Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's not Chanel

Sweetheart locket: Blue Nile
Long heart necklace: Topshop (from years ago)
Cavour tank top: Blogshop
Cardigan: Primark

Nor is it 5preview. I hope they don't see this and get their panties in a bunch. I don't want my picture to appear on their website with a red "X" amateurishly drawn across it.
5preview, if you're reading this: I did NOT make this tank top. Kthxbye.

Well, to be fair, they're the ones with a t-shirt that says "Imitation is the highest form of flattery". So you'd think they'd be more flattered than flustered...

If you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, that's okay. I don't even know how I know about 5preview and their anger towards copies of their copies er, inspired stuff. But that was ages ago.

These days, loads of high street stores themselves are treading a fine line between inspired by and outright copying, anyway. Why is it okay to buy a River Island platform that is obviously a Miu Miu (oh, by the way, why do so many bloggers call it Mui Mui?! It's M-I-U M-I-U, for fashion's sake!) copy, but it's not okay to buy a look-alike from some dodgy-looking stall owner in a night market? No, really, this is a genuine question. Take my tank top for example, I saw it on an online blogshop, thought it was cute, bought it. Simple as. However, I would never dream of buying a fake Chanel bag from the road side. Why? Strange...

Any-jimmy-who...I have actually got a more important question to ask you guys.
What camera do you use to take your outfit shots?


  1. Aye, I've always had the debate between what's 'inspired' and what's copied. But I think I'm okay with inspired items, but I frown upon fakes that think it's okay to make a spelling mistake and call it their own (The obvious Cs instead of Gs) and I'm talking about the LARGE PRINT too, if I was to get a fake, I wouldn't get one that's so ridiciously obvious and flashy >.<

    I use a Nikon D3000 but I've yet to master it. It's not the camera's fault that my OOTD are so blurry and crappy XD

  2. I like the chunky cardi :) I use a cannon ixus, but well not that i have really done a proper OOTD pic :P

  3. love that top and this is such a great blog!

  4. You look cute : ) I use a Canon G11 but I'm gonna sell it haha

  5. hmmmm. a lot to think about. i work at a junior's clothing store (if you carefully observe my outfits, it becomes pretty obvious which one), and i know that this particular company often gets in trouble for being very much "inspired" by more expensive brands.

    i wouldn't mind wearing a garment that is a look-a-like of a more expensive brand. but i'm with you about the Chanel bag...i'm not really for purse knock-offs :/

    and to answer your question, i've been borrowing my boyfriends canon rebel t1i. i have no idea how to use the fancy gadget, but it takes such pretty pictures :)

  6. Oh my blogger comments finally works! <3 I'm glad that I have the chance to comment on your outfits again. This looks so cute! Living in Taiwan I see SOOO many copies of everything. From name brand to like forever 21. >__<

    Thank you so much for your kind comment and don't even worry about "insensitivity" I was so excited to get a blogger award from you I jumped out of my seat. =)

    Like I said before the internet is a weird place, but I hope we can become better friends. ^__^

  7. Oh! I’m not too sure how to explain inspired and knock offs and when is it ok to buy. I guess as long as I feel comfortable wearing or carrying the inspired or knock off items, it’s ok. It’s hard to explain coz when I see chanel-ish lookinf quilted chain bags from even places like River Island or Forever21, I won’t buy them, even if they’re made of real leather and cost $100+. I woud rather spend $100+ on a well designed no brands bag.

    Thank you for your lovely words. I really appreciate it. I feel like buying an SLR or just a batter digital camera with a tripod and just practice like how all the fashion blogger always does. My camera died and so I'm dying to buy Canon S95. It's a point & shoot but colour quaity like DSLR.

    Hehe.. Oh yes! I remember reading you used to be from Malaysia and then you went off to UK to pursue your studies. No wonder you understand what Ah Beng is. LoLz... I guess my other international readers have got no clue at all. It’s great to have similar culture blogger friends understanding my language and slang.

  8. You look so chic!


  9. Gloria: Me, too! It's an issue that needs a bit more thinking because it's such a thin line between the two.
    Hey, I think your OOTD shots are pretty sharp, not crappy at all! :D

    Choiii: Thank youuu

    ditchthetrend: Thanks

    Little Dust Princess: Thanks :)

    LoveMakesTheGirl: I know, it's not that clear cut, isn't it? If we were to completely say No to inspired stuff, we wouldn't be able to shop on the high streets because everything's inspired by something.

    Memosne: Oh, was it not working before? I wonder how many of my readers had/are having that problem.
    Haha...why would they wanna copy Forever21? I mean it's great, but it's not even designer or anything.
    Awww...I'm glad that award made you happy :D
    Definitely. Imma stalk your blog all the time

    Jo: Yeah, I guess at the end of the day, it boils down to what each person feels comfortable with.
    Oh, I've heard good things about Canon S95. It's such a neat P&S, isn't it? I want to get a tripod, too!
    Haha...I always feel excited when ever I meet fashion bloggers from Malaysia/Singapore although it makes me miss shopping back home.

    Dylana: Thanks

  10. looveloovelooove!

    XX I.

  11. I like the top! I think it's clear it's an inspiration and not an outright copy. Right now I just use my iPhone for pictures :)

  12. Gorgeous necklaces!

  13. love your cardi and necklace :)

  14. Forever 21 also outright copies pretty much every single amazing shoe that comes down the runway, and so does Jeffrey Campbell.. so it's not surprising that everyone's got their knickers knotted all over all this "intellectual property" which is bullshit anyway, because how do you distinguish outright plagiarism from "inspiration" in a court of law? I think you almost can't.

    Ie. Facebook was stolen intellectual property and now it's set to take over the internet with such amazingly annoying ways.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  15. the outfit is great i love your top. it's very cute :D

  16. Thank you, ladies!

    Mae: Exactly!
    Darn Facebook and it's annoying new photo settings.

  17. Ha, those pictures on their website are the worse! I would not want to have an X over my face either. Love your blog though

    x Elizabeth / IN BETWEEN SEAMS

  18. I'm loving the jewelry here. The whole outfit is very pulled together, Chanel or otherwise! Hehe.

  19. i love your shirt!! i love my chanel bags but i love your "not chanel" shirt!! hehehe.. i think it's fine when ppl don't try to PRETEND it's the real designer item.. that kinda annoys me.. but i often do inspired "subsitutes" for things i don't want to pay a crazy price for.

  20. i buy fakes cause, theyre pretty! ahaha

    thank you for your compliments!

    the ends are actually REALLY damaged. they break off a lot and theyre totally stripped of their color. its white = its dead ahaha

  21. very nice comf outfit :)
    I use a canon 550D. what about you?

  22. Elizabeth: may the only one who actually knows what I'm referring to. Horrible pics ;)

    sunny: Thank you :)

    Lisa: Thanks! Yeah, can never understand the mentality of those people, but I guess it makes them happy to delude themselves.

    Jin: Some dupes are actually very pretty, aren't they? :)

    Petrisa: Thanks. Bought a Samsung EX1 recently, but thinking about returning it because I'm getting lots of blurry shots :(

  23. loving the necklace sweetie !
    thanks for stopping by at my blog !
    glisters and blisters

  24. Thank you so much for the comment dear :D

    haha I know, I've bumped into so many bloggers writing 'Mui Mui' instead of Miu...
    And the funny thing is my family name is 'Mui' haha....

    anyways xx

  25. lol this is my first time hearing about thst group!! i love your accesories :)

  26. michelle_: Thanks :)

    Ice Pandora: haha and of course Mui Mui means Little Sister in Cantonese, as well ;)

    amanda: Thank you :)


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