Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Japan Day

 Vintage style floral box bag: Primark
Polka dotted skirt: Primark (eBay)
Sakura tank top: Blogshop
Red military ladder coat: New Look
Cardigan: Ark

Every year, the Japan Society at our University organizes a one day event to invite audiences to learn and experience the rich cultural and traditional backgrounds of Japan. This celebrated day is simply named, Japan Day! This year, the society decided to donate all profits made on this day to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A very generous gesture. Obviously, I had to go support my friends. A day to bask in the awesomeness of Japanese culture AND do a bit of charity? I'm there!

By the way, the more eagle-eyed amongst you would have noticed that I've put up a link to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal on my sidebar. If you wish to donate, just click on the logo and it will bring you to their website.

The moment I knew I was attending Japan Day, I already had an outfit in mind. I couldn't wait to wear this tank top with pretty sakura flowers printed across the chest and we all know what that large red circle represents. I thought it was perfectly apt.

It looks like Spring is finally here (Look Ma, bare legs!)! So I decided to use my brand new Primark vintage style floral box bag. It's so cute! It's so boxy and sturdy that I can neatly place all my stuff in it and they wouldn't move around. Nice!

Would you like me to blog more about my day? For example, for this post, would you be interested in reading more about Japan Day?
I'm not sure yet if I want to make this my personal blog, but I don't mind talking a bit more if that will keep you interested ;)


  1. I think reading about your everyday life kind of makes you more real to us. Of course.

    I think it's really cool that you dressed in inspiration and in support of Japan. It's important to use our platforms of attention to draw awareness to important issues and causes. Bravo. I love your society is doing so much charitable work as well as bringing education of culture to people. More of this should be done, everywhere. Especially in America, where it seems that people who don't live on the coasts, have NO IDEA about Asian cultures or can name more than just 3 countries there. It's sickening, considering how long Asians have been here in this country.

    I like that you mixed traditionally clashing colors and made it work. The polkadots are adorable, and the shirt is amazing. Where did you get it?

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. Wow, I really love your outfi. It's so cute, you always looks so cute on your pictures. I really love your blog!

    XX I.


  3. aww I love your little box bag! it's so cute =]

  4. Hey hun... so happy to hear that warmer weather is near for you as well. :) Definitely a generous thing your society is doing.. Japan needs all our help. The hubs and I have donated as well, and although it may be a "miniscule" donation, I know every single bit helps. I pray for the ones affected by this tragedy, every sigle day. My heart is sad and I can't imagine what they are going thru, and definitely puts my very own life into perspective...

    Well girl, you are looking adorable as usual.. love the playful look and that box bags is incredible! I want. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. You look gorgeous, such a lovely outfit <3


  6. Your outfit is so cute!! Very appropriate for such an event. :] The colors go together so nicely. I'd love to read about the rest of your day. Japan and Japanese culture really hits close to home for me. <3

    BTW, I got your DMs. That's so weird how you can't comment on my entries. =[ Maybe it's my layout of something. Boo.

  7. I love the skirt! have trying to find one like that for aages now

    Im keeping japan close to heart and donating what i can

  8. You are looking really cute in that red coat and polka dot skirt! Chic! :)

    The Cat Hag

  9. Mae Lu: Thanks for your input :D
    I'm very proud of our Uni and Students' Union (it's the best in the country!). Our Uni has got to be one of the most diversed Universities in the UK and I'm so happy that the Union fights for the rights of all students regardless of race and colour. For eg, now the International Students' Committee (which I'm a member of) is campaigning against the recent changes to laws by the government that affect international students. I love it that so many other societies (not just Japan Society) are run by truly passionate students who come here not just for an education, but with the aims for bettering their lives and others. I agree that education is SO important, not just in the textbook sense, but the learning of different cultures. It's not just in the US, even in the UK, people can be pretty ignorant.
    Thank you! I bought it from a random online blogshop from Malaysia :)

    I.: Awww that's very sweet, thanks!

    ♥ 熊貓girl ♥: It's very cute, isn't it? :)

    sharonlei: Exactly, every little bit counts. I am glad you and your hubby are helping in any way you can. Thoughts are definitely with Japan.
    Thanks! :D

    Jessycalouise: Thank you :)

    tiffyama: Thanks for your input! I'll certainly blog about it, then. Might throw in a pic or two of me in the yukata ;)
    I know! I swear I kept trying and trying, I wonder if it's just me and my computer settings or something :(

    Choii: Thanks! :)

    The Cat Hag: Thank you

  10. I love every piece in this outfit :O
    You look stunning. Although you're not wearing a yukata, this reminds me of the festivals that students attend in the Japanese culture (at least my anime/manga tells me so XP)

    Maybe I need to check out Primark except I rarely hear of it, yet I have. Is it an American brand?

    It's nice that all profits will be donated. Ah I really hope things will work out okay there. The aftermath is just as bad, food is testing positive for radiation, but one's gotta eat.

  11. Not only do I love your outfit, and this post for Japan, but I also gave you the stylish blogger award on my page! Love the coat! That's great that you guys are donating the proceeds to help Japan!


  12. Cute Bag! And i love your coat ;)
    Who doesn't love Japan? Please write more about Japan specially the situation after tsunami.

  13. Love everything in the outfit <3 Gorgeous!
    I heart the skirt and bag :)
    We all love Japan <3


  14. I love the outfit! Your shirt & shoes are perfect for Japan Day. Knowing a little more about your day would be good, but you don't have to blog about it every day! You could maybe blog on your most interesting days? : )

  15. Ah yes, your yukata! :] Looking forward to seeing pics!

  16. i love your shirt!! awesome outfit and great photos ,3

  17. Gloria: Thank you, sweetie! Yeah! It's a little bit like those events, only on a smaller scale. And I Did try on a yukata hehe pics will be up soon! :D
    Primark is a UK brand and only available in Europe, at the moment. It's mad cheap! If you want anything, I can do a CP for you :)
    Yes, truly sad times. However, I believe they are strong enough and will definitely overcome this and rebuild themselves.

    Shasie: Thank you! Though I've already got that award, it still feels good to be recognized xx

    Olivia: Thanks! I'll blog about Japan Day, but I'll leave the reports to the news :)

    Rosalinda Tjioe: Thanks! Yes, we do! :D

    The Little Dust Princess: Thank youuu and Thanks for your input. I might do just that xx

    tiffyama: Will be up soon. Promise! xx

    augustlolita: Thanks

  18. Hi! Nice post, that skirt is so lovely! and cool blog! I have just discovered it and I follow you! If you like street style I'm sure you'll like Mes Voyages à Paris!

  19. lovely outfit and blog! im following on bloglovin : )


  20. As a human being, I appreciate how you group is doing what they can to support those affected by the tsunami and earthquake. I think if we all did just a little bit, we could go great big beautiful things and make a world of change.

  21. Hey pretty first let me say I love the skirt :) Its so cute..Im sure you saw my comment on lookbook :) That bag is too amazing And I really love the picture against the brick fence :) So sweet.

    second. No worries about lookbook I know its hard so hard to get noticed. :( and ahhhh yeah im calm my cat doesnt bite me hard..He never bites me hard. He bites my mum so hard he leaves marks in her skin but heloves me too much to hurt me :) x

    not only that I love the color.. but im really loving the details !

    glisters and blisters

  23. Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris: Thanks and thank you for following :)

    Living_in_aShoe: Thanks!

    erica: Thanks and thank you for following :)

    Lisa-respect the shoes: It is not my group, I was merely an audience/participant on that day :) Although, yes, I definitely agree what the Japan Society is doing is great and I admire them for being so generous.

    Roshi: Thank you, dearie! And it's our favourite Primark, too! Haha

    michelle_: Thank youuuu :D

  24. Beautiful, love your polka dot skirt paired with the red jacket, so lovely. AND so wonderful that the society donated the proceeds to Japan, it's been devastating watching people go through such horrible events. xx veronika

  25. Your outfit is so cute! I love the cherry blossom theme and your little boxy purse is so adorable!

    I would like to hear about Japan day <3 I think it's really great that your friends would donate to the Red Cross. So many people are suffering...any contribution helps. That and you look hecka stylish while helping! ^^

  26. love the cause and love the outfit for the cause! i think it's such a beautiful sight to see, when everyone joins together to help japan revive back from the disaster.

    as for your question about the LX5, i highly, highly, highly recommend this camera! its a cross between a DSLR and a point-and-shoot, therefore, you can control the aperture, shutter speed, exposure, and etc all in one little neat compact camera. which also means your self-timed outfits won't be blurry (:!

  27. Cute sakura shirt and those box bag reminds of a bento box haha! Themed outfits are awesome ;)

  28. cute outfit! you look lovely <3
    i want your floral box bag! i wish we have primark here in Canada =(

  29. Girl and Closet: Thank you! Yes, it was a very generous decision on their part, every little bit helps :)

    Memosne: Thanks! Yeap, I'll definitely be talking about Japan Day soon-ish

    Dianne: Thanks and thank you for your answer. I've been reading up tons of great reviews on the LX5, too :D

    Fashionable Asians, Annie, Michelle Lee: Thank youuuu

  30. please blog more about ur day :p and i lvoe ur top and the polkja dots :3 i think its cool thats ur raise cultural awareness :3

  31. Love all the pieces you're wearing here!


  32. Hello Naka: Thank you! Yeap, I'll try to blog about it soon. I'm waiting for some yukata pics, actually.

    Tamara S. Putri: Thank you :)

  33. This is a great outfit - Japan day is an awesome idea to raise awareness for charity. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment! you have an awesome blog, will be subscribing. I miss brit fashion :)

  34. Your outfit fits the theme so perfectly! I love your Primark bag btw :D

  35. Nic Nic: Thanks and thank you for following! Really appreciated :)

    Rinny: Thanks! :)


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