Friday, 26 October 2012

Vivi magazine (October, Malaysian edition)

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The very pretty Lena Fuji on the cover.

Some suggestions for what to wear for your bottom half. Lena Fuji wears lots of peplum or flared skirts with layers. I like the rest, but I'm not too hot on the cropped pants. I think that unless you have long legs, it does tend to cut you off.

Even tough studs are still around, I noticed they are shifting slowly towards the bijou trend...think rhinestones and bling. There were quite a number of blinged up outfits throughout the mag.

I personally find these metal tip shoes mad hot, but I haven't found any here that I really like. No, actually, I've seen some at Aldo, but I can't afford those.

In my last post*click*, I told you oxblood is the colour to be seen in this Autumn. However, can anyone really differentiate bordeaux, oxblood, wine red and burgundy? My colour vocab is so limited, sometimes I think I was born a guy.

I like these simple, yet stylish outfits. It's much more suited for the weather here.

You'll notice the Neko (cat) trend is here. I have never been too particularly fond of cats to be honest as I'm more of a dog person. However, I do think some the accessories are pretty darn cute. I'd love to have that kitty hat, for example, but it'd be of no use here in hot and humid Malaysia.

I definitely like this issue a lot as they use lots of dark colours and is more mode gyaru. I definitely can't pull off the sweet, demure look (lots of frills and florals) so I'm happy to draw some inspiration from this month.

Which trends will you be sporting this season?


  1. metal tips shoes are sooo amazing! i love them alot :)

    great post, thanks for sharing <3

  2. Hi! I wanted to thank you for this post! I had never heard of Vivi magazine before I stumbled upon your blog and OMG its awesome. Thanks so much for sharing :-)

  3. I'm glad to have introduced it to you. Check back for monthly updates of Vivi :)

  4. OMG. I love this mag and that glitter shoes I spotted.

  5. I like ém glitter shoes, too! I have a silver pair which I've worn to death, but I actually bought it like 5 years I fashion forward, then? haha

  6. AH I'm in love with all the cat accents- that kitty pillbox hat, velvet dress and baggg! These girls look good in everythingg

  7. I agree they do look good in everything!

  8. Thanks for these scans! I love their cordis!

  9. I love the cat trend! But I would
    also love the dog trend if that's
    gonna be a hit someday :P
    Thanks for the upload!


  10. Hahaha a dog trend, eyh? That'd be cute

  11. ahhh I can't pull off peplum 'cos my hips are wide LOL. Great scanned pics :)

  12. Noooo, but peplum hides the hips, people will think it's the dress and not your hips. But anywayz, Nic Nic, you do NOT have wide hips!

  13. Thank you so so so so much for these scans and thank you again so so so much for offering to buy and send me one T_T I won't be taking that offer but I think that was so so so sweet of you! (okay I'll stop with the so's now hahaha)

    Is it just me of does this version of Vivi look very....westernized, I dunno something about it screams western to me. I love the laguna moon cat clutch ugh, though I'd never wear it I just want to have it and look at it LOL I'm also soooo happy that bling/gemstones are coming back in because I'm not a huge fan of tough studs!

  14. Hahaha you're too cute!!

    Is it because it's in English? Hahaha iono, the fashion spreads are exactly the same, though.

    Awww no? I love studs! Not too much of the bling because the cheapy ones always loose their shine, then it just looks really dull

  15. i love japanese magazines like these too. their style is just the best!

    Joyce @

  16. really loving this season of their fashion with all the cats =x
    hehe love cats <3


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