Sunday, 14 October 2012

ChurpOut 2012

With Cheesie of Cheeserland

With Audrey of FourFeetNine

With Jane of Chuckei

So I went for Churpout 2012 at Publika yesterday and it was pretty much how I imagined it to be. 'Twas my first time going for a Churp Churp event you see, so even though most of the Malaysian bloggers have been to many such events and have prolly seen so many of our top Malaysian bloggers that they're pretty blase about it, I was quite excited about the whole thing. When I was in the UK, I could only look at pics and envy those who got to go for such Nuffnang or Churp Churp events. They always seemed to have a ton of fun.

It was my very first time meeting Audrey, Cheesie and Jane and they are all super duper pretty in person! Their pics don't lie. I was surprised that Cheesie is so petite! Yes, I have heard that that is the normal reaction she usually gets from people meeting her for the first time, but it still surprised me. How does she look so tall in pictures? What is this sorcery?

Anywayz, they were all really friendly and were happy to take pictures, so that's how I got those pics forever immortalized on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and now my blog. Yes, of course I had to blast it out quite literally everywhere. Such monumentous moments. Ha!

After snapping the pic above, I did wonder if I should have asked Cheeching if she was okay being in the pic. I just assumed that she wanted to remain anonymous. But that was silly of me because...she's obviously there  (without any disguise), so she can't be anonymous, yes? How rude of me. Oh well.

I got to meet (see) the adorable Wafu and Pafu. Such cheeky things.

I actually did not realize that these were the first appearances of CheeChing and Miao as in they have been blogging semi-anonymously all these while. Now that I know, I feel very honoured to have met them and for Miao to have drawn a cartoon of me.

Here's me getting my cartoon drawn by Miao

And here's the finished drawing!

That's me!

The goodie bag I got upon registration.

My haul for the day. Murua tattoo set from Audrey and Cheesie's store, Leather necklace from Joyce of Kinkybluefairy's store and in its 4th appearance, the cartoon of me (FOC). Oh yeah, I got an Abuden?! band, too, from JinnyboyTV's store (it was on my wrist when I took the pic above).

So yeah, it was a pretty fun day despite the rain. I might go for more of such events even though I feel like a million years old amongst all these young, pretty bloggers. Bloggers are getting younger and younger these days. I feel so old.

But if my friend is willing to go with me again next time, I most probably will. 
Thanks C, for accompanying me!


  1. Thanks for sharing, love your hair colour! Wow so many cute things there!!!!! Cuteness overload!

  2. aw i missed this! but it looks really good glad u had a great time

  3. looked like a ton of fun! i know Cheesie is quite an idol in the blogger world!

  4. sounds like an aewsome event and you got to meet those bloggers! i wish there was an event to meet ALL bloggers hehe

  5. looks like a fun event. what's wafu and pafu? a malaysian comic artist?

  6. Looks like a fun event and I love that drawing of you. I so understand when you meet someoene and get surprised on how petite they are in person. I get that, too. Or to some other bloggers I meet.

  7. Awww... It looks like such a fun event! >__< I dont like going to Publika though, as it's not easily accessible by LRT or other public transport. You got to meet and take pics with the pretty bloggers, so nice! :D

  8. Looks like it is an amazing event! Love that shot of you with Cheesie :) xx

  9. Hi love,

    Great look and so beautiful pictures!!!

    you have a super blog here.

    we can follow each other if you want!

    Happy Sunday!

  10. Ahh this event looks like so much fun!
    you met so many great people!! :D
    Krissy xoxo

  11. so awesome that you are able to meet them ^^ and the cartooned you is so cute !

  12. Aww, cartoon you is really cute :) And those hat shaped earrings are adorable~
    Looks like you had a great time at the event!

  13. This is really awesome~ Everyone looks gorgeous :D

    Joyce @

  14. GASP! Can't believe you got to meet and take pics with the famous bloggers :O I would've been soooo starstruck haha! And don't worry about being a wee bit older that some bloggers, I totally thought you were no older than 19 when I first saw your pics~ :P

  15. OMG so lucky you got to meet them blogggers!! Look like such a fun event and you look stunning m'dear! Love the outfit. Xo The stationary (?) are so cute!!

  16. ooh! so many cute stuff!!!

  17. I've noticed that bloggers seem to be getting younger and younger too! (But at the same time they dress and put on make up that makes them look older). Everything here is so cute!


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