Saturday, 25 February 2012

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A closer look at my multi-layer cross necklace from this post*click*

Some of my jewellery on my new clothes jewellery hook

Received the stuff I purchased from a fellow blogger. She has a bit more stuff left on her blog sale here*click*

Unpacking my tea chest which took nearly 3 months to ship over from the UK.
*To clarify, these are my belongings which I shipped over because I'm now back in Malaysia*

Was rummaging in the fridge and found this from when my parents went to Hokkaido last year. Mine! hehe

What I saw at the supermarket
You're always encouraged to bring your own recyclable bags, but incase you forget, feel free to use their boxes. Reduce the use of plastic bags. Save the earth!
I think this initiative is great! I never saw this in the UK...

Hello Kitty toilet paper haha

Fresh clams of all sorts


By the way, does anyone know how to search for the photo app, Mei Tu Xiu Xiu? I tried the pinyin, but couldn't find it :(


  1. Love the layering necklace over your white shirt!

  2. That necklace is so nice Joey! :) I've been addicted to crosses lately! And you got so much stuff O_O Jealous! 

  3. If you're using an iPhone, just type in 'meitu'. That's how i found it anyway. :)
    And welcome back to Malaysia! I love your accessory rack, it's so pretty~ ^^ And your outfits are always gorgeous. <3

  4. accessory hanger is <3 !!!! WANTS =D !

  5. awwww the hook is so pretty!! i couldnt find a smilar one :((((

  6. Wow I love your accessories hook! It looks elegant. May I know where did you get that? And, welcome back to Malaysia :)

  7. Wow! Your life this week seems to be fun! : D : D Cute hello kitty toilet paper! 

  8. I love love love your cross layered necklace~~ <3

  9. oh wow you have such a pretty collection of necklaces! And yum, fresh clams!

  10. such interesting instagram pics haha! I think the recyclable boxes idea is fantastic. I could certainly donate a few cardboard boxes as well! is this in Malaysia?
    and lol HK toilet paper...I wonder if the HK cartoon is actually printed on the sheets themselves...xD

  11. Thanks for the shoutout dearie!

  12. I love your accessories  especially the one with glass,and your jewellery hook is amazingly beautiful.welcome to follow back!!! 


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