Sunday, 11 March 2012

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New iPhone case
I bought this iPhone case from a shopping mall near my place. I'm usually not a pink person, but I thought this was rather cute and I wanted the adorable home buttons, which are interchangeable, by the way. Yes, it may be a little kiddish, but I couldn't resist. It's fun pressing Hello Kitty's face...

Hello Panda biscuits
I love Hello Panda biscuits. I used to have to buy them from the Asian shops when I was in the UK and they usually cost quite a bit. One of the good things about being back in Asia is easy access to Asian snacks!

Chicken curry in bread
Chicken curry. Inside a bun. Nom nom nom.

Pearl milk tea
Also cheaper than the UK. I forgot to ask them to make mine with 50% sweetness which is usually how I have mine. For the uninitiated, most bubble tea shops allow you to adjust the level of sweetness and for some, the highest level is actually 120%! I had a Taiwanese friend who used to order 120% from the London bubble tea shops! Crazy, much?

Soft-shelled crab spaghetti with cream sauce
From my previous post, you'll know that I love soft-shelled crabs. This dish was pretty delish except that after awhile, I started to find the cream sauce too rich. Still, pretty yummy, nonetheless.

Fruit tart.
I have nothing much to say except that I love custard fruit tarts, too. It's like eating a cake without the guilt because it has fruits and fruits are good for you lol

Peter Rabbit plate
My mum still has this Peter Rabbit plate which is about 20 odd years old. We hardly use it, so it's in great condition. I wonder if this is worth anything now...

March issue of Ray magazine (Malaysian edition, English)

People fishing in a little artificial lake.
This pic was taken just this afternoon. My parents and I were having lunch at this restaurant and there was a place to fish just right next door.



  1. cute blog....fruiiit tart yummm.
    NEW DIY!
    (I follow back)

  2. huaaaa! I love your iPhone case!!

  3. oh wow! i didnt know you could adjust the sweetness of milk teas! i guess you learn something new everyday XD
    lovely blog btw, i followed :D

  4. There is a Malaysia edition of Ray?? I didn't know that! What language is it written in? 

  5. How do those homebuttons work? Aren't they to thick/bulky so that you can't properly press them?

    I never heard of bubble tea before, what is it made from exactly? :]

  6. Aww, that new phone case is so cute. And I like the fact that you can switch up the home buttons whenever you like!
    I love Hello Panda too~

  7. oh god the plate is too lovely!! *____*
    and curry in a bun?! how did i never try that :OOOO  

  8. Ha ha, you should wait for another 20 years for the plate I think :P
    And I didn't know you can customize the sweetness in bubble tea :o 120% sounds
    too sweet, a torture for your throat!


  9. The Iphone case is really cute! I like how you can interchange the
    buttons. I wish I had an iphone so I could instagram too - it seems
    like every blogger has one nowadays.  

  10. ahhh a "fake lake" so u can fish hahahha so interesting. omg your cell phone case is so cute. and i LOVE the Hello Panda cookies. i really like the Koala ones, they had strawberry flavor hehehe

  11. I love your post Instagram, as having two very different cultures, interests me a lot!

  12. HAHAHA I love the idea of pressing Hello Kitty's face. or any cute character's face for that matter. The chicken curry looks so yummy too!! Your Instagram pics always make me want to update my account more with new pictures, but I can never find anything interesting to snap haha :P

  13. Your case is fab! I love things like that and I'm 25 hahaha so the love for childish things never truely goes away! Love the look of Ray magazine...I love Masumoto Jun!

  14. Ooh! I would so love the ribbon as my home button. I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty at all but I nearly bought a Hello Kitty iPhone bumper with a cute ribbon at the corner coz I was sold by the ribbon. But I realised I tend to type a lot with my phone flat on the table and the ribbon would be in the way so i decided to to buy it.

    I love hello panda too and bubble pearl milk tea in their most original flavour. I feel that original flavour is the way to tell if a bubble tea hut is good. And yes 50% too. I love creamy pasta but I can't finish a full bowl without feeling sick of the rich cream taste. We already have quite a thing or two in common eh?

    Oh and I'm late... happy birthday!

  15. miss so much KL, miss the fantastic food in the basement of Pavillion mall, miss all the strange covers, miss the towers, miss all the town, all your post from Kl make me dream, want to go back.

  16. what a cute iphone case :) love the fact that you can change the buttons ^^! 

    i don't think i was asked how sweet i want my bubble tea in london :s i didn't know that one can choose the percentage of sugar put in it :O! 

  17. What's your Instagram name? Need to be following you!

  18. the food looks soo yummmyyyy!!

  19. ohmygosh the iphone case is soooo cute!! thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following! im following your wonderful blog now too :)

  20. I love your case! Wow, ray has a cute guy as a cover. I might go check it out! 

  21. I want that pearl milk tea ;_;
    btw, love your new case !

  22. ahh i love boba...

  23. Awww~ I want your bubble tea! :p

  24. Sorry for the late reply, I don't get an email when someone replies to me! O_o Thanks Disqus!

    What are tapioca balls? I don't think we have Bubble tea in the Netherlands but I will surely try them if I find them! :D

  25. the iphone case is soooo cute <3 <3 how much is it??


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