Monday, 17 December 2012

Sexy Look Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask review

 If you're wondering why the mask is called 3D, that's because this is unlike other masks; it covers your chin and jawline area as well, making it 3D!

How I use it:
1) Cleanse face
2) Pull the hooks at the side over your ears
3) Stretch the hooks below your chin and pull them over your ears
4) Apply sheet mask for 15-20 minutes
5) Remove sheet mask
6) Gently massage the remaining essence on my face until fully absorbed
7) Apply moisturiser to seal in the essence

It's a 3D mask! 

After removing the mask, my face feels moisturised.

Skin is noticeably brighter, although this isn't a permanent effect.

After removing the sheet, I massage the leftover essence into my skin and it absorbs pretty quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling.

Mask does not tear easily.

No break outs. 

The brightening effects are definitely short-lived.

I am not sure if it really "lifts", but I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

Visit Secretive for more product information. Don't forget to join Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Sexy Look's Facebook page!

Disclaimer: These masks were sponsored by for review purposes


  1. I wanna try one of these!!!!!! Xx

  2. Hahha cool 3D masks.

    I like the My Melody masks, cute packaging :)

  3. I am always a bit skeptical to try masks like this because I am worried that the essence will get into my hair and get all sticky. It is a very interesting product though.


    1. You're right about that. It works okay and all, but I do find it irksome that it gets into my hair

  4. I love how cute these mask packages are, must feel cruel opening them, lol

    1. You're right! I kept staring at it for the longest time before finally ripping it open :(

  5. they look promising although the neck part of the mask kinda freaks me out lol

    1. It does need a bit of getting used to. It may be a bit uncomfy for those who don't like the wet feeling on their necks :)


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