Sunday, 15 July 2012

Instagram images 008

June issue of Vivi magazine (Malaysian edition, English)

Limited Edition Hello Kitty x Maybelline mascara

Mini Merlion in Singapore

Thean Hou Temple

Graffiti of Yuna

Yummy steamed bread with butter and kaya on the side


Pai tee (top hat)

Ice cream at a toilet-themed restaurant

Sweet coconut water


  1. The hello kitty make up looks so cute! The food looks amazing! I wish they had food places like that here in the UK x

  2. Lovely photos. ^^ The toilet themed restaurant seems funny.

  3. I love the temple, looks great! :3

  4. The food looks great! Lovely pictures. ^^ I've yet to try the coconut drink. 

    I'm back to blogging by the way1 I've just came back from Korea. ^^

  5. Wow ,delicious Meals! 

    Happy Sunday ,kisses :)

  6. omg so there IS an english edition of ViVi. I just bought the May edition (super outdated lol) but it's in Chinese and I can only look at the pics :(

  7. Kaya and bread is mr adventure's fav!

  8. I am too kiam siap to buy the English version of ViVi, hahahahaa!! *is shot* Did you get the Hello Kitty mascara? It's so cute! >__<

  9. Such cute pictures! I want to go to the toilet restaurant lol. Love your blog!! :)

  10. Yum Paella, my fave!
    lol at the toilet themed restaurant! How bizarre! xx 

  11. Intuition Magicdrag21 November 2012 at 15:57

    i want the hello kitty mascara xx so cute ^^

  12. Joey! What's your instagram username?! :)

  13. Is the toilet themed restaurant good??? The bf and I were thinking of trying it while in HK but gave up the idea because we heard the food is not too great and the idea was kinda of gross to us hahahaha but I can totally see the novelty in it!

    That paelle looks delicious! Is it spicy? For some reason I imagine it spicy hahaha

    Oh and thank you so so much for leaving a comment letting me know your still *silently* supporting me! Thanks for reading my posts and I hope you're enjoying your giveaway items tee hee~


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