Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Instagram Images 011

Topshop phoneholder/purse. So convenient for lunchtimes

Neon pink slippers

Pretty mooncakes as corporate gifts

Pink mushrooms at Cameron Highlands

Getting a mani pedi

The colour I chose for my manicure

Hello chipmunks!

Decoration at Publika for the Mooncake Festival

Got cheated by flower sellers at Cameron Highlands. It wasn't dried nor long-lasting as they claimed.



  1. lol those mushrooms xDDD what's your instagram username?? i'd love to add you there :)

  2. Thank you. It's joey_wongby

  3. you look great in the last pic :) Love that mooncake box, so pretty!

  4. totally loving that Topshop clutch! it does seem very convenient. I always try to stuff my phone in my wallet but often it's too fat with random crap inside haha!

  5. lovely shots! major love on that Topshop purse! <3

    To Juliet

  6. I love the neon pink slippers they are so adorable~ <3
    Love the sweet interior design of the nail salon you visited and nice nail color choice~ ^_^

  7. -Beauty is only skin deep. If you go after someone just because she's beautiful but don't have anything to talk about, it's going to get boring fast. You want to look beyond the surface and see if you can have fun or if you have anything in common with this person.

  8. Love the photo snippets! Happy Thursday, Joey! <3

  9. Beautiful slippers :)

  10. That salon looks amazing! I wanna go there! Xx


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