Friday, 27 July 2012

Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On

So I bought this Majolica Majorca set a couple of months ago and now I'm finally going to review the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On.

I understand that not all of my readers have heard of Majolica Majorca. When some of my colleagues asked me to share the brand of the mascara I use, I said, "Majolica Majorca" and they said, "What!"
Well, it's actually the sister brand of Shiseido. Yes, I know. You'd never have got that from the name. Ah, them and their fancy names.

I have actually been a loyal fan of Dejavu's mascaras. I've used Fiberwig and Lash Knockout and really, really like both of them. I wasn't actually even thinking about changing...ever. Those were my holy grails. However, you see, like a lot of ladies (and men. Hey, it's a free world) with make up out there, despite having a HG product, my eyes still wander and my hands get itchy. I'm not big on make up, but I always need my lipstick, my eyeliner and my mascara. These, I'm happy to play around with.

So anyway, I was pretty much set for life with Dejavu's mascaras and note that this was after trying out several others before I found The One. So it came as a complete surprise when I fell in love with Majolica Majorca's Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On. Wow, what a mouthful. But seriously, this mascara is the bomb!

I wear this to work almost (because some days I'd rather get an extra few minutes sleep) every day and it has never failed me. It lasts all day long, doesn't flake, doesn't smudge and is super waterproof-ed.

The lenghtening effect is SO good. It opens up my eyes and I have actually gotten a few compliments that my eyes look really big *shy*

The tube is very pretty in that signature MM style.

As you can see, the applicator is a comb. It's double-sided where one side is wide-toothed and the other fine-toothed. Personally, I prefer to use the fine-toothed side only because I feel every eyelash gets a bit of mascara. I don't have much clumping issues with this mascara, but I find that if I use the wide-toothed side, it does clump sometimes.

Look, I know. My pictures do not do it justice. I wish I had a fancy HD camera, but I don't. You'll just have to take my word for it. The lenghtening and volumnizing effect is so much clearer in person.

Alright, the bad news. Since it's so fantastico and lasts practically forever (one day), it is almost inevitable that removing it can be a little difficult. I use an oil-based eye make-up remover and it does the job pretty well, but sometimes, it still leaves a bit of mascara on. I know this is a huge no-no, but sometimes I have to use a little bit of pressure to wipe it off and sadly, sometimes, this results in a few of my precious eyelashes falling off *sad face*

Still, overall, it's a darn good mascara! *two thumbs up*

- The free red curler that came with the set is pretty good, too. I like its unique red colour. I use it in combination with the mascara so I guess they are a good match. However, I don't like the fact that the rubber is white in colour because it's super obvious when it gets dirty.

- I'm sorry I won't be reviewing the Jeweling Pencil because I actually much prefer using liquid eyeliners. I'll be giving this one away, so keep an eye out if you're interested!


  1. Oooh, i've heard a lot about the Majo mascaras, especially the new Lash King ones, but this one looks great too! I'm actually dying to try out the blue one, lol. The mascara looks really nice and natural on you! :)

  2. Damn,should have bought it when i saw it in watsons,don't think it's available anymore. 

    btw how are you? doing good? busy with work? * busybody i miss your blog updates,it's been so long. glad to see this post :D

  3. It looks good still! I like mascaras that don't clump. It seems like it has made it longer. ^^

  4. I love MM and this set is such great value for money! Wish was still available when I was visiting KL :( 

  5. you should definitely try majolica majorca's Lash King!

  6. Fiberwig is great that it comes of so easily even just with warm water! I love mascaras that lengthen and keep curl but as you mentioned, they are so hard to remove! I have heard great things about MM mascaras and have always wanted to try them! Thanks for the review x

  7. I saw the set a while ago, should have gotten it! Have you tried Lash King? How do you think it compares?

  8. aaah, I want to buy that one so badly! Got to wait till I go to hong kong, haha :(

  9. i'm only detered by the price. i've heard such good things about this mascara. will buy it when i save up more moolah hahah :D

    keep in touch :)-Joyce
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  10. I can def see the difference! It makes your lashes look longer and more volumized! I've never tried this mascara before but a lot of people love it :) I can see why!

  11. thanksss for the review :D , I probably want to get this when I go to KL next month XD

  12. I'm a fan of deja vu mascaras as well as MM's lash expander but I've never tried this particular one. MM lash expander gives more volume than deja vu...though I like deja vu for its natural looking effect and non-smudging prowess.

  13. Great review!!! Always love to read about it :) Would you like to follow each other?

  14. I always love your reviews. Haha, I love the sets that the Majolica Majorca cosmetics come in. The packaging for everything is quite cute too. I'm sad I can't get them anymore now that I'm in North America. I'll have to keep my eye out for this set next time I head to Asia! 

  15. I've also never heard about this brand till now ;), but it sounds great, want to try it out! Thanks for the review :)



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