Friday, 16 March 2012

Shopping at Sg Wang

Bat wing-sleeve shirt: Random blogshop
Bird cage necklace: Gift
Skirt: Singapore
Vintage bag: Singapore

Birthday gift from the bestie

A couple of days ago, a Uni friend came to visit, so we went shopping. It was my first proper (clothes) shopping trip since I got back. Most of you know that I've been job-hunting, so I didn't have the money nor the need to shop seeing as I'm home all the time (diligently refreshing my email), so there really is no need for fancy clothes.

However, I have landed myself a job (yay!) and decided to allow myself this little shopping trip before my first paycheck. Hey, hey I was using my angpau (red packet) money from Chinese New Year, ok? :P

We headed to Sungei Wang and this is my little shopping haul.

I really needed some new shorts because I've been wearing the same two pairs of denim shorts. I decided to not be boring and venture into colourful shorts. The yellow pair was a bit of an impulse (I mean, yellow? Really??), but hello, at RM15 I couldn't exactly not buy it. It'd be an insult!

Hello Kitty ear caps

I seem to have quite a bit of Hello Kitty stuff for someone who never used to like Hello Kitty...


  1. oooh the Hello Kitty ear caps are gorgeous and i'm loving the top and shorts!How much was the top? Don't tell me RM25 k..?? Or else i'd have to go sg Wang right now!

  2. Oh my godd!!! RM15! *dies* I almost bought one from kitchens for RM49.90!! i have to go for a bargain buy hunting there!! 8D

  3. Congrats with your new job, babe! I love your new digs although I am backtracking, I think those outfits are still new. I particularly like your skirt and top too! =)

  4. Wow! Your outfit is nice! : D : D The hello kitty pluggy is so cute~ So is the birds cage! 

  5. congratulations on landing your first job ^_^ i like the top btw,looks very dorothy perkin-ish

  6. I love the red shorts, the colour is so vibrant! :]

  7. The shorts and blouse are adorable! Wish I could fit easily into free-sized clothes; i feel so depressed when i go to Sg Wang sometimes T__T

  8. i went such a lot of times at sungei wang, last time my hotel was just in front!
    good luck for your job

  9. i likeee!!!! :D lovely outfit ^^ 

  10. Nice casual outfit :))) you rock it!


  11. damn, rm15?! it seems i really need to go shopping at sg wang !
    even in peragin mall penang you can hardly find anything at the price lower than 25! :(

  12. Congrats on getting a job!!!!

    And the present your friend gave you is soooo cool! I want one! haha

  13. hey, joey!  great haul.  i absolutely adore your outfit.  great skirt... and great bag!  :)

  14. francesca romana capizzi21 November 2012 at 15:55

    Congrats on your job! I love that bag and your haul!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger




  15. super cute! i love your orange skirt!! 

    congrats on your job hon! that is very exciting news :)!

  16. Cute outfit! I really love birdcage necklaces, they're super pretty and a bit romantic <3
    Nice shopping haul too, the coloured shorts look great, and congrats on the job :)

  17. The colorful shorts are cute! And also the pastel top as well ~
    Congrats on the job! I shall forever be unemployed ;__;

  18. I love your outfit and your bag! 

  19. ahh congrats on getting the job! thanks for the thoughtful comment on my blog in regards to academics and career paths. I'm really happy that you got a job, even if you still feel a bit direction-less. hope you enjoy it, and treat those paychecks wisely! :P

    RM15 is so cheap for a pair of shorts! Haha I never would have considered getting yellow shorts either but pastels and brights are so popular at the moment so I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of it. ahh the mint green blouse is so lovely too, both in design and colour!!

    ooh and if you still wanted help about finding cheap pretty blouses on Gmarket, let me know! xD Although all I do is browse the "tops" section of the website and scroll down...the base prices for each seller's site are on the right.

  20. I always use my Chinese new year money for shopping trips so it's ok! Those shorts are too cute, and I love your satchel and skirt!

  21. i love your top and the shorts! so cute :3 

  22. The bird cage necklace is lovely and I love the hello kitty ear caps! I'm actually very picky about my iphones ear caps because I like my phone to lay flat but most ear caps make my phone lay down "unevenly" ><


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