Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pre-birthday dinner

 Floral dress: Melody (local boutique)
Bangles: Blogshop
*NEW* camera: Samsung EX1

Ah, the past week has been a relatively busy one for me. Not just with the usual Uni workload, but a couple of other side projects, too. On top of that, I've also been busy celebrating my birthday! Whee! Expect a couple of updates within the next few days about that :)

Had a pre-birthday dinner with some of my classmates on Thursday. I chose a "Latin, Italian and Spanish" restaurant for a wider selection, but ALL of us ended up ordering a variety of pasta. I love Italian food!!...and Malaysian and Japanese and Chinese and Thai...I guess I just love FOOD! Yums!

My friends surprised me with a beautiful Chinese fruit cake which they ordered from a local Chinese bakery. A Chinese fruit cake is very different from a er, normal fruit cake; from the texture of the cake right to the type of fruits used. This one's a fluffy chiffon cake with fruits cleverly inserted in between the layers and decorated with whipped cream and thin slices of fresh fruit on top. It was heavenly!

Sorry I haven't been replying to comments in my previous post, but thank you for leaving such lovely and sincere comments. I really appreciate it and I do read every single one of them. I've also got a bit of catching up to do on some of my favourite blogs this weekend so I better start now.


  1. You look lovely. Happy birthday :)

  2. Happy birthday dear! Hope you had a blast... Hmm is it “had” or “having”? Are you still celebrating? Anyway, I know what kinda fruit cake you’re talking about but I didn’t know that there’s a difference until you describe it. I lovethat kinda birthday fruit cake with all the peaches and kiwi and strawberries. The cake is usually yellow, light and fluffy with cream or jelly. I guess when you meant non-Chinese fruit cake, you were referring to those heavy pound fruit cakes right?

  3. Happy birthday!

    Oh, food. :o
    Me want.

  4. Happy birthday, your dress is gorgeous

  5. Happy birthday to youuuu~!!! ^^ i really like the back of your dress =D looks cuteeee !!

  6. Michelle May: Thank youuu x

    Jo: Thanks! It's "had" now, celebrations are over birthday was actually on Friday.
    Precisely! You're right about the cake. Chinese fruit cakes are yums, aren't they? And it counts towards our 5-a day, too haha *completely ignores the calorie count*

    ssaem: Thanks :)

    Jessycalouise: Thank youuu :)

    Elisa: Thanks :D I thought it was a normal dress until I saw the back, then I was sold!

  7. Your dress is so beautiful and the back adds just the right amount of sexy factor ^-^

    Of course you look gorgeous in it as well.

    Happy birthday and hope you have another awesome year!

  8. Hey girl!! Sorry I've been slack with the blog readin lately I feel terribly


    *terrible rendition for a gorgeous gal*

    I hope you had a wonderful time :) You sure do look happy and that cake looks pretty yummy,
    Nice dress too xox

  9. Happy belated birthday girl!! Awesome dress!! Love the back of it :D. I love this type of cake too! The light chiffon with fruit on top. Hope you had a great time! And thanks so much for the link to the video, I did get it :). Must go watch it now to learn how to paint it in! Haven't seen elbow patches in H&M yet, but now I must go look haha.

  10. Hi, lovely! mind to visit and follow me?
    I've follow you back then =)

  11. Happy belated :) I like those chinese cakes but I'm allergic to the cream they use, such a bummer :/ Anyways cute dress, modest in the front and sexy in the back :P

  12. Gloria: Thank you! *blush* I can already tell this year is going to be a great one! :D

    Roshi:'re so sweet. Don't apologize, dearie :) Thanks for wishing me! I Was very happy and the cake was delish! I devoured it like there was no tomorrow

    Sharon: Thank you, thank you! Ah, all this talk about cake makes me wish I hadn't gobbled it up so quickly. Should have saved some...sighhh

    FashionableAsians: Thank you! :)
    Aw, that sucks! Is it because of the dairy? Never mind, the ones without any whipped cream are yummy, too!

  13. Happy birthday Joey! When is the exact date? : ) You look so good in that dress!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  14. Thank you, dearie! It was the 4th of March :D

  15. you look very sexy in this one and love the back details of the dress. :)

    love the bangles. :)

  16. Happy belated birthday! :) You look terrific and very happy.

  17. Thank you, Chyrel and Elle!

  18. Love your floral dress!! Is so adorable on you! :) x

  19. Hii! Which website did you get the bangles from? Can you give me the link please, they're pretty!!


  20. Hi
    I got them from
    I got this set a long time ago, though, but they sometimes restock similar items :)

  21. wow :o I love that dress, because it's backless ;)
    ah and happy birthday <3
    btw your cake looks yummy!

  22. I adore the dress *sigh*
    Ps soo lucky that you can buy stuff from blogshop!


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