Monday, 30 May 2011

Boyfriend's birthday

Cream lace dress: Asia Fashion Wholesale
Crochet waistcoat: AX Paris
NOT Chanel handbag: Blogshop
Rings: Handmade by the boyf

My boyfriend's birthday fell right smack in the middle of my exams and sadly, I couldn't really do anything to celebrate it. I did surprise him with presents and a cake, at midnight, though.

To make it up, I surprised him again a few days later. This time, I took him all the way to Manchester (which is about an hour's train ride away) for a special Malaysian meal he has been craving for since...forever. Sadly, Malaysian food is very hard to come by in most parts of the UK and our little city doesn't offer it either.

He had no clue whatsoever and thought we were just heading to town. As soon as he got on the train and found out we were heading to Manchester, he started making wild guesses (jokingly), "Oh, oh, are we going to so-and-so's house? Is that where the surprise is?", "Is so-and-so waiting at the station?" and "Oh, did you get tickets to Wembley?" (it was the Champions League final between Man United and Barcelona the next day). My boyfriend is a HUGE fan of Man United. But heck no, the tickets for that game cost hundreds of pounds and besides, they were long sold out!

Anywayz,  so I said, " Hey, you're hyping up your surprise so much that when you actually arrive, you're going to be disappointed " Haha...that shut him up. But no, he was really happy that I was bringing him on this secret adventure.

The outfit above was what I wore for the dinner. Sorry about the cartoon face, I was in a hurry and the lighting, angle and expression is just all wrong.

Did you recognize the dress? Yep, it's the one from my AFW haul. Actually, upon wearing it again, the inner lining is actually very short, so I had to wear a full slip underneath. I've amended my rating and my review in the original post. Still, it's quite a lovely dress.

Ah, but wait. There was a 3rd surprise! The very next day, I got a bunch of our friends to come over and we surprised my boyfriend again with yet another birthday cake. This was kind of an epic fail because he bumped into them before we could set up the cake and stuff hahaha

So there, 3 surprises in all. Not too shabby, eyh? :)


  1. Lucky guy! I'll take 3 birthday surprises! It's amazing how healthy a cake can look!! Love the outfit, haha on the cartoon face! I should definitely do that on the days when my expression isn't cutting it! Looks like you had a fun time in Manchester. One of my good friends here is a huge Manchester United Fan.

    Live Life in Style

  2. you look so pretty and girly there! I love the crochet vest!! very bohemian chic!

  3. PS. Happy birthday to your bf!

  4. Love your vest. Happy birthday to him and that cake looks delicious! My mom used to make cakes like that for me :)

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  5. manchester fan lol.. they are like the new york yankees of sports. A ton of cash so they just try to buy up whatever they feel like~ Turtle on the other hand is quite a gentle fan, preferring Queen's Park Rangers =D

    He's lucky to have you.

  6. Hi Joey!!! OKay I will let you know if its good,so far its just inspiring stories of how those global brands started XD the dress looks elegant,love the crochet vest! thats so lucky of your bf :3 3 surprises is alot to manage! XD

  7. your bag is nice! :D
    aawh, that was very nice of you to take your boyfriend to Manchester ^^
    I love the stores in Manchester hehe (:
    what a lovely cake <3

  8. Love your outfit!
    that pie looks deeeeelicious!


  9. Happy birthday to your boyfriend! What a lucky guy he must be :)
    I'm fan of Man Uni. as well!
    The cake looks delicious


  10. your dress is beautiful and the cake looks amazing!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. Such a lovely dress and vest combo! Loving your blog! You have some seriously pretty dresses! Come visit me and maybe we can follow each other?

  12. Haha that's funny how your bf kept trying to guess what his surprise was :D I really like your outfit! Cowboy boots paired with dresses look so cute :)

  13. I love your outfit and that cake look scrummy! I wish I got a slice :)

  14. your bags are sooo gorgeous !
    and i love the rings you're sporting there !

    www.glisters and

  15. I AM VERY JEALOUS! Next time you go there, you must take a picture of that and send it to me or blog about it!! :-) The first 3 movies I think did the best job of following the books, but then 4 through the rest of them go skewed, but I still watch them! haha


  16. That cake looks yummy and I need your bag! xx

  17. N'awww happy birthday to your b! :) That's a lovely surprise, I hope it made him feel all spoilt. And that waistcoat is beautiful darling! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  18. happy birthday to your bf :D how lucky he is to have a great gf like you. btw the outfit is super love!

  19. cute adventure for your bf figuring out the surprise. pretty outfit.

  20. sounds like a nice birthday! very pretty outfit (i like the cartoon face, it is funny)and your manicure is great.

  21. you're such a sweetheart :) i hate planning, so i don't think i can pull something like your surprises off.

    nutella goes great with everything. EVERYTHING!! hahah!

  22. That was very sweet of you to focus so much energy on him during such a stressful time. The cake is super cute!!

  23. that was a really nice surprise for your boyfriend :) Sounds ike a nice adventure...and thats a dress from your haul ITS GORGEOUS ON!! wow it does look short by itself but on it doesnt. So strange anyway you look sweet. Love your bag too amazing.
    and as for your face. I wondered whattttt you sure have changed since i was last here xx

  24. what a cute girlfriend you are ;)

    I like your lace dress by the way =)
    and thanks for the sweet comment, means a lot !!=)
    will add ur link on my blog asap=)

  25. That is so thoughtful of you ^_^...
    makes me wish I had a boyfriend to do this stuff for..


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