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My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask review

My Beauty Diary (MBD) originates from Taiwan and their facial sheet masks are a huge hit in Asia. I started using MBD masks when I was in the UK and always have several boxes as back up as I haul them all the time.

Today I'll be reviewing the Strawberry Yogurt Mask.
Functions: Brightening, improving fine lines and oil control

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I think the biggest plus point of this mask is that it smells SO good. I guess the name is perfect because it does remind me of strawberry yogurt/milk! Even after removing the mask, the scent lingers around for some time and really is quite lovely. Don't worry, the scent is pretty subtle so you only get the occasional whiff and not walk around as if someone drenched you in head to toe with strawberry milk (although some people might like that, I don't know).

On a more practical side, it's really moisturising. My skin feels really hydrated after using this. The mask is pretty much soaking wet, but at least it doesn't drip all over the place when applied.

After removing the mask, you'll notice there's plenty of essence on your face. I massage the leftover essence into my skin and it absorbs pretty quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. It completely sinks into my skin.

After application, my skin definitely feels cooler, softer and definitely smoother! It also feels very refreshed. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help touching my face after using this mask.

No break outs.

Although this mask offers immediate brightening effects, it is only temporary. It was great to see my normally dull skin look so bright and healthy, but I wished it were more permanent. I wasn't hoping for a miracle, but after using a whole box (10 sheets), my skin didn't appear brighter nor did my scars and blemishes seem lighter. The effect lasts for a couple of hours at most.

This mask also claims to tighten pores. This, I can't vouch for. I observed the pores on my nose very carefully and didn't notice any tightening effects. However, I reckon it did control sebum secretion, but this is also only a temporary effect until you wash it off the next time you shower.

How I use it:
1) Cleanse face
2) Apply sheet mask for 20-30 minutes
3) Remove sheet mask
4) Gently massage the remaining essence on my face until fully absorbed
5) Apply moisturiser to seal in the essence
6) Use the sheet mask to give my arms and legs a wipe so I will smell like strawberries

Niu Er Lao Shi recommends this mask in his beauty book

Please note that there are plenty of fake My Beauty Diary masks (and other cosmetics and skincare items for that matter) out there. So do get them from reliable sources as you don't want to be messing with your skin. In case you're wondering, I got my box of masks online from Sasa.
Here are two very good posts on how to spot fake My Beauty Diary masks:
Rinny - How to: Spot Fake v. Real My Beauty Diary Face Masks
Sunnanz - How to spot My Beauty Diary fakes


  1. I've never tried this one. Sounds kind of yummy. I've tried the black pearl and collagen ones: They were ok.

  2. I will buy this because the strawberry pattern is cute HAHA! i have the Black Pearl one. check out my review here:

  3. Great review Joey! I haven't tried this flavor of the MBD masks - it never seems to be in stock on Sasa's site for some reason. It sounds like it gave you pretty good results though. I'll have to try it out one day :)

  4. wow, those masks looks so good ^^ even tho it has no that all effecrts, still looks pretty good :)

    And todayd i got that lenses what i won, i was so happy, it really mad emy day, once again thakn you so mcuh for them ^^

  5. i wish facial masks have lasting effects. at least it's a great quick pick me up. 

  6. I got myself the mixed flavor so I won't get sick of the smell too soon ^_^

  7. Oooo that might be possible - it probably is limited edition now maybe. Last year or so, some blogs said these were being discontinued. Looks like they brought them back though :)

  8. You should try the berry mix one, the smell is much much nicer !

  9. Heh I read this and though "oh yeah I have boxes of these to use". Thanks for the in depth review, kind of disappointing that the wanted effects aren't permanent but still a nice way to treat and pamper yourself quickly.

  10. these smell sooooo amazing, right?? i wanna eat it hahaha yeah, i notice that w a lot of the MBD masks, they hv immediate brightening effects. i dont need to be paler so after i take the mask off, i'll look super pail & freak myself out lol

  11. Thanks for the great review! I've not tried this particular mask, but like you I do find that with Beauty Diary masks the brightening effect is also temporary. 

  12. Marija Rosehorseshoe21 November 2012 at 15:51

    Sounds amazing! Great post :)

  13. I use those masks as well, I really like the Q13 ones!!

  14. I really want to this mask as well! I really like strawberries. Too bad the effects don't last that long!

  15. There's a box of these masks in my house currently and I haven't use any single piece of them. My mum is quite active in using these though :P And I'm surprised that you studied at HELP as well! Haha. 

  16. I finally tried this one a few months back - i agree, the smell is lovely. Ithink all MbD masks have a temporary effect .. But it makes the skin nice for at least a day or two ^^

  17. Actually I would like to be drenched in strawberry milk =w= haha
    Thanks for the review! I've read alot of about this mask sheets c:


  18. I love these masks because they're not sticky! Shame they didn't have a lasting effect for brightening. Lol you scrubbed them on your legs too, you're so funny! (I would totally do the same!)

  19.  I have the same results with this mask too actually in fact with all masks. I wish the results were temporary too but I do feel it's a bit hydrating so whenever my skin is really dry I'll slap one of these babies on but truth be told I'm often too lazy too =P And I have a pea sized face so the mask always slips and slides and is too big for me =(

  20. I wish this was available here in the US. This seems like such an awesome product!


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