Sunday, 20 February 2011

A birthday party

Convertible dresses are such a good investment. You're essentially getting multiple dresses for the price of one! Now if that's not smart shopping, I don't know what is. Even your partner who's slightly concerned about your spending habits will have to (grudgingly)admit that it is a good buy.

There are roughly 10 ways (if you're really creative, you can get way more than that) of wearing the dress; one-strapped, off-shouldered, strapless, halter etc. It all depends on how you twist, knot and tie the two long straps.

My version is ruched and is made from a lovely matte-jersey material. I wore it for the first time last night to a friend's birthday party and had fun playing with the straps. I finally settled for this and pinned the straps in place with this pretty peacock brooch with rhinestones. I got this when I went back to Malaysia and stuffed it amongst my many accessories when I got back which explains why the peacock feather looks so weird. Oops...

P/S: I'm sorry about the quality of the first two pics. I was trying to find a camera setting that would best capture the ruche detail on my dress. I should have kept trying, but it was really late and I was really tired, so I didn't feel like standing there all night. I need a new camera.


  1. Super Blog

    hugh serah ♥

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a convertible dress in person, but that one looks nice!

  3. your convertible dress drapes beautifully on you!! love the peacock pin you added!

  4. Serah: Thanks :)

    Ssaem: Thanks, it took me a while to find this one. And thank you for following me. I've followed you back

    Lisa: Thank youuu x

  5. I have one! one dress and 12 ways to wear it. i got it when my friend got married. she had 8 bridesmaids and only one dress for all of us but different styles. :)

  6. What a great convertible dress, whenever i haer that term i think of those grungy ones but this one is really stylish and on trend! You would never guess. :) Beautiful xx

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment, and thanks for following :)

    I love the dress, you can wear it in so many ways!

    I'm going to follow you too!

  8. Darn, you look chic, classy and not over the top dressed! I like it ^^ the peacockfeather brooch is creative, totally not weird!


  9. Oh convertible dresses are so unique! Should look into purchasing one for myself :)
    Ps: I love HK, how is studying there?

  10. Chyrel: Oh, that's a brilliant idea! And you get to keep the dress and style it in different ways after the wedding. Nice one!

    Roshi: Thank you, Roshi. It took me quite a while to find one that was at the right length and more important, at the right price for me.

    Jazza: Thank youuu :)

    Mei (Ice Pandora): Awww...thanks and thank you for following x

    Petrisa: Oh, yes you should. They are so versatile!
    I'm studying in England, the UK. It's wonderful, it's so very different from my home country :)

  11. beautiful outfit :)

  12. aww okay. UK must be lovely!!


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