Thursday, 29 March 2012

Rainbow Color lenses review

If you've been following me on Twitter (@everydayoutfits) and Instagram (@joey_wongby), you'd have seen me happily showing off my latest contact lens haul. Yeap, the pretty, colourful boxes above contain contact lenses!

This series is a collaboration between Cheesie (a famous Malaysian blogger) and GEO Medical (Korean manufacturers of circle lenses).

There is only ONE website that is allowed to sell these lenses (Cheesie approved!) and that is Tokyoninki. They offer free shipping within Malaysia and there was also a special Buy 3 Free 1 deal going on, so I decided to get Wood Ash, Earth Brown, Storm Grey and Sky Blue.

You can also get them at Sasa outlets in Malaysia, but I think they're only available in Plano.

Today I'll be reviewing Wood Ash and Earth Brown.

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.2 mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 3 months disposable

Earth Brown and Wood Ash

How pretty is the packaging?

In each box are two vials containing the lenses and a contact lens case, too.

Wood Ash

Wood Ash

Comfort: 5/5
It's super comfortable. I wore it to work from morning to evening, so that was roughly a total of 12 hours (I know I shouldn't and I normally don't, but I just wanted to test the comfort level of these lenses) and my eyes only started feeling a little uncomfortable towards the end of the day.

Enlargement: 2/5
At 14.2mm, they don't offer much enlargement, but that is totally cool with me.

Colour: 4/5
The colour is uber pretty and very natural. I'm not sure my pictures do it justice, but it lightened my dark brown eyes considerably without looking weird.

How much do I like them? 5/5
So glad I made the choice to get Wood Ash. I am in LOVE with these!

Wood Ash without flash

Wood Ash with bright sunlight streaming in through the window

Earth Brown

Earth Brown

Comfort: 3/5
These weren't as comfortable as Wood Ash and I had to remove them after about 5 hours.

Enlargement: 2/5
Not much enlargement either.

Colour: 2/5
Frankly, I'm not a fan of the colour. The colour change looks very unnatural on me. They look alright in pictures, but not in person. To get an idea of how it looks like in real life, you can refer to my picture below (the one with flash), except even scarier lol.

How much do I like them? 2/5
I will be very honest and say I'm not a fan of these. Cheesie wears them SO well, but on me it just looks very odd.

Earth Brown without flash

Earth Brown with flash

As you can see, I'm super happy with Wood Ash and it's my current favourite pair of circle lenses. Unfortunately, I'm severely disappointed with Earth Brown. I think it would definitely look good with the right make up, but it's just not for me.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Gmarket haul and giveaway [CLOSED]


Ceebeery contacted me some weeks ago regarding the possibility of a collaboration. I checked out their Facebook page and Lowyat thread and was pretty intrigued. In a nutshell, Ceebeery offers Korean Gmarket sprees.

I have heard a lot about Gmarket and have always wanted to shop there. However, no matter how many times I try, I end up giving up because it's just too complicated to me. Even though there's an English site for Gmarket, a lot of it is still in Korean. The whole registration, pricing, discount and payment system just boggles my mind. I'm slow, I know. So to have a spree service like the one Ceebeery is offering would save hours of my time.

Anywayz, Ceebeery kindly offered to giveaway some vouchers to my readers in exchange for a blog post (please read to the end for the giveaway). After some thought, I decided that the only way I can write a proper post would be to participate in the spree myself.
Please note that Ceebeery did not force me to participate, I just wanted to take this opportunity to test out Gmarket and to haul some stuff.

Chiffon shirt: True to picture

I have adapted some of the information below from their Facebook page*click*

Ceebeery originates from the word ‘spree’ (try to pronounce it slowly).

'Spree-ing' is the latest shopping trend in the 21st century. Some of you may know it as 'surveys' or 'pre-orders'. What it does is virtually gather shoppers on to the same platform so that postage/shipping costs can be shared among the 'spree-ers'.


Basically, shoppers are buying more for less. Spree-ing is a smarter and more cost saving way of shopping compared to individuals who needs to bear all the expenses alone.
Spree-ing with Ceebeery is hassle-free! You literally just pick the stuff you want and Ceebeery will quote you the price and do everything else!


At the moment, Ceebeery only carries out Korean Gmarket sprees. However, there are big plans for US and Europe sprees in the future, so do bookmark them and check back!

1) Browse Gmarket and pick the items you want

2) Copy shop and item url
3) Email the information to Ceebeery 
4) Wait for a reply with quote within 24 hours. 
5) Make payment
6) Wait happily for your purchases to arrive at your doorstep

T-shirt: True to picture, but extremely thin

I must say I am very impressed with Ceebeery's customer service. All my enquiries were answered within 24 hours and they were always professional and courteous. Even when I asked for the price quotations for 6 items and only ended up buying 3, they were still friendly and patient in their replies.

My whole shopping experience was fantastic. I didn't have to worry about clicking on the wrong button or not understanding the discount system or wonder if an item is out of stock because Ceebeery will do everything for me and inform me of things I need to know.

Postage rates will depend on the weight of your items, but for my haul, EMS from Korea was RM15 and for local postage (PosLaju), it was RM11.

Parisgraphy journal/diary: True to picture

Now the moment you've all been waiting for...the giveaway!!
Ceebeery is offering not 1, not 2, but 3 Malaysian readers a RM30 voucher each to be spent on their next spree.

How to enter:
1) 'Like' Ceebeery's Facebook page
2) That is the only compulsory step, but if you'd like an extra entry, tweet this [ Ceebeery and @everydayoutfits is having a giveaway! Click to win Gmarket vouchers ]
3) Fill up the Rafflecopter form below for your entry to be recorded (You can either log in with your Facebook account or email address. I will be the only one able to see your email address, so I can email you if you win)

3 winners will be randomly selected and announced on the 8th of April 2012. Remember to check back!
This giveaway is only opened to my readers in Malaysia (sorry, sponsor's rule).

Friday, 23 March 2012

Blossom Nail Cocktail review

Blossom Nail Cocktail

Each pack has 3 bottles of nail polishes for layering

Each bottle is labelled A, B and C

Even if you can't read Japanese, the instructions are super easy to understand/follow

Not as pretty, but close enough

Close enough meme

It does what it says on the tin, but I am not too satisfied with the colour. It's supposed to be a bronze-y, gold colour, but I think it just looks like I have dirty nail tips from certain angles. I might use these nail polishes separately instead. The glitter is actually quite pretty.

It's actually really easy to just use some your existing nail polishes to create this effect. However, their colour-sets make it easier to create the gradient effect for someone as lazy as me.

This was a gift from a friend, but if you're interested, you can get it from Sasa.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Cure Natural Aqua Gel review

During my stay in the UK, I used to have pretty dry skin thanks to the weather. Some time last year, it got worse and some parts of my cheeks even started feeling a little crusty. I know it sounds horrible, but it wasn't visible, thankfully. However, when ever I touched my face, I could feel my skin was pretty rough. On the rare occasions where I applied foundation, I couldn't stop it from flaking. It took me a while to realize it wasn't the foundation, but my skin.

The worst thing was the moisturiser I've been using for several years suddenly seemed to stop working. No matter how much I applied, my skin refused to soak up the moisturiser and my skin still felt dry and crusty. I did some research and wondered if that was due to the build up of dead skin which created a layer that prevents my other skincare products from getting in.

The thing that saved my skin was the Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

The Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a peeling gel that helps remove dead skin. It's been around for awhile and there was much hype especially in 2006 and 2007. Several years later, it is still selling extremely well. Personally, I only heard about it through blog reviews. Nearly all of these reviews gave it stellar ratings!

Their famous tagline is, '1 sold every 20 seconds'. However, what sold me wasn't their impressive tag lines (stats) or that they were voted by a few magazines as the best exfoliator, but the raving reviews written by bloggers who have personally tried and tested it out.

It prides itself in being an exfoliant made with natural ingredients. In fact, it's water-based. It has no colouring, no preservatives, no fragrance and no alcohol. I'm not much of a beauty nut, though I've started taking better care of my skin the past few years and even I know that something as natural as that can't be bad for the skin.

How I use it:

One pump of Cure Natural Aqua Gel

1) After cleansing, I make sure my face is dry because the gel works best on dry skin. I use two pumps to cover my entire face. I leave it for about 5 seconds.

Rub the Cure Aqua Gel for about 30 seconds

2) Then, I very gently rub in circular motions. The gel would quickly turn into water and if you applied too much, it might start trickling down your face. Just continue rubbing for about 30 seconds on each side and the water will dry up a little bit.

Flakes formed after rubbing Cure Natural Aqua Gel

3) Flakes will form and these flakes carry my dead skin. The final step would be to rinse my face thoroughly.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel on a table surface

Like many, I doubted the effectiveness of it. I wondered whether the little flakes would appear even if used on any surface. I tried it on the table and after 30seconds of rubbing, nothing appeared (as above). No flakes, nothing, just a tiny puddle of water.

Like all new products, I try to get a sample or at least test it on a small patch of skin first to make sure I don't get an allergic reaction/break out. I managed to get my hands on 2 sample satchets and I am not joking when I say that I saw results, instantly. I was super impressed with it. My face felt really clean after using this and the best part is, the crustiness was gone. After one use. I kid you not. I was SO happy, I immediately went online to get a full bottle!

My skin doesn't feel tight as it doesn't dry out my skin at all. I have tried using scrubs before and I especially hate those with exfoliating beads in them. I know many people swear by those invigorating scrubs that have tiny particles scratching away at the surface of your skin, but to me, those are too harsh. I wouldn't dare to use those thing as I feel it's way too abrasive on my skin. The Cure Aqua Gel is gentle enough for me! It made my skin smooth again.

According to their website, you can even use it on your body. I used it a couple of times on my elbows and knees until I got too lazy.

I have been using this for more than half a year and I'm definitely going to continue using it for a long, long time. Seriously, no regrets in buying this.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Shopping at Sg Wang

Bat wing-sleeve shirt: Random blogshop
Bird cage necklace: Gift
Skirt: Singapore
Vintage bag: Singapore

Birthday gift from the bestie

A couple of days ago, a Uni friend came to visit, so we went shopping. It was my first proper (clothes) shopping trip since I got back. Most of you know that I've been job-hunting, so I didn't have the money nor the need to shop seeing as I'm home all the time (diligently refreshing my email), so there really is no need for fancy clothes.

However, I have landed myself a job (yay!) and decided to allow myself this little shopping trip before my first paycheck. Hey, hey I was using my angpau (red packet) money from Chinese New Year, ok? :P

We headed to Sungei Wang and this is my little shopping haul.

I really needed some new shorts because I've been wearing the same two pairs of denim shorts. I decided to not be boring and venture into colourful shorts. The yellow pair was a bit of an impulse (I mean, yellow? Really??), but hello, at RM15 I couldn't exactly not buy it. It'd be an insult!

Hello Kitty ear caps

I seem to have quite a bit of Hello Kitty stuff for someone who never used to like Hello Kitty...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Oasap moustache and angel wings ring review

Disclosure: These rings were sponsored by, but the opinions are mine.

How funky is this moustache ring? I have been wanting a moustache ring since forever and was so happy to see one here on *click*. It's exactly the kind that I like; shiny and sturdy. I like that this creates silly photo opps. By the way, it's a double-finger ring and the bands are adjustable, so no worries about it not fitting well.

Having this moustache ring makes me feel like a sir #meme

When I saw this ring *click*, I knew I had to have it. If you know me well, you'd notice that I like quirky jewellery pieces like this. It kind of reminds me of the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. I like that the angel wings are upright. It can even serve as a weapon for self-protection hehe. is a new online store that sells women's apparel. Besides jewellery, they have a huge collection of pretty clothing. I really like the following outerwear, but too bad I'm now in a hot and humid country, so there's no need for these warm, cosy outerwear.

 [Pic credit:]

They've also got a good variety of shoes to choose from. Those boots are pretty neat, eyh?

The website is fairly new, so I can't comment on the quality of the rest of their items as I only got 2 rings. However, their service is pretty good and my emails were always replied within 24hours. The shipping time was reasonable and the rings were packed securely with bubble-wrap.

By the way, they are looking for bloggers to do sponsored reviews, so head over to now.
Don't say I never share :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Instagram images 004

New iPhone case
I bought this iPhone case from a shopping mall near my place. I'm usually not a pink person, but I thought this was rather cute and I wanted the adorable home buttons, which are interchangeable, by the way. Yes, it may be a little kiddish, but I couldn't resist. It's fun pressing Hello Kitty's face...

Hello Panda biscuits
I love Hello Panda biscuits. I used to have to buy them from the Asian shops when I was in the UK and they usually cost quite a bit. One of the good things about being back in Asia is easy access to Asian snacks!

Chicken curry in bread
Chicken curry. Inside a bun. Nom nom nom.

Pearl milk tea
Also cheaper than the UK. I forgot to ask them to make mine with 50% sweetness which is usually how I have mine. For the uninitiated, most bubble tea shops allow you to adjust the level of sweetness and for some, the highest level is actually 120%! I had a Taiwanese friend who used to order 120% from the London bubble tea shops! Crazy, much?

Soft-shelled crab spaghetti with cream sauce
From my previous post, you'll know that I love soft-shelled crabs. This dish was pretty delish except that after awhile, I started to find the cream sauce too rich. Still, pretty yummy, nonetheless.

Fruit tart.
I have nothing much to say except that I love custard fruit tarts, too. It's like eating a cake without the guilt because it has fruits and fruits are good for you lol

Peter Rabbit plate
My mum still has this Peter Rabbit plate which is about 20 odd years old. We hardly use it, so it's in great condition. I wonder if this is worth anything now...

March issue of Ray magazine (Malaysian edition, English)

People fishing in a little artificial lake.
This pic was taken just this afternoon. My parents and I were having lunch at this restaurant and there was a place to fish just right next door.


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