Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Beauty Diary Mixed Berry Mask review

My Beauty Diary (MBD) originates from Taiwan and their facial sheet masks are a huge hit in Asia. I started using MBD masks when I was in the UK and always have several boxes as back up.

Today I'll be reviewing the Mixed Berry Mask.
Functions: Brightening and firming

It's really moisturising, like most of the other MBD masks. My skin feels hydrated and has the toing! toing! effect after each application.

After remoing the sheet, I massage the leftover essence into my skin and it absorbs pretty quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. It completely sinks into my skin.

Even if it's just a temporary effect, my skin definitely feels softer and smoother!

No break outs.

I dislike the smell. The scent reminds me very strongly of medicine, specifically antibiotics. Yuck! I literally had to force myself to use these masks and I was super glad when it came to the final sheet. This is just personal preference though and scents are very subjective.

The brightening and firming effects aren't very obvious and if any, are only temporary, anyway.

 How I use it:
1) Cleanse face
2) Apply sheet mask for 20-30 minutes
3) Remove sheet mask
4) Gently massage the remaining essence on my face until fully absorbed
5) Apply moisturiser to seal in the essence

I'm a firm fan of My Beauty Diary masks, but I definitely wouldn't be re-purchasing this only because of the scent. I know many people say they love the smell of this mask, but it just didn't cut it for me. And yes, I'm very sure the ones I bought aren't fake nor expired.

Please note that there are plenty of fake My Beauty Diary masks (and other cosmetics and skincare items for that matter) out there. So do get them from reliable sources as you don't want to be messing with your skin.


  1. I agree, they absorb really quickly and don't make me break out at all! :D
    I haven't tried the mixed berry ones before, but so far i've tried the aloe vera, strawberry honey, strawberry milk and earl grey. I really love the aloe vera and strawberry milk ones, although i'm dying to try the sakura ones. :D

  2. try the strawberry yoghurt ones! they smell amazing, just like strawberry yoghurt :)
    i personally broke out from it, because when i tried it, i didnt know i was allergic to scent back then, but i gave packets to a few friends, and they all loved it, and had no breakouts :)

  3. Lol a 'toing toing' effect :P
    Glad this mask works well!
    Is it pricey :o


  4. Eh, you didn't like the scent? That's a shame, it's not a favourite of mine, but I do enjoy using this one :) Maybe the Apple Polyphenol one would be better? :D

  5. Hahaha! Oh no!! It still looks like you have quite a couple to go before you run out of them. >< Well, I'm glad you like the other scents though. I personally love the black pearl and the cherry blossom ones myself. <3 I'm glad don't break you out, they don't break me out either, but a friend of mine got rashes on her face after using them! Beauty products can be quite hit and miss, hm? Great post! 

  6. I know what you are talking about!!! I haven't used this berry masks yet but I know what medicine smell you are talking about. Urgh... I can even simulate the smell in my brain now. I'm so glad you used your final sheet.

    How was your weekend in Singapore? BTW, did you receive my email?

  7.  I feel like a good smell is super, super, super important for a face mask because you put it on your face and smell it all day long. 

  8. I might have a problems with the smell too. Don't like smelly products.

  9. Nice review! I've tried some MBD masks before and like them as well but sheet masks and my face just don't mix well >< Sometimes I have toe tear the mask apart and them stick it onto my face lol my face is pea-sized =(

  10. haha yuk about the smell! medicinal scents aren't very nice especially if you have to cop it for at least 20 mins. at least it had some positive effects on your skin afterwards!

  11. ive never tried my beauty diary masks. i wnate to but i dont think id like the smell now lol


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