Monday, 11 March 2013


Well I thought it'd be fairly obvious that I'm presently on a hiatus. I didn't want to write a "hiatus" post informing the world that I'm on a hiatus as that seems a bit presumptuous on my part that people care. But then the boyf said I should at least make a quick announcement lest people get pissed off. Pissed off?! Really? Do people get pissed off when others don't update their blogs? Hmmm...interesting.

So yes, here is my hiatus post, but not before I do a quick, random update on what I've been up to...sort of.

I did my blood test and was told my cholesterol was a wee bit high. Just a wee bit, no cause for concern. I can't believe I've reached the age where I actually will have to think about what I stuff in my mouth. Joy.

My birthday came and went. Doesn't mean much when Nick's not around.

I went on a little holiday to Bangkok, Thailand, with a couple of friends. Not for my birthday, but it was a good pre-birthday break.

Any break from work is fantastic, really.

Oh, the big break prior to that was the week-long Chinese New Year break. It was pretty darn awesome having not celebrated CNY properly for the past 6 years.

I've been watching a bit of good ol' British stand-up and I LOVE Sarah Millican. She is such a riot. I admire women in comedy especially those who can keep it clean...well, sort of. Michael Mcintyre is great, as well.

Anywayz, I'm just generally busy and tired with stuff, so I'm giving this blog a break. I will be back once things are a little more settled.

Thanks for reading all this while. 

Hope you've been well

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