Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Win ZALORA's Outfit Makeover Contest [CLOSED]


To my fellow Malaysians, do you want to win an outfit makeover contest with me? Read on!

Zalora is organizing an outfit makeover contest in conjuction with their website's grand launch. That's right, a makeover! Think tons and tons of pretty clothes and playing dress up like Barbie! I so desperately want to, no, need to win this. If I win, I get to bring one of you (yes you, dear reader) along with me:

1st Prize
RM1500 worth of makeover for me + RM1500 worth of makeover for my reader.

2nd Prize:
RM1000 worth of makeover for me + RM1000 worth of makeover for my reader.

3rd Prize:
RM500 worth of makeover for me + RM 500 worth of makeover for my reader.

There are so many things I covet on the Zalora website that it'd take me forever to list. However, if given a budget of RM1500, I would maximise it by selecting a few items that I can mix and match in order to create several style coordinates for different occassions. I have decided to built some coordinates around the same Pastel Pink Stripey Mini Dress.

Outfit 1 For work
For work, I'd throw on a blazer for professionalism and carry an easy to match mushroom-coloured bag. I chose those pink heels because they compliment the dress nicely and gives the whole outfit a bright pop of colour.

Outfit 2 For a date
If I have a lunch or dinner date, I'll just remove my blazer and wear the dress as a top by pulling on that asymmetrical layered skirt. I'd also wear some accessories with roses and pearls to get that girly, romantic feel.

Outfit 3 For a night out
If I have a party to attend, all I have to do is change my accessories, put on some bling and I'm ready to go!

Total = RM1434.50

[Pic credit: All items available on]

As most of you know, I have only very recently returned from the UK and have left behind or donated a lot of my clothes because nearly all of them were unsuitable for our Malaysian weather. So my cupboard is pretty bare at the moment because I only shopped just that once the entire time I was job-hunting (read, penniless jobseeker). That coupled with the hot and humid weather, I have mostly been lazily resorting to every Malaysian's favourite style coordinate; T-shirts, shorts and flip flops. I am actually finding it hard to plan outfits that don't need layering, hence the lack of outfit posts on this blog as of late. I am rather worried this blog will eventually be about everything except everyday outfits :(

I want to win this makeover because I hope to be able to get some new pieces that will help me be trendy, yet remain cool (punny?). As most pieces on are selected with Malaysian consumers in mind, I hope Zalora will be able to restore my creativity in dressing up, but with items suited to our weather.

If I win, I'll pick one of you to join the makeover with me!
All you have to do is leave a comment below on why you deserve to win it with me, as creatively as you can, in less than 10 words. 
Open to Malaysians only.

Deadline: 7th April

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  1. I wan a change!!! :)

  2. I should win because: "I've only won something I was allergic to (shampoo)!"
    I can recall that as a kid I won a drawing contest, I got a huge shampoo bottle in the shape of a disney princess, I was so happy because I finally had won something, but quess what, I was allergic to it! Since then, luck was not on my side! :x

  3. I need a Zalora makeover because I fear the monotony of non-layered outfits (like you mentioned above)!
    Also, I need a wardrobe change because I'm gonna be graduating soon, and cannot live in t-shirts and shorts forever. *silent sobs*

  4. Chic collection you have up there.

    Why I deserve to win:  That a 50+ overworked mom can be a fashionista too!

  5. Love those shoes darling :X
     would you like to follow each other?

  6. I deserve to win because the new outfit can make me be fashionable like you! :') 
    Good Luck for this contest. 

  7. I deserve to win because wearing stylish clothes from ZALORA brings out my personality.

  8. zalora add colour to my wardrobe ....

  9. I wanna makeover myself!!HAHA. I think this is a good timing. If I win I can clear out my wardrobe and put all the ZALORA clothes to my wardrobe. xD. And I like the stylish clothes from ZALORA.

  10. please win, so that... we can look as fashionable as possible, on screen!

  11. Love your styles! Hope you win it ♥ Luck

  12. Joeeey you are making me happy than
    sad, after reading that it's only for
    Malaysian people only :c
    Anyway, I hope you win <3 I adore
    your style :)


  13. Awww sorry Mei. I wished it was opened internationally.
    Thanks, I really hope to win, too!

  14. It's only opened to Malaysians, unfortunately :( But thanks for your answer

  15. aww, I wish I can participate too :D

  16. Zalora, You & I are on the same fashion wavelength!

  17. Zalora, U & I are advocates of exquisitely timeless style!

  18.  I wished it was opened internationally, too

  19.  Thanks, but unfortunately the deadline was yesterday. Thanks for commenting anyway :)


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