Sunday, 27 March 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Vintage style floral box bag: Primark
Blue gingham skirt: H&M
Knee-high socks: Primark
Wedge brogues: Schuh
Cardigan: Primark

I was contemplating whether to pull up the knee-high socks or leave them scrunched at the bottom. I decided on the latter, something I've never done before. Even back in school, my socks were always neatly folded at my ankles (as per the school uniform rules). I did get several odd glances (British people are much too polite to stare) today, but I tried to stroll on confidently. I'll admit though, that I was a tad bit self-conscious.

As we were walking pass French Connection, as if to justify my style, I pointed at the mannequins wearing heels with socks...

Me: See! Socks and shoes! It's fashion!
The boyf: *lifts one leg up* Yeah, socks and shoes.

He was, of course, wearing socks and sneakers...just like every day  -_- "

Anywayz, pretty cherry blossoms are a-blooming everywhere! Yayyyyy!! I love cherry blossoms!!!

When I'm a little less busy with Uni work (hopefully, that would be before the end of spring ha-ha), I will go around and snap some pictures. Last year, there were some really beautiful pinkish/purplish cherry blossoms not too far from my place and I really can't wait to see those again. Meanwhile, here are the very, very pale pink ones.

By the way, I know I said I would blog about Japan Day, but I'm still waiting for the official yukata pictures to be sent to me. I didn't want to bug the organizers because I know there were tons of people queuing up on that day, so I'm sure they have a huge pile to go through. I will just wait for a couple more days to see if I get them, if not I will just use my non-pro pictures :)


  1. Socks are shoes! Cute outfit! I really like your box bag from Primark. :]

    Ah, I love cherry blossoms!! Lovely pictures~ <3

  2. Those shoes are so cute and I love the pics <3

  3. Haha I totally love the knee high socks and shoes trend but yes, that trend has not been widely acknowledge yet =P I will have to try it someday soon. I think you pulled it off nicely (I'd stare too, wishing that was on me :D)

  4. another cute outfit! the skirt is so lovely!

    and thank you for offering to CP Primark for me! I might just take you up on that offer one day =P

  5. I love those shoes!

  6. Lovely outfit! Love the skirt and shoes <3


  7. *-*♥ im in loove with your wedges! too cute!

    and those cherry blossoms are gorgeous.

  8. It's getting warmer and warmer in the UK too? Japan is still chilly and I can't do without tights!x( and must lose weight before I wear socks like you!:p

    aaand ...lovely cherry blossoms! :p

  9. You look lovely as usual :) I like the combination of stripes and gingham. I also like the scrunched socks...ignore the looks! There's a lot of interesting elements to this outfit :)

    The cherry blossom pictures are beautiful. How lucky: I can't think of anywhere with cherry trees around here!

  10. Ahhh! The box bag! I'm still in love with it. I love how it compliments your gingham skirt.

    You look adorable as usual. ^^

  11. they stare because they know it looks good! You see the scrunched-up-socks-look all over lookbook these days. I think you pulled it off!

  12. aw lucky you.. I'm so busy with uni work now, only going to get worse until semester ends:(
    btw, I love that bag! I've been trying to find a box bag to put my camera in .

  13. oh already there?? Almost NO cherry blossoms have not bloomed yet here! :( still cold...
    Anyway I love the last photo :)

    Haru x

  14. I always wear socks and shoes ^>^ It might even be 'in' next Summer. It feels great to be a little different at times.

    Your outfit looks super cute :) Love how you teamed everything up. I want that Primark bag! >< Adorable! If I saw it in Primark, I would've taken it.

    Aww the cherry blossoms look pretty. I prefer them over sunflowers and quite a lot of other flowers.

    I had the chance to go Japan day with my school but I chose not to go. Apparently, they spoke about "Chinese hair" in a jar and my friends started to crack up. She asked in the end why do they just use Chinese hair and not any other hair.


  15. tiffyama: Thank youuu! The box bag has become my spring favourite now :D

    The Little Dust Princess: Thanks :)

    Gloria: Awww you say the nicest things, thanks! Oh, do post pictures when you do, I'd love to see them on you xx

    Annie: Thanks! No worries, any time at all, just drop me an email xx

    Freddie 弗雷迪: Cute, uh?

    Rosalinda Tjioe: Thanks

    vonn-e: Thanks! The cherry blossoms are much prettier in real life :D

    Sinley♡*+.: I'm sure the sakura in Japan are much lovelier :)
    Oh, I don't think you have to lose weight at all, dearie. You look just fine xx

    LoveMakesTheGirl: Thanks, sweetie! Ah, I was just trying out the stripes and gingham combo, glad you liked it :D
    Oh I wish I could send some your way, the flowers are so pretty in real life!

    Memosne: Thank you, dearie xx

    Ainie: Thank you! Haha, that's what I try to tell myself. Lookbook makes you think the streets are full of fashionable people who won't give 2 hoots if you were wearing something outrageous because that's the uniqueness of fashion, but reality is not quite so...not where I'm anyway :)

    petrisa: Poor thing, hope you're not too swamped with work. I love my bag, too! hehe

    Haru: I'm sure once it's blooming, it will be so much more beautiful than here :)

    Tann: Thanks

    London's beauty: Thank you! Keep an eye out for the bag, it's still being sold in Primarks here, so you can still nab it :)
    You're very trendy! I do hope this trend picks up soon in this city, it's such a cute combo
    I have no idea what Chinese hair is and why do the put it in a jar? o_O haha xx

  16. me gusta mucho tu blog, las fotos son muy bonitas!!

  17. Your outfit is cute :)
    The cherry blossoms are so pretty I wish one day I'll see them face to face :P

  18. I know this doesn't have anything to do with anything, but all my stocking have rips, tears or holes. I have like some extreme form of walking or something...

    Do you still wear your stocking after they've torn?

  19. Socks and shoes are definitely in! You’re in the IN crowd. Not many people know of the socks and shoes fashion too. So far I don’t see many people in Singapore dressed like that. In Japan and taiwan, it’s pretty common. The combi is amazing! I’ve been on the hunt for nice earthy, neutral tone socks here to no avail. Yours is so cute!!!

  20. I have yet to try the socks and shoes trend. I know I've worn one before when I was in high school of course but not lately. I also love the print on print look. :)

  21. Socks and heels definitely takes a bold sense of style to pull off. You look great here and esp. love the mix of prints! Edgy in choices, yet the overall look is still classy-feminine. Like!

  22. Yak Man: Thanks!

    Huynh: Thanks, I think the best are still in Japan

    Memosne: Oh, I totally know what you mean. I always snag mine on something.

    I once snagged one in the middle of a dinner party and it was all the way down the side of my thigh, but I couldn't do anything so I just shrugged and continued on. However, I don't think I'm ready to wear it as a fashion statement. I've seen some girls rock it with denim shorts and a leather jacket for that rocker chick look, but I don't think I can pull that off.

    I liked this question hehe Do you still wear them if they're torn?

    Jo: Thank you! Haha yay I'm IN! Yeah, I know, I don't imagine it's a bit hit in KL either. Hope you find some you like soon and I'm sure you can rock it down Orchard :)

    thechyrelgomez: It was my first time, too, a little self-conscious hehe. I'm glad you liked the stripes and gingham combo :)

    sunny: Awww thank you, sunny! *blush*

  23. Pretty! I love your shoes :)

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  25. nice choice on the socks. really really cute :) uni has prevented me from taking photos too :(! x

  26. love your outfit! i like socks with shoes :) i am in love with those cherry blossoms :)

  27. haha you're so funny!i totally love tho shoes+knee high socks combo too although it's awkward for some people. but hey,isn't it cool when people staring at you? it means you're gorgeous! :D

    anyways,i like your box bag. can you show the bigger picture of it,on the next post perhaps? it's so pretty :)


  28. awh a picture of u in a yukata sounds so cute :3 and i love the gingham skirt i want one!

  29. cute outfit! i love the last pic :) the coat and the shoes really gorgeous!

  30. Olivia: Thanks!

    Francesca: Thank you! Yeah, I can't wait for Spring break!

    fashioneggplant: Thanks! I'm in love with them, too, they are so much more prettier in real life

    strawberry electric: Hehe thanks, you're the first to comment on my joke. Yay, glad you like the socks and shoes combo, too!
    I've a slightly better picture of it a few posts down, but I'll try to take a better one the next time I use it again, just for you :)

    Hello Naka: Haha I think a yukata makes anyone look cute. Thanks, the gingham skirt is one of my favourite pieces :D

    piapia: Thank youuu

  31. so cute outfit & I love the pics :D

  32. I saw those shoes in Schuh and wanted them so bad but they didn't have my size. Sad times. :(
    They looked so comfy as well! x

  33. The blossom in and arround Sheffield is BEAUTIFUL, especially the peace gardens :) We should have a meet up soon mrs! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  34. Yea for mixing prints!

    I am a fan of this look, and style.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  35. omg joey super love your outfit.. the blue gingham is such a nice surprise!! i love it.. you look so pretty!

  36. adore those shoes!!!


  37. Love the skirt! The pictures of the flowers are amazing!

  38. Dilan Dilir: Thanks!

    [Anna]: Oh, they're not true to size. I'm usually a UK5, but it was way too loose for me, so I had to stick paddings at the back. I think you'll be okay getting one size down :)

    claire (jazzpad.): Yes, there's some on the way to the Botanical Gardens, too! I'll drop by Starbucks one day to say hi :D

    Mae Lu: You do it so much better :D

    Lisa: Thank you, Lisa!

    erica: Thanks!

    Shasie: Thanks!

  39. I loveee you cherry blossom pictures there. The sakura in japan are suppose to be amazing right now but I would be out and about given the circumstances. I was so surprised to see some local pretty cherry trees - it definitely cheered me up!

    thank you for your comment, I actually enjoyed reading it a lot :) lash extensions look great on its own - that means you can get away with using little time when getting ready but in terms of the technical side of the maintaining the lashes, it is definitely high maintenance. It really depends what you prioritise on - many Japanese girls aren't bothered with the high maintenance effort for lash extensions.

    I recommend doing a bit of online research before taking the plunge :) gd luck! If you have any questions about it - just give me a buzz!

  40. beautiful cherry blossoms! I love your gingham skirt!!!

  41. OMG!!! Cherry Blossoms!!! I really miss those... thanks for sharing!!!

  42. love the outfit much!
    and your shoes are so adorable!!
    locing the scenery shots as well :)


  43. your shoes and socks together are adorable !

  44. Nic Nic: Yes, I can only imagine the sakuras in Japan must be absolutely beautiful in spring time. Still, the UK ones aren't too shabby, eyh? :)
    Haha hope I didn't put you to sleep with my lengthy comment. Thanks for your tips! And thanks for offering to answer any queries I may have xx

    cecylia: Thanks!

    Aki No Yuutsu : No problem at all, I'm glad you liked them :D

    ♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥: Thank you

    fhen: Thanks

    Una: Thanks

  45. aw i love your shoes- their colour, detailing.. the fact that they're wedge!! I HAVE NOT seen wedge brogues before=oo! I also love how you structure your posts :) i shall follow you :D

    Care to check out my giveaway?


  46. Thanks! The wedge brogues were a lucky find, tbh! Thank you for following! I'll check out your blog now :)


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