Monday, 28 February 2011

Somewhere in the World

*Somewhere in the World right now someone is saying "I Do" <3*

The sentence was inspired from the necklace I wore yesterday; the one that says "Love". I think proposing to someone is the ultimate way to express one's love. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but being married to the love of your life makes it all the more sweeter. In today's world, a lot of people no longer believe in the sanctity of marriage, but I do, still.

My boyfriend helped me take the photo. We had to wait until the roads were completely clear before we got this shot. Insufficient light was a major problem, so I decided to edit the photo to Sepia.

I randomly came across the WORD Project, an initiative by and decided it would be quite fun to join.

- a sentence that relates to the content of the photo on a piece of paper

- take a picture of you & your writing, post it on your blog and paste your link in the comments below. 

- tag three of your favourite bloggers & let them know on their blog.

I have so many favourite bloggers, but since I'm only allowed three, I tag:


  1. hey Joey,
    thanks for tagging me in this contest buuuuut I really don't do these challenges anymore...I know I know, but I've been super busy with school and personal life! Just managing to take outfit photos is already a pain in the ass...haha. Sorry but I'm really honored that you consider me one of your favorite bloggers!! <3


  2. Heya Joey!! (haha isnt it a little strange saying your own name :P)

    Thanks so much for joining in! I LOVE your photo cos its so so sweet just thinking about people proposing to their other half. And I think having it in sepia makes the pic even better!

    Hope you stop by my blog in the future as well :)

  3. Diya: Oh, no worries! Of course I understand. Sorry, I'll keep that in mind. I love reading your blog! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

    Joey: Strange indeed hehe
    It was really fun! I'll definitely drop by your blog more often.
    Thanks for commenting :)

  4. this is a really unique tagging thing !
    it's really cool :)

    glisters and blisters

  5. i love the cute little sentence you came up with! its so very true! i love it, i do i do i do!

  6. this is pretty cool. i love it :)

  7. Thanks for droppin' by my blog!
    Love the quote!

  8. I love the saying you chose for this tag ^^

  9. This is quite an interesting thing to do :). I love what you wrote! And yes, I've been in the UK for ages lol. Close to a decade! How bout you?

  10. Oh, Thanks for the lovely comment in my blog. I love this post of yours. I also believe in the sanctity of marriage and I have some friends who got hooked but fell apart. I just don't understand why some great love stories have to end in a bad way.

  11. This is wicked :D I still believe in marriage too, you're not alone! But I lost the haste in it - I've been with my bf for 5 years and I still see absolutely NO RUSH. jazzy ♥

  12. I love the sepia photo a lot.It looks flickr worthy or something hearted on I think I might just try taking a picture of me and a quote one day. =)

  13. yiqin: Thanks :)

    Sharon: Thank you, I had fun doing it :)
    Wow, you've been here really long. I've been for here nearly 5 years and I thought that was long, most of my friends from the same batch have long returned to Malaysia.

    thechyrelgomez: I'm glad I'm not the only hopeless romantic left in this world ;)

    Claire: Definitely agree with you. No rush at all. It's always better to make sure that you're ready to commit yourself to that one person for the rest of your life :)

    Jo: Thanks for the compliment! Oh, yes, do! I'd love to see it :)

    Tara: Thanks


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