicious and almost too pretty to be eaten! And you look lovely in that black dress:)


  23. hot damn woman that dress looks amazing on you!

  24. you look wonderful! sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time! happy birthday!

  25. Oh, i missed to greet you in your big day but still, happy birthday. it looked like you had fun and the cupcakes are looking delish. so sweet of your boy.

    love the glads and hurray again for the convertible dress. i think i should post mine and on how i wore it. :)

  26. what a beautiful dress! fits you so perfectly!

    and those cupcakes stopped me in my tracks... mmmmm!! they look so delishhhh!!! i am a total foodie!!! your bf chose such cute decorations!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    take care!

    - aimee

  27. happy belated b-day
    love your outfit and cupcakes :) so lovely and chic

    i'm a follower now
    will you follow me back please?

  28. happy b-lated b-day. i must say u had a killer outfit. that dress looks stuning on u. havent seen an LBD look as good in ages. and the shoes were to die for. overall a super hot look.

  29. sher: Thank you! And they tasted delicious, too! Nom nom nom...

    Couture: Thanks

    Lisa: Haha! Thanks! And welcome back! x

    abby: Thanks! Yeap, I had a brilliant birthday :)

    Chyrel: Thanks and thanks for dropping by, sweetie! Oh, you should! I'd love to see how you styled yours.

    aimee: Thank you! I nearly didn't want to eat any because they are so cute. I would be happy just staring at them hehe

    crystal glamour: Thanks and thank you for following. I'll check out your blog in a bit :)

    Faboulista: Awww...thanks for the compliments *blush*

  30. You look amazing in that dress Joey!! :D
    I know it's too late now, but just let me say happy birthday!!

    and you guessed right about my pictures of "7 deadly sins"! :)

    Haru x

  31. You look really nice :) I like your shoes ! Best wishes ;-)

  32. that dress is amazing! cute cupcakes :)

    join my StiLa giveaway!

  33. Okay, Joey, we need to exchange links. Like, soon!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  34. Haru: Thank youuu! No worries about being late, I love it because it feels like it's still my birthday hehe...
    I got all of it right? Whoopee!!

    Simone Lassig: Thanks :)

    fashioneggplant: Thanks :)

    Mae Lu: Yesh! I keep meaning to put up a link list. I'll do it real soon

  35. Those shoes are so super duper gorgeous!! And I love that ring that your boyfriend made for you, extremely thoughtful gift ^^

  36. Thanks! I'm glad you don't find it outdated :)

  37. Sorry for the late greeting, but belated happy birthday! :) Looked like so much fun! And those cupcakes are amazing!! Heart Attack? Ah, memories. Lol! And I love your heels!

  38. Thanks! No worries about being late. I love it how Heart Attack is played all over the world! :D

  39. Those cupcakes look delish but what's even more fabulous is that dress you have on. Holy crap you look GREAT in it!! Love! Lots!

  40. Haha...thank youuu! You're too kind *blush*

  41. WHOA! 41commments, Joey why have u been hiding this so successful blog of yours???

    By the way, i guess my comment would be meaningless, burried under the pile u've already got but gotta say it, LOVE the way u wore the dress. Gonna see how u wore it to ur friend's birthday =)

  42. Awww Sue Lin, I hope you come back and read this. Your comment is not meaningless! I appreciate every single comment, especially if it's from you :D
    Thank you!

    And why I'm hiding this? Shy la! Haha!

  43. Your dress is sooo pretty!!!! And you look SMOKING HOT!! Ow ow. ;)

    Dude, your bf is so sweet .. He fricken made you that ring? That's soo awesome! And customize cupcakes.. Wow, love or what? (Pardon me, since I'm a new reader if you guys had broken up from the time then to now. )

    :D <3

  44. Haha thank you, dearie!
    He is very sweet, I was so touched that he made it from scratch.
    Haha I lol-ed at your last comment. Don't worry, we're still very much together :D


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