Friday, 2 March 2012

Luview Glossy Kiss review

This review is long overdue, but I just never found the time to sit down and properly write this up. I got the Luview Glossy Kiss some time last year when their website was offering a 50% discount on all items. Luview is a pretty new Korean cosmetic brand, so I thought what better time to try out their products than when their stuff were going for half off.

Rosy Pink

Sweet Pink

Pretty nice packaging. Elegant and simple.

Pretty reasonably priced and for half off, it's a total bargain!

It's a dual lip gloss so you get 2 (or 3 if you mix both together) colours for the price of one.

The Glossy Kiss is pretty generous in size. It's slightly bigger than other lipglosses I've seen.

It smells really sweet like candy, but nothing too overwhelming.

It's pretty moisturising and didn't really dry out my lips.

Rosy Pink is a lovely light red shade with very, very fine specks of glitter. I love this colour! One layer of this will give you a very natural red, but it's definitely buildable for those who prefer a deeper shade. The tiny bits of shimmer give off a very natural shine and not as if you dipped your lips into a pot of glitter.

I am actually quite surprised that many bloggers seem to like the second colour, Sweet Pink. Personally, it didn't suit me at all because the shade is much too pale for my complexion. The colour made me look washed out and sickly. I would describe it as a milky pale pink colour.

I'm not sure if this is true for everyone, but the Sweet Pink accentuated my lip lines. Not a good look.

The texture is rather sticky which is expected of lipglosses. However, if you don't like the sticky feeling it leaves on your lips, then I'll have to warn you that this is just like any other lipgloss. If you have stray hairs flying over your face, it will stick to your lips.

Rosy Pink without flash

Rosy Pink with flash

Rosy Pink and Sweet Pink mixed

Sorry, I just couldn't get any good photos of me in Sweet Pink. However, Sparkle Apple has a good swatch of it here *click*


  1. I think that the different combinations of wearing the gloss look really nice on you, wouldn't mind seeing the pale colour too. :( Personally I can't do sticky glosses though, but I wouldn't mind trying it for half price. :]

  2. Really so wonderful collection of lip glosses. :)

    Juan from

  3. I think rosy pink would suit me, it looks great on you! I agree, I don't know would the second one suit me, light pinks normally make me look ill... 
    I love how you can blend the two colours! I really want one! xX

  4. The Rosy Pink really suits you! :D

  5. I think mixed suits you well :D

  6. did you get them online? sticky lipgloss is one of my pet peeves. my hair is really long now, so it makes things worse. 

  7. pretty color! and im so obsessed with your blouse!

  8. Ohhh! Such glossy and shiney lips xx

  9. Aww I think both colours suit you really well actually. Blech though, I hate sticky lip gloss and just can't do the sticky texture, good thing you were able to get it for half off since you're only fond of one colour and not the other.

  10. Rosy pink looks really pretty on you! but mm I would probably stick to my lipsticks or lip balms if these are just like ordinary lipglosses. there's nothing more annoying than doing your lips and then walking out the door only to find a bunch of hair stuck on your mouth in an instance.

  11. If merely looking at the color, I would prefer sweet pink over the rose one. But I think the rose pink suits you better :)

  12. InĂªs Pacheco de Castro21 November 2012 at 15:49

    Love your lipgloss color! And your blue blouse is adorable!

  13. The gloss is really cute! The color is adorable! 

  14. I really like how Sweet Pink looks! Rosy Pink looks like a very nice everyday color :)

    I love the blue blouse with the bow btw !


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