Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wong Fu Productions in Malaysia

I Heart Nice Guy T-shirt: Wong Fu store
Polka-dotted skirt: H&M

I first found out about Wong Fu Productions when 2 American friends of mine showed me Yellow Fever more than 5 years ago. Yeap, I've been following Wong Fu Productions before they were on YouTube and before they were even Wong Fu Productions. I know, I'm quite smug about that fact :P

When I heard they were coming to Malaysia, frankly, I was in disbelief. Really?!

After getting over the initial shock, I immediately contacted a friend (as I was still in the UK at the time) to arrange for ticket-booking. As he could only make it for one session, we went for the Mini Symposium. It was more for budding filmmakers and fans who were interested in dabbling with video-making. It wasn't really relevant to me, but I just wanted to see them in person.

Judging from the people who turned up, their fanbase in Malaysia is pretty young. Some came with good questions on film-making and how to make it big on YouTube, but many were there, like me, just to see them. I was a bit disappointed that during the Q&A sessions, many people asked simple questions where answers could easily be found online.

I wanted to go for the Meet & Greet and the Wong Fu for Lyfe session, but oh well, maybe next time. Besides, I think I'm much too old to be queuing up for such things. I believe the term is fan-girling? Back when I was chasing Taiwanese stars, I wouldn't mind waiting for hours just to get their autograph, but these bones are not what they used to be lol. I noticed that my friend and I were quite possibly one of the oldest in the auditorium (besides the event organizers and media).

Phil and Wes are really humble in real life and though given the star treatment, they weren't in the least bit snobbish or anything. They're pretty much like how you see them in their Wong Fu Weekend episodes.

I think what they've done is truly inspiring and I hope that more Malaysian youngsters would come out and make videos or even shorts.

Unfortunately, Ted couldn't make it, but he made a very funny video which was broadcasted on the day. I'm sure it's on YouTube somewhere :)


  1. Cannot express how jealous I am!!! Wish they'd come to London!

  2. I love the skirt! And I'm a big fan of Wongfu too - ever since I saw their Yellow Fever video a few years ago.That's awesome that you got to meet them in person! I've got a huge fangirl crush on Wes but I don't ever go to meet and greets or things like that. I agree that it's more for the younger crowd too :P

  3. Their videos are hilarious. Very witty, funny but with a good storyline. I wonder if they're coming to the UK?

  4. That is so awesome! My first Wong Fu Production video was "Best Man" that was so funny...
    It's good to hear they have the same 'personality' as in the videos! And you are never to old to queue for an autograph haha, once a fangirl always a fangirl :)


  5. awwwwwwwwww you're so so so so so lucky! 
    it sounds awesome!

    i wish i could have made it - my dad allowed me to, but i had a transport problem! :((((
    i hope they come back really soon x

  6. Wes was so camera ready XD Ya I have to agree, I've seen some clips of it and most of the questions asked can be easily found online and answered through some of their videos,real fans would have known. Oh well.

  7. omg, awesome! :o  and you've got an awesome t-shirt! :D 

  8. Ooh my first wongfu was the relationship stages one- I think it was really accurate! and aw one of the guys has dimples hehe

  9. D: lucky! my friend told me about how she met them aswell since shes back in msia for the holidays.

    Shame Ted wasn't there. WONGFU4LYFE! ahhahah

  10. A Lot like fashion21 November 2012 at 15:44

    Oh wow. Looks like a lot of fun! And hey, that skirt is beyond cute :)


  11. great outfit, so chic! I love the skirt!

    Hope all is well my dear, have a great weekend!

  12. Oooh great post! I just bought tickets to see them when they come to Australia!!! So excited :D hopefully I will get some good merchandise too!!

  13. Just realizes that you're malaysian ! XD love your t-shirt ! 

  14. I've never heard of wong fu productions, btw I still can't believe that you're "old" you look like 15 O_O
    haha I didn't know that pyramid had one too! :)

  15. I don't know about them (*0*;) , but your story is really interesting dear  (-^〇^-)

  16.  love your outfit :)) and so lucky you, it must be really great fun :))  

  17. FASHIONHYPNOTISED21 November 2012 at 15:47


  18. Hmm I've never heard of this group, but looks like fun! I love that skirt girl! I can't wait until the H&M opens here in Houston in the Spring!

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style


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