Thursday, 5 May 2011

London (Part 2)

Red bowler hat: Camden Market, London
Biker jacket: H&M
Cardigan: Shout, Manchester
Floral dress: Portobello Market, London
Faux fur fox tail: H&M
Alexa-inspired satchel: Blogshop

Whenever I'm in London, I always try to schedule a trip to Camden Market. It's a quirky place that satisfies all the 4 S's; sight, sound, smell, shop. The whole place is so colourful and you see all sorts of interesting people there, from punk rockers to vintage girls. There'd be reggae music blasting out of someone's speakers in one corner and indie music coming from another. Further along, the yummy aroma that wafts from the international food stalls is enough to make anyone drool. However, the best bit here is the shopping. It kinda reminds me of Bangkok's Jatujak market.

1. Beer bottle clocks

2. Pwetty necklaces

3. Cameo necklaces

4. Toothpaste tissue boxes

5. Vinyl

6. Vintage suitcases

7. My new red bowler hat

8. In the evening, we went to watch a musical, The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre. It was brilliant! Love the songs and the actress that plays Christine Daae sang ever so beautifully. My favourite scene was of the Masquerade Ball. So many pretty, glittery costumes on display!

Have you watched any musicals?

P/S: Pictures are numbered for commenting convenience


  1. whoa cute hat and nice necklaces :D

  2. Take me to Camden Market!! I'm going to plunder all the jewellery shops haha.


  3. Lovely pieces! Love your red hat!

    Live Life in Style

  4. This place looks so cool! All of these goods are so lovely and/or unusual. I need to show John the picture of the beer bottle clocks; he's interested in bartending so I'm sure he'll get a kick out of them. And I absolutely love the pretty necklaces! Thanks for sharing!

    The last musical I saw was Avenue Q. Have you heard of it? It's like Sesame Street for adults, with grown-up themes and problems...haha no where near as sophisticated as The Phantom!

  5. Hello,
    I loved your blog, it's soooooo sweet!!
    I am already following you!!
    Can you follow me too please?? And if you dont mind could you follow the blog's twitter? @_justforgirls
    Alice Dias

  6. I'm dying to visit Camden Market! but it'll be some time before I visit UK again. Last time was too much of a rush :S How big is the market? Do they sell a lot of accessories? How's the price like? It'll be awesome if they sell quirky cheap home decor stuff too! Aiya I feel like I'm bombarding you with questions! haha Hope you don't mind!

  7. I adore Camden Market! I loved seeing your photographs, makes me nostalgic :) You look beautiful.

  8. hi Joey :)

    love your bowler hat...and those necklace are so beautiful :)
    wanna buy some...

  9. Your hat is really cute! I love the color :D And Phantom of the Opera is my favorite musical! I've never had the chance to watch it live but I've watched the dvd version (Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum) like 10+ times already haha xD

  10. the cameo vintage....i want it :(
    preety outfit you wore :)

  11. I love the necklaces and vintage suitcases. I've always had a thing for vintage suitcases, but I'd never really have a use for them. Even as house decor, I prefer modern over vintage but gah, I love vintage suitcases :<

  12. can I just say I really love your biker jacket.. i could never find something like that.. especially in a place like H&M! Great outfit!

  13. i loveee your red bowler+biker jacket! and the flat house/birdcage(?) necklace<3

    xx misstea & co.

  14. Joey, there are so many things that I love about this post.

    1. red bowler hat
    2. the vintage suitcases,i'd love to have one and it's hard to find something like those here in my place
    3. watching the phantom of the opera. argh! do i have to say it? LOVE, LOVE it.

    you look great with your floral dress too.

  15. Love your outfit! That hat is just awesome <3 And love those cameo necklaces and tissueboxes! Adorable!


  16. love ur red bowler hat, so cool :)

  17. ah super cute outfit! I love your hat :)
    I loved visiting Camden Market when I was in London, such interesting things

  18. Love your outfit!! I haven't been to the UK in a long time...I want to go to Camden Market!! Your photos of it are so eclectic and cute.

    I've been lucky enough to be a backstage manager for a few. My highschool was a theater school and we always put on at least a couple of plays every...2 months? <3 My favorite musical might be Wicked though. =)

    Lovely outfit! Your bowler hat is adorable.

  19. Your red bowler hat looks purrr-fect for London style.
    I'm so jealous of your trip!!
    I never go anywhere, so I have to live vicariously through bloggers.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. Cute outfit!

    Lookgs like your having a fabulous time! I love going to vintage flea markets so many things to discover at great prices!

  21. I love how you paired the leather jacket with the floral dress - balances it out so well! cutieee :)

  22. wow i want to go to that place, too! there's so many interesting things XD

    and thanks for the comment haha
    i wanted one that looked natural because i'm always so cautious of myself ahaha and i feel like i'm gonna look really weird with huge circle lens

  23. i totally adore your outfit, the floral dress is beautiful :)

    and i totally agree about snotty sales associates making me want to sprint out of the store.. i don't necessarily CARE but i just am all about nice customer service :)

  24. !! sooo jealous!!! i definitely have to visit london before i die!

    i still have yet to watch phantom of the opera. what else have you seen?

    aww thank you so much :)

    oh gosh i want the cupcakes again. i think theyre the best ones in chicago :)

  25. Everything you did looks like so much fun! I'm jealous! The subway pictures are cute, and you look adorable. I love that red hat.

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  26. These pictures are so adorable with the subway buzzing by! I love the hat :)
    xo Lynzy

  27. Your outfit is so cute!



  28. I love your hat. it's so cute! :)
    London is one of my favourite cities. I didn't watch any musicals during my stay. I regret... :P
    I love your blog<3

  29. Lovely post. We pop into Camden now and again to buy records but the place tends to stress me out because it it filled with tourists who often walk into me! Lol yes I know! I am a moody sod!

  30. the necklaces..the hats..the vinyl records are so lovely..

  31. omgsh you're making me so jealouS!
    Those pretty necklaces, vintage suitcases, and phantom of opera... omgsh just everything is so gorgeous!!! <3

  32. I love Camden but not on a Saturday/Sunday sunny afternoon. It's so busy! Love the fur tail keychain and red bowler hat. Super cute.

    xThe Pretty Secrets

  33. Thankyou for your comment! lovely blog! =D i'm following you now! ;) x

  34. i rather LOVE Camden town and Camden market. It makes me happy.

    And even happier knowing someone else loves it, too.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  35. Camden Market sounds so nice. The necklaces are pretty :)

  36. your hat is super cut! i can't pull off bowler hats at all, but it looks awesome on you!

    Great outfit! As I already mentioned, love your biker jacket! it seems to go with everything!! <3

  37. you have a great outfit
    makes you look so stunning :D

    already followed your blog
    wish you can follow me back

    Thank You :D

  38. Your hat is adorable. Also, those necklaces are beautiful! Ahh. I want one of those.

    As I Like It


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