Sunday, 15 April 2012

Instagram Images 006

Yes, yes, I know. The Instagram Images series initially started on my blog as a weekly thing, then I decided to change it to a monthly thing and here I'm turning it bi-weekly. I'm so fickle because I'm a woman. Yesh.

I spent one lunch hour browsing the aisles of Guardian, testing out foundations, lipsticks and reading labels. Ended up getting some Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets refills, a Revlon Lip Butter (finally!), a Maybelline BB White and the limited edition My Beauty Diary x Hello Kitty facial masks.

I wanted to buy more stuff, but I didn't have enough cash with me. Bother.

My colleagues and boss brought me to a vegetarian place for lunch and my boss recommended the char siew (roasted pork) noodles. You must be wondering what kind of vegetarian place sells char siew, right? Well, see those pieces of char siew? Made entirely out of beancurd! Looks pretty much like char siew, but tastes nothing like it hahaha

Malaysia's 3 layer tea. Tea on top, evaporated milk in the middle and palm sugar at the bottom.

Famous beef noodles at Petaling Street. Haven't been to Petaling Street (KL Chinatown) in like 6, 7 years. Can't say I miss that place, even though it's also well-known for its plethora of good food in that area. Don't like how claustrophobic it is. It's a popular shopping street for tourists, but I really don't know how they shop there. I much prefer the usual pasar malam (night markets).

Went for tea with a friend and ordered a Creme Brulee cheesecake. Heavenly!!

Sweet and spicy crabs.

I know most of my instagram images consist of food, but I can't help it because Malaysia truly is a food haven. Also, I've been away for so long, so I really have to have a taste of everything. However, besides our cuisine, we do have world-famous architectures like our Petronas Twin Towers #promo

Finally, got to watch The Hunger Games. Though not a new concept, I really enjoyed the movie. I'm going to try and get my hands on the books. Books are so frigging expensive here, though! Arghhh seriously, books cost like less than a fiver in the UK. And if I get books from charity shops like Oxfam, I just have to pay like a quid or something. Madness!

I know that the PM admitted to being addicted to Angry Birds (God only knows where he finds the time considering he has to, you know, run the country), but I didn't know he was on Platter, too. Of course it's not really him, but I found it amusing all the same.


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  1. Haha I get what u meant.. Who does not like posting instagram pics.. It's easy, no- brainer yet puts a random slice of life out there.. I love looking at them!

  2. I want to kick myself for not grabbing a box of those biore wipes! Are they as good as I think they are? Lol 

  3. ohh i want to see Hunger Games! Won't be released in Jp like forever.. Love the cheese cake pic haha

  4. its 10pm here in aus.. your food pics are making me hungryyyyyyy!!

  5. Wow so much amazing food! I could eat those sweet and spicy crabs right now! x

  6. that 3 layer tea looks yummy!! 
    is the relvon lip butter any good?
    love your purchases!!
    Krissy xoxo 

  7. oh yummmm good job you've made me drool again! :P is the three layer tea a Malaysian thing? it looks and sounds delicious!

  8. Great photos!

  9. I've been wanting to have a photo with the Petronas Twin Towers behind me. =)

  10. r u sure it's not really him? hahah omg I"m so behind on the times, what's Glatter! 

    Ooo hearing a lot about that lip butter...why so hyped?? 

  11. aaa i am so hungry now :D everything looks so delicious *.*

    that hello kity masks looks so cute, i read about revlon a lot, unfortunatelly it is not selled at us :D T.T

  12. Oh wow, that tea looks fab!

  13. this post made me seriously hungry! :)

    anyway, please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet:

  14. That tea looks so interesting.. My interest has peaked!!

    I was questioning the vegetarian dish, was about to ask you about it. haha


  15. YUM. I looove instagram! Everything looks so yummy!


  16. Ohhh I love vegetarian dishes! I've had vegetarian duck before and it was all bean curd. . .and tasted nothing like duck. LOL. That Malaysian three layer tea looks really interesting as well. Is it very sweet?

  17. You have no idea how much
    I love the Asian style of
    vegetarian food c: beancurds
    and tofu are best meat

    Omg, a creme brulee cheese
    cake?? My both favorite food
    in 1! I'm gonna find this
    recipe >:c


  18. Hello cheesecake!  Yummmm :)


  19. Yum yum yum, thank goodness it's almost dinner time now. My stomach is growling!

  20. nice photosss!! :Q______ and yummyyy!!

    check out my blog when u can! :D

  21. Love the photos. Following you on twitter now! I don't know how huge I would be if I lived in a place with cheap and delicious food.

  22.  It really is pretty good althougth the concept is very similar to Battle Royale

  23. I'm craving for them, too! hehe

  24.  Hehehe yes, it's a Malaysian thing :D

  25. Lol I've no idea, though I'm not too bothered as I hate the guy.
    Platter is a food app on iPhone for you to share homemade dishes :D
    The lip butter goes on super smooth!

  26. Awwww maybe you can get it online

  27. Hehe you're right. It's quite yummy, but tastes nothing like the original meat
    The tea isn't that sweet :D

  28. You're right. Asian vegetarian dishes are pretty yummy. And we have so much choices here, too. Not just leafy greens

    Yeap, the cake was SO SO good! I want to eat it right now!

  29. I'm craving for the food myself

  30. I really have to watch my weight

  31. omgg all the foody D: so are you now based in malaysia? if so, i'm so jelly! get to eat so much noms everyday >< 

  32. Nice haul!!

    And all that food looks delicious.  Yum! =D


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