Saturday, 19 March 2011

To the theatre

Assymetrical dress: Brand unknown
Red military ladder coat:: New Look
Mary Janes: Spain
Red roses clutch: H&M
Single flower diamante ring: H&M
Skull and Heart 3-finger knuckle duster ring:

This was what I wore to the theatre to watch Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I was a tad bit overdressed, but that's okay because I'm overdressed most of the time anyway. It's not every day that I get to go to the theatre so I definitely wouldn't want to waste this opportunity to dress up.

That charming necklace with the little key and bottle that says "Drink Me" was another birthday gift from the boy. He obviously knows me well because the necklace combines the two things I absolutely adore; quirky jewellery and the story of Alice in Wonderland. I love it to bits! When he first gave it to me though, I went, "Is that blood inside?" -.- Seriously, doesn't it look like a vial of blood? hehehe...

The play was pretty good and I thought the acting was great. I wasn't bored for a single moment because it moved pretty fast and also because there were lots of yelling. We (the boy and I) were lucky enough to get front row seats for just a fiver each because we were both under the age of 26. Being so close to the action meant that I could actually see Martha's (played by Sian Thomas) tears! The story is set in the 60s and the play consisted of 3 acts which were acted out entirely in the same room, with the same 4 characters. There was only one costume change the entire night.

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  1. That necklace is super awesome! A little scary at first yes (I also thought it looked a vial of blood) but it's charmingly cute ^-^

    And pfffft, I overdress all the time and wherever I go =P I love the outfit.

  2. pretty outfit!
    the rings are amazing =D

  3. Love that necklace..its so sweet. Sounds like you had a great time and a vial of blood..yummmy hahaha.

  4. I'm always overdressed, too. It's just something I've gotten used to.

    The necklace is a great gift :) I hope you gave your boyfriend major boyfriend points for being so thoughtful! And I love your mary jane flats. I've been looking for a pair myself!

    I hope you had a great night! -jane

  5. great outfit !
    have a nice weekend :)
    XX I.

  6. You look amazing there :) aww alice and wonderland ^.^ lovee it! It kind of does look like blood. Your boy really knows how to think. ;) your ring is lush! But for me I would get irritated to wear them kind of rings because it's hard to move my fingers around. :P

  7. Hey :) No no I was offended hahaha not at all. (about your comment) I just thought I would write that just so people know I duno not taht I have to explain myself or anything. Im rambling coz im tired but not offended in the slightest. if I read my blog from an outsider perspective and all the stuff I buy I would bbe like...hmmmmm mmm that girl be made of money HAHAHA xx

  8. Gloria: Thanks! Haha it does, right? Omg me, too! Even my boyfriend doesn't dress up, so it's just me most of the time -.-

    ANNIE: Thank you, sweetie

    Roshi: Thanks! Hahahaha...yummy?
    Oh, that's good :) I totally know what you mean, though. Things can be misinterpreted on the internet sometimes. All girls love shopping anyway and I think you're great because you're disciplined enough to sell what you won't wear anymore. I'm such a hoarder, my closet is bursting! Haha

    Love Makes The Girl: Yes, we had a lovely time, thanks :) And yeap, I was SO happy when he presented it to me. Major love!
    Haha...I think all fashion bloggers overdress so at least I don't feel left out.

    I.: Thanks, you too!

    London's-beauty: Thank you! Haha yeah major props for him!
    Oh yeah, I sometimes wear my 2-finger rings to class and usually take them off halfway hehe

  9. Looks great! Hope you had a good time and enjoyed the play?

    x Elizabeth / IN BETWEEN SEAMS

  10. Thanks for dropping by the blog. I adore the coat and LBD. I would have loved to watch that play if only it was also staged here. :)

  11. glad to hear that you enjoyed the show!
    i love that your dress has dolman sleeves! so classic

  12. you're not overdressed! you look pretty. lovely blog :) x

  13. Elizabeth: Thanks, yes we had a brilliant time

    thechyrelgomez: Thanks :)

    derek: Thank youuu! Yeah I love the sleeves

    Francesca: Thanks :)

    Michelle Lee: Aww thanks

    Jazzy E: Thank you

  14. I love the whole black outfit! You look really classy and pretty ;)

  15. awesome necklace! I wonder what's actually in it.
    I love love love going to plays. Never knew there was an age limit for seating orders, haha.

  16. sounds awesome! i'd love to be watching a play and being able to be close enough. also i dont think you're overdressed. what you're wearing is definitely lovely and i would rock it to a show or movie myself :)

  17. Lol it does look like a vial of blood but it's such a cute necklace! And I love your outfit. I'm the same, any excuse to dress up! Plus I think it's good to look nice when going to the theatre. When I went to Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre I expected people to at look quite nice but some actually wore an old t-shirt with old looking jeans. Your 'not Chanel' tank is cute too! I'm just catching myself up on your old posts here (been away from blogging for ages!). And congrats on the awards! :D Can't wait till your giveaway results - already entered!

  18. those dresses are SO fabulous! lets just be serious and say ALL the outfits are just to die for! you have some fabulous tastes in clothes girl! just wanted to stop by and say i love your blog! hope you have a great monday dear! xo

  19. That dress is so gorgeous! I love it <3 You look really pretty!

  20. Black and red is always a great combo!

  21. Thank you, everyone, for your sweet comments and compliments! *blush*blush*

    Ainie: I pulled the cork out because I'm curious and curiouser and curiouser like that ;) It turned out to be just some red gel-like substance
    Haha...I think we were just lucky to get front row seats. Being under the age of 26 means we got the tickets for like £5 which is uber cheap! :D

    Sharon @ Fun and Life: omg, I know what you mean! When I first went to a theatre in London (to watch Wicked), I was worried because all I had was a simply summer dress. I thought I'd be really underdressed, but when I arrived, I saw people wearing tshirts and ratty jeans and sneakers -_-"
    I also realized that the older generation dressed better though, which I totally respect because I think going to the theatres is such a treat :D

  22. Thanks for your sweet comment today! I'm really loving your dress here! Such a unique shape! Love it!

  23. Did your lovely boyfriend get your necklace from Modcloth? This made me think of you:
    xo, jane

  24. Jane: That's so cute! I replied on your blog xx


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