Monday, 29 October 2012

Veet it Off with Nuffnang

It's certainly not an exaggeration when I say that I've been using Veet hair removal for as long as I can remember...thinking that body hair is unattractive. Yes, ever since I learned that body hair is generally unappreciated on the female form, I've used Veet.

It's super easy to use and makes my skin so soft and smooth. I've always personally preferred the cream version because there's zero pain involved and I can use it just before I shower and then rinse it off. I always choose the one with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E because I think it helps with moisturising my skin.

There are no before&after pictures of me using the cream, though because I've just shaved my legs last week for my company's annual dinner. My legs are still pretty smooth and hair-free. Veet brought out the confidence in me to don that little bordeaux number and show off my legs...and armpits.

Not that I want to purposely show off my pits la, but there were games and entertainment involved in which the emcee kept asking us to "put your hands in the air, put your hands in the air"


Luckily, I used Veet so that ensured that no unsightly stubbles were visible and I could confidently...yes, "put my hands in the air".

Otherwise, I'd be like Lady Gaga

Obviously, it's stuck on. Oh Lady Gaga, you be crazy!
 [Pic credit: Stomp]

How quick and easy is that? Perfect for the lazy me.

Nuffnang and Veet are holding this contest to give us a chance to win some pretty fabulous prizes and I thought, why not?

I dug out a very old, plain black dress which I've not worn in a long time and decided to revamp it. The reason I've not worn it in a while is because I think it looks very dull. However, it's a waste to throw out a perfectly good piece of clothing, so I cut out two holes, wore it back to front, threw on an accessory with a giant zipper and chains and voila!

The cut-out dress trend has been around for a while and I've seen it on many celebrities and power bloggers/lookbookers. I'm glad that I now own one myself hehe

This is how the front looks. Even though I wore the dress back to front, it still looks pretty good, eyh?

I drew inspiration from this Topshop cut out dress
[Pic credit:]


  1. Wow this dress rocks... I want it too...


  2. Wow this dress rocks... I want it too...


  3. i wanna try veet, but i've had bad experiences with hair removal that isn't shaving (although shaving gives me so many ingrown hairs >.<) I'll give the one you use a try :) I like the dress, very stylish :D I love cut out dresses but I think only certain styles look good on certain body types :( If only we could have the body of a celeb~ AHAHAHAH omg, i didnt know lady gaga actually put on fake arm pit hair.

  4. The cream is super easy to use!
    Haha that Lady Gaga pic still cracks me up

  5. really cool! im loving how you style the zip body chain!!!! glad ure still wearing it!

  6. I do, still! :D Thank you again for it

  7. You look hot and stunning, Joey! Also, my cousin uses veet and I regularly go to the waxing salon and she recommended this product. I might try it sometime.

  8. I have heard mixed review
    about the Veet thingy, some
    experienced bad like stingy
    skin, and others were satisfied!
    I think I'm gonna stick with
    my shaver lol.
    Anyway good luck with the
    Nuffnang contest!

    Oh wow Joey! the dress is
    really great! What an amazing
    detail at the backside c:


  9. the outfit looks good.
    veet is really good,i try the one for sensitive skin


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