Thursday, 3 February 2011

The King's Speech

Round scarf: H&M
Biker jacket: H&M
Studded ring: H&M
Double-finger cross ring: ASOS
Filigree harness ring: ASOS
Bag: Queen's Wardrobe

Today I went to see The King's Speech. It was brilliant! Everything about it was great, but Colin Firth deserves the most praise, in my humble opinion. His stammer was so convincing I was almost sure the actor himself was born with the speech impediment. Watching his frustration and dissapointment, I found myself rooting for him the entire time.

It was a beautiful movie, though I have to admit that the costumes weren't something I could appreciate. However, one piece of jewelry in particular caught my eye; Eve Best's diamond zip necklace.

[Pic credit: Carol Reed]

I love the way she wore it, dangling down her back. The plunging back dress further accentuates it's beauty. I'm going to save this for inspiration if I ever wear a backless dress.

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