Saturday, 7 May 2011

London (Part 3: Royal Wedding)

As you may or may not know, one of the reasons I went down to London was to attend (ah, I use that term loosely) the Royal Wedding.

*cue rolling eyes*

I know, I know, everyone and their grandmother's cat have moved on already and this joyous piece of news is now so five years ago. But hey, I did not wake up at 6am to rush to the Buckingham Palace and wait for hours just so my photos can sit inside my hard disk and be forgotten. So allow me...

Despite my initial neutral attitude about the whole thing, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'm so glad I hauled my ass up to be there on that special day. I'm certainly no royalist, but it isn't everyday you get to see a Prince marry the love of his life.

People may have different opinions regarding the spending on the wedding, but I can tell you that the atmosphere there was amazing! Everyone was in such good spirits; there was so much positivity in the air! For just one day, everyone put aside their worries and basked in the happiness of the newlyweds. I think it was great that Great Britain had a reason to celebrate. It was just wonderful to see people celebrating!

I'm sure even the most grumpy person will have to admit the wedding was beautiful. William and Catherine looked so in love and they seemed genuinely happy it was their big day instead of being caught up in the stress of formalities and such.

I'm so happy I was one of a million "guests" that day.

1) Horse-drawn carriage. I don't believe in fairy tales, but this is really something

2) Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip

3) The Balcony Kiss

4) Chinatown arch

5) Mini structure of the Royal Wedding at Legoland, Windsor

6) Limited edition Oyster card

7) Funny tote bag from Trocadero

8) Cheeky

9) My Royal Wedding souvenir. To be honest, a lot of the wedding souvenirs were cheaply made and the print job on some of them were appalling. I'll probably wait until they use the official wedding photos for a new batch of souvenirs to get some.

There isn't a picture of my outfit in this post because I would look horrible next to a picture of the beautiful Catherine "can't call her Kate anymore", Duchess of Cambridge.

[Pic credit:]

How stunning was Catherine in that Sarah Burton dress! I disagree with those who said it was too conservative; I think Catherine looks the picture of elegance and that plunging neckline gave off just the right amount of sexiness. The lacework, of course, was gorgeous! Love it!!

Did you like her dress? 

P/S: Pictures are numbered for commenting convenience


  1. lovely photos, omg you've seen the kiss ;o. I walked away to search for my shoes when they kissed each other =.="

  2. I loved her dress too, she looked amazing!
    You got a awesome view :)
    I watched it from home and the wedding interested me more than I thought it would XD

  3. At first I did not like her dress, but the more I look at it, the more I like it!!!

    I totally love the Legoland thing & the tote bag!! So CUTE!!!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  4. omg that is SO cool that you were there for the royal wedding in person! wow, must have been such an experience, and I laughed at the royal couple calling card haha

  5. Wow that must've been so awesome to experience that. I love the lego display haha. And I think her dress was very beautiful as well and you've pretty much summed up what I thought of the dress.

  6. I'm still going to call her Princess Kate. It makes the Royals seem less stuffy and balding and old and milk white.

    Such great photos! Lifetime event. Might as well. And if she does become as important as Lady Di, you could always say that you were there, and you saw them get married. Let's just hope this marriage doesn't blow up in their faces, and they live together happily.


    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  7. Great pictures! It would've been nice to be able to physically experience being there. Her dress I think was beautiful on her. It definitely is a bit more conservative if you're comparing it to today's taste in wedding gowns, but overall beautiful!

  8. Major Life ENVY!!! HAHAHA!

    I don't know what else to say. HRH Catherine was indeed very pretty and regal in that Sarah Burton dress.

  9. I loved her dress from the beginning. Can you believe I was watching the royal wedding live in a Thai Restaurant located in Taiwan??? BIZARRE. I'm rather envious of your experience. =P

    You made a good choice with the teddy bear...I can imagine all the street vendors jumping on the wedding bandwagon with shoddy merchandise. The teddy bear is so cute!

  10. I think her gown was beautiful too! It's probably a little more conservative than what most modern young brides would wear, but she's practically royalty now - I think it's very fitting for a person of her stature. You're so lucky to have been there on the big day! It looks so festive :)

  11. Amazing pictures! I also agreed that Kate's dress is gorgeous and she looked absolutely stunning with it! <3


  12. So great that you got to go to the wedding! Those pics are fun. I didn't really care minus the clothes, but it's always fun for an event to get a whole country together, and bond over something! Great pics

    Live Life in Style

  13. wow thats pretty cool, i think it's definitely once in a life time opportunity!! great pictures, I can feel the atmosphere already :D

    RYC - Thank you! Will let you know once it's arrived :D Thanks again!!

  14. i loved her dress :3 and i think it cools that u saw it ^^

  15. Haha how cute and funny is the Legoland Royal Wedding! Looked like you had a great time! So jealous, wish I'd have been there!

    Great blog will be following!

    Love C x

  16. Wow it's amazing how close you were! I thought her dress was GORGEOUS. Loved the lace details.

  17. Joeyyy i'm so jealous you saw the real thing!
    The legobuildings = love. I want to take it home...
    Lols at picture #8
    Oh yesss I wanne shop in London so badly D: meeting up with other bloggers would be aswesome as well!


  18. that is too cool that you were there! >.< and omg, horse drawn carriages are only something ive seen in like cinderella and like, the crummy ones in the city for the tourists XD

    the legos cracked me up ahaha too cute!

    whats an oyster card??

    i thought her dress was okay just because i feel like that dress is something to really marvel and appreciate from up close cause you barely notice the detail. but thats just my oponion >.<

    i love musicals! im actually a theatre major! XD
    from your list ive only seen wicked and chicago but only in the movie version. professionally ive also seen billy elliot and in the heights and a couple others. not that much at all :(

  19. You “attended” the royal wedding!!! I’ve been so caught up with our local elections that I’ve yet to view a whole video of the royal wedding! I’m the same age as the both of them (oops... now you know how OLD I am) and when I was a teen, many of us were gaga over Prince William’s good looks. We all thought how he had princess diana’s features and what a blessing that was. Then he slowly got not so handsome (premature balding) but still, his character shines. I was so happy to read about him and his then gf kate. Kate must have been one of the most grounded girl and lady I’ve ever read about andI love her character immediately. She grew more and mroe beautiful as the years go by and her inner beauty definitely shines through too. I’m really very happy that the 2 of them are finally hitched. Statistics have shown that most royal weddings do not last but I really wish and hope and believe that this one will since both Prince William and Kate (oops Catherine) are such beautiful people inside and out.

    PS: I agree that her gown is beautiful too. It’s traditionally modern. If you know what I mean. It does lean towards the conservative side since she’s a royal but yet it’s still up to date as well.

  20. wow sooo cool! And the monkey tote bag is funny haha

  21. I was in London when they got married and it was royal fever everywhere! people went crazy!!! her dress was amazing...she looked like a real princess xxx
    your blog is very cute

  22. i love kate's wedding dress. it's simple but classy.
    your blog is cute. i like it :)

  23. i can't believe you were there!

  24. Ooooh!! U went!!!

    People in Australia were very into it too! I saw it on tv and thought of u! Wondered if u went, good that u did, i would if i was in the UK too =) Great photo shot of the balcony kiss!!


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