Friday, 18 February 2011


Skull and Heart 3-finger knuckle duster ring:
Once Upon a Time necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Peep-toe wedge boots: New Look
Owl necklace: eBay
Jjang t-shirt:

If you're wondering what the Korean character on my t-shirt means, well wonder no more as according to the website, "Jjang" means "Awesome". How awesome is that! 

I was in a society meeting once and we were playing an Ice Breaker game where we had to say/act out what we'd normally say/do when we are very happy/pleased about something. Some people were going, "Lalalalala", "Memememe", "YES!", "Yay!" et cetera and without thinking too much, the word that sprouted out of my mouth was...yeap, you got it, "Awesome!" Haha...I don't actually even say it that much.
What do you say when you're extremely pleased?

Here's a clearer picture of my knuckle duster. It's my very first 3-finger ring and I'm absolutely in love with it! It's currently one of my favourites.

 [Pic credit: RDujour ]

Yes, indeed it is inspired by the Alexander McQueen knuckle duster skull ring. When I first saw it circulating around the web (on a clutch, at first), I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was. Alas, I'm in no financial position to buy the original and so I had to settle for this ASOS one. Still, I think the ASOS version is really pretty and much more girlier with the diamante heart and flowers.

Honestly, this outfit is all my current favourite items rolled into one. I have been wanting this pair of boots since last year, but then I hesitated, then it sold out online, came back in stock, I hesitated, then it sold out online, came back in stock, I hesitated...rinse and repeat. Finally, a 20% special V-day discount for students did it for me.


  1. Super love the necklace and the peep-toe wedge boots!

    Arnold Teja

  2. Hey, funky jewellery there!

  3. Thanks, Arnold and Tassos :)

  4. i love the alexander mcqueen inspired knuckle rings !

  5. really love the top and the jewellery you're wearing, I really want to find a top like that now! you have inspired me :)

    I totally do that when buying things, I hate making decisions and end up not buying the item. usually I regret it when I go back and it's not there any more, but when it is it's fate!

    Rebecca x

  6. Helllo hello :)
    Thanks so muchfor the kind words on my blog :)

    I remember your purple minnie mouse shirt and how jealous I am of it!!!

    But now i see your awesome jeeweerly!! that it!!

    :) totally followed

  7. Michelle: Thanks for leaving a comment

    Rebecca: Thanks! Yeah, I'm also on the lookout for one that has the Chinese character for "Love".

    I know that feeling! Then I kick myself for not getting it when I first saw it. But you're right; if it's meant to be mine, it'll be there :)

    Mileide: Thank you!

    Roshi: You're welcome and thanks for following :D

    Chyrel: Thank you :)

  8. I love your accessories! Especially the once upon a time necklace!:)

  9. I almostalmostalmost bought that ring!
    But then I realize I have to keep my promise of
    not buying untill April...
    You look cute! And rockin' ^^ love the shirt and thanks for the link of the shop!


  10. Mei (Ice Pandora): It is a lovely ring, isn't it? It's still on the website, so you should definitely buy it on the 1st of April :D

    Thanks, sweetie :)

  11. Love the t-shirt!

    There's a giveaway on my blog, come and check it out!

  12. Thanks, Meekay. I'll definitely check out your blog :)


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