Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Keeping fit with pretty shoes

For the past few months, with all the travelling I've been doing, it was inevitable that I've piled on a few pounds. A few is an understatement, actually. I mean, I just couldn't resist trying out all the local delicacies!

Frankly, I'm quite upset about it, but I'm determined to lose the extra weight. You might have noticed that I've purchased some slimming tools from Sasa to help me along. I know these things don't really work, but I figured I could still use it for massaging. Massages help improve blood circulation and hopefully, reduce cellulite *hopeful*

I know I will need to start exercising regularly, too. The best thing is, we actually have a treadmill at home, so I wouldn't have to pay to join a gym or jog outside. What I'll need is a good pair of athletic women sneakers. Having good jogging shoes is very important as you don't want any added stress on your knees. However, I personally think that a lot of jogging shoes, while functional, have no form whatsoever.

Now I'm not saying that one has to dress to the nines to go to the gym, but given a choice, I would definitely try to pick prettier shoes. I'll admit exercising is a chore to me, so I'll do anything to make myself more motivated. If I had pretty jogging shoes, I'd definitely be more willing to put them on more often.

Here are a couple of jogging shoes I think are really pretty.

[Pic credit: Macy's]


  1. I really love the black and pink one's! I need to work out too Joey! HaHaHa  :D

  2. Ah, you and I both! I recently joined my mom's walking group which goes out 3 times a week~ though it's not's something. XD I always wear grungy looking clothes out though. lol. Must invest in some nicer apparel... 

  3. gahh i need to start working out regularly again. damn winter makes me so lazy! i was quite dedicated over the summer then fell off the wagon. nice workout shoes are important! i hv gold ones hehe

  4. I always planning for working out, but always forget to do it ;__;
    Do they have a baby pink one? XD

  5. I can totally empathize... after going on two vacations back to back and eating to my hearts delight my body is hating me right now but like you I'm working on it! 
    I like the first pair, I use a pair of Nike Free's for running and workouts and they feel so comfy! Definitely recommend those if you have high arcs because the cushioning is amazing. And if your looking for nice combos I do like Nike's selection of women's shoes since they have pink, purple, light blue. I actually fit the larger kid size shoes so I was able to get mines cheaper too.

    Good luck with the workouts! and stay motivated :)

  6. Cute shoes!! Good luck with working out ^_^

  7. I definitely need ot get running shoes. I've been packing a few pounds myself D:
    good luck with the working out!

  8. i have a pair of new balance trainers. ive been wearing them for years and they are still good! the only thing is that they are dirty :P idk whats the correct way to clean them :L

  9. Nice running shoes! I like the black and pink ones myself! I remember when I packed on 5 pounds and I felt like such a fatty =( Good luck with your weight loss goal!

    I saw your previous post on the Sasa store and I spent a lot of my money there too! hahaha more in Tokyo but Sasa was sooo tempting since it was literally everywhere right? And so hard not to just go in and "see" LOL


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