Thursday, 10 March 2011

Usamimi headband

Jumper: Primark
Flower ring: Dorothy Perkins
Usamimi headband: Blogshop

Usamimi (or sometimes called usagi) headbands were a huge hit last year in Japan (and most parts of Asia). For some reason, the trend never really quite caught on here in the UK (and this is only based on my humble observations). However, recently, I've noticed that quite a few high street stores like New Look, H&M and Primark have started selling them. Even though the trend is a whole year late, at least it's in time for Spring/Summer 2011.

It is essentially a piece of cloth wrapped around a wire. Still, whoever thought of it is a genius because this allows the headband to be twisted and bended in all sorts of ways. The name loosely refers to "rabbit ears" because if you style it correctly, you're supposed to look like you have a pair of bunny ears. Mine's a bit too short so it was hard to create the rabbit ears. In any case, I don't think I can pull off the kawaii look.

You can also use it for an irregular braid, though it's a bit harder to do if your hair has lots of layers. I learned this from Bubzbeauty's tutorial.

What do you think of usamimi headbands?

If you want to win one, just join my giveaway here *click*.

P/S: Sorry about the awkward face-covering pose, but I didn't have any make up on. I hope my pretty nails and giant flower ring made it a bit better kekeke...


  1. ooh I have one too! I got it from H&M. I tried bubz's irregular braid also, when I had longer hair, but failed miserably ):

  2. Loving the headband!! I remember watching that tutorial way long ago...I wish I could braid my hair. =__= My fingers aren't dexterous enough.

  3. I definitely would use one of those headbands, they look so freakin' adorbs!

    Oh, you're giving one away? Hmm. I'd better enter, then, huh?

    PS. You don't need makeup. I'm sure up close you think you do, but these angles, your skin looks really good.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  4. Oh I have one of these headbands too! though I must confess I rarely use it! I love how you used it for your braid though, it looks lovely:)

    And it's nice to find a fellow malaysian in the blogging community!


  5. aaah it's so cute!
    loove your blog
    you really remind me of a friend of mine :)
    following you now <3

    XX I.

  6. Ainie: Oh, you should wear it and post some pics! takes a bit of practice, my hair kept unravelling on it's own at first.

    Memosne: It's really quite hard at first (I tried doing fishtail braids for like 52 times before I got it right!), but once you get it, it's easy peasy :)

    Mae Lu: Awww...thanks! Cute, right? I hope more and more people wear these here so I'd stop getting weird looks.
    Yay, got your entry! x

    Sher: Thanks! I hardly use mine, too, but only because of the weird stares I get. Fashion seriously needs to catch up here.

    Anna Bananorama: Thanks

    I. Oh, I do? That's cool :)
    Thanks for dropping by and for following x

  7. OMG the usamimi in a braid is genius! It's so pretty. I have troubles making my usamimi look nice, it's either too much usamimi sticking out of my head, or the bottom gets uncomfortable because it pushes my hair out awkwardly at the nape of my neck -_- too bad my hair's not long enough to braid.

  8. Hi Joey :)

    I love the versatility of this headband! I think if I ever meet the right fabric, I'll try to make my own version. I'll let you know if I do--you are the inspiration after all!


  9. Awww, usamimis!! :3 I still like 'em even though they're last year's trend. I really love the irregular braid you did, though!! ♥

  10. I've bought one on a trip to Japan too. But since my hair's getting shorter and shorter these days, I haven't got the chance to wear them as often as I would have liked. Lol.

  11. I like the look! I love hair accessories, and my fav of your pics is how you incorporated it into your braid!

  12. great job incorporating it into two different looks. i want to try the braid!

  13. Gloria: Thanks! All credit goes to Bubzbeauty for her easy-to-follow tute., too! Can't do proper bunny ears. I think my wire's wonky now from all that twisting and bending, it doesn't shape very well any more Boo

    Jane: Oh, please do! I'd love to see it :D

    Tricia Isabela: Thanks! I think you'd look really cute in ém :)

    diana kang: Thanks

    Sharnie Hung: Maybe you can turn it into an accessory? Tie it on your bag or around your wrist, maybe?

    Ceciliaefendy: Thanks :)

    Shasie: Thank youuu

    abby: Thanks! Give it a go :)

  14. aww, This headband is so pretty, and i love your hair!^___^*

  15. Hi again! You always leave such kind comments! To answer your questions, I have a Audrey Hepburn calendar in my room...I love her too! And thank you for your compliment about the pink dress. I'm actually planning on opening an Etsy shop in the future, but I want to have a little more practice before I try selling my things :) it's always nice hearing from you! -jane

  16. Wow, so many lovely ways to wear a head band. the bottom right picture (in the 4 quadrants) looks the nicest

  17. You look so cute! Love the headband!


  18. You are so adorable. What a brilliant idea about the braids. It encourages me to grow out my hair. Haha. =o)

  19. Usamimi headbands never really caught on in the States either, but the way you've styled them in these photos, they look awesome and super versatile. I'm now a little perplexed as to why they never made it big here. Maybe they will in the coming years.. we're always a wee bit behind the rest of the world in fashon. =( Very cute pics! Love!

  20. Yumeko: Thanks, sweetie

    jane: Nice! I'm sure your dresses will sell out! Will keep an eye out for your announcement (when you open up an Etsy shop)

    Peh Sun (Squeeze the Pug): Thank you :)

    loana Liliana: Thanks

    黃愛玲: Hehe thanks! :)

    sunny: Thanks! Yeap, it's pretty much the same here in the UK, but I think the shops here are Finally starting to catch up

    yiqin: Thanks

  21. I really like the headband =D!! looks cute

  22. i bought one of these from primark the other day - i love them, they are so easy to wear!xx

  23. Elisa: Thank youuu

    Maddalena: Thanks

    Belle xx: Oh, yeah, I saw some there the other day. They are so versatile, right?

  24. This is amazing on you! I love the versatility

  25. Love your blog and your style! I am following you now! Please follow me too!


  26. your hair really looks great. i can't wait for mine to grow longer.

  27. aaaa so cute, I love your blog <3
    wanna visit my blog?



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