Sunday, 4 December 2011

Berlin (Part 1)

We were very impressed with Berlin. There was so much to do and see. It's a very modern city, but is also rich in history. We absolutely loved the efficiency and how they did everything with (as a local put it) "German precision". May I also add that it was the only city (out of the 4 during this trip) where a local approached us to ask if we needed help with directions when we looked lost. Extra points for nice people!

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Cathedral

Reichstag (Parliament)

Holocaust Memorial

Museum Island

This island is like a heaven to the boyf. It's literally a cluster of museums on a little island! You can imagine it's any history-loving person's dream. I, on the other hand, wasn't too keen. After about the 3rd museum (on same day!), I wasn't even really listening to anything my audio guide was saying haha

I mean, I like certain museums like science museums or quirky ones like torture museums, wax museums etc., but I simply cannot appreciate artefacts that are a zillion years old especially when most times, these artefacts are simply fragments of its original state. If you showed me a vase from the Mesopotamian times, I'd just go, "Brilliant!" and move swiftly on. Also, after about the 10th or so Julius Caesar statue, I feel as if I don't ever want to see him again thankyouverymuch.

I don't mean to sound like I'm having a rant because I did genuinely enjoy some bits of the museums. For example, this freaking huge altar which they moved from Pergamon (an ancient Greek city). Holy smokes now that is impressive! It is amazingly well-preserved, too!

The Great Altar of Pergamon

Looking bored

Anywayz, we also checked out the Berlin Zoo, but I'm not going to post pics of the animals because:
a) They all looked really sad and bored :(
b) You can always Google if you'd like to see what a lion looks like :)

Instead, I'll post a couple of pics of me in the zoo. Some of my friends call me Joey the Monkey, you know ;)

Oh, this one's quite random, but we had bubble tea nearly every night. We had to pass by this stall in the metro station in order to get back to our hotel, so we often stopped for a cup of yummy, chewy goodness.

Bubble tea!
Sony Center - pretty darn futuristic!

Berlin TV Tower

German food is pretty good, but like most European countries, I noticed they love their meat. I miss having currywurst as a snack. It was available every where. The one below was from a restaurant, but usually we bought those from the food stalls and had them on the go.

Currywurst - Essentially a sausage with ketchup and curry powder
Eisbein (Pork knuckle) - No, it wasn't raw
Sauerbraten with dumplings and red cabbage


  1. Schnitzel sounds fancy and all, but really it's a slab of friend meat and fries hehe. Yeap, they've got quite a decent population of Asians there so Asian food is pretty much every where. Not that I tried the food, though. Only had bubble tea which was yummy, yummy!

  2. Hmmm, jealous.
    I haven't been to Germany since I was 12.

  3. Thanks for the tips re: Malaysia and Vietnam, Joey! =) This truly is exciting for me, as now this will give me a justification for taking a vacay to Malaysia. And yep, we're going to be dealing in the capital, so there won't be any major issues with language barriers. yay!

  4. Great pictures! I've never been to Berlin before, but it looks like a great place. Museum Island looks and sounds amazing, I love museums!

  5. Fabulous! I can't wait until I can get out and see the world!! I love that Sony Center. Haha I would be at museum island forever, I'm a big history buff and love museums. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! I can pretend I was there

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

  6. Schnitzel!!!! I've always wanted to try it hahaha yeahhh i can only take so many museums. most of the time i dont even read the stuff, just look at the stuff that's displayed lol. i dont think i've ever even bothered w the audio guides! yummy bubble tea!!! im surprised it's popular in Germany. now im craving it hehee

  7. The food looks so delicious! Berlin would be a great place to visit someday; hopefully I get that chance! Cool pics!

  8. Mmmm food looks so yummy, definitely tempting after having just noodles for dinner haha. I'm not a museum person either, only the quirky things as well (even so I get bored when I don't understand the scientific facts). But I can say the same for the Temple visits when I was in Asia >.> it gets a little repetitive.

    Nonetheless, I like seeing the pictures :D I've never been to these places

  9. Joey, the architecture is STUNNING girl! I've never been, but I would want to go for that alone! HAHAHA I love learning about the history of a country. There are always good and bad points throughout time. Glad they reached out to you to help. That was very nice! Thanks for sharing these pics. They are truly spectacular. Have a wonderful weekend. :D

  10. wow, the trip looks amazing! i can't wait for your continued posts. haha i feel the same way your bf does about museums.. though maybe for different reasons - i just love the architecture, though i totally understand how bored you feel after seeing the same thing like 5654986543616689643131 times XD the food looks so delicious!! would u recommend these as the best place to eat in Berlin? :)

  11. Yaaay :)) So happy, that you visited Berlin,. Me as a real Berliner is proud of the city as well ^^ i really enjoy living here :))) 

  12. omg. your trip looks amazing! and your circle scarf. i love it so much.

  13. LOVING THESE BERLIN PICS! Ah, I know what you mean about museums. You can only take so much of them. That altar is pretty amazing though. I remember learning about it back in school. ^^ 

    Glad you guys had fun! The Sony center looks so cool! And the food~ nom nom. :D 

    (hehe, you're so cute too~ Joey the Monkey!)

  14. I heard so much about Berlin! I need to visit one day. Great food porn XD I know what you mean about the Muesum bits. I get interested then I lose interest like one hour later. The British museum was cool though because it had loads of bits of artfact from different points in history and countries - oh and it's free XD

  15. I love the honesty, Joey. I don't appreciate old artifacts that much as well. Oh, it totally depends on how it's presented sometimes. Also, love the food photos. Made me so darn hungry. XD

    I like your outfit photo with the rhino on the wall. <3

  16. I love Berlin!!ive been there nearly 8 years ago, the last time. Time to go back. Xx


  17. lovely photos...ugh i wish i can go on a vacation too T3T

  18. You should visit Holland (my countryyy)
    Berlin looks nice yes ^^
    And lolling about your thoughts about museums :P I only like
    art museums, such as detailed ones and not some weird abstract.
    I am pretty surprised they have bubble tea :o


  19. AAAH, PORK KNUCKLE♥  lovely photos! Aah,  I wanna go to Berlin too! and omg they have got bubble tea :O

  20. Oh wow, looks like tons of fun. I've always wanted to visit Europe because of the vast history that's available to see with your own eyes, as opposed to the US, where our history is still so "recent" in comparison.

  21. berlin? how luck are you! looks like fun!

  22. Great pictures! I loved the Neues Museum the most. I have to admit that we did not go for the exhibitions. We went to see the lighting and architectural design as we are fans of Chipperfield. I felt the walls could talk in that place. Bullet marks against new plasterwork and ancient Egyptian artefacts. Pure Magic.

  23. Omg Im so jelly that you live in Europe! If I did I'd travel all the time >< Maybe I'll get a job there sometime soon hahaha Berlin looks amazing and I also scrolled down to your previous post! Omg Christmas Market!!! >< hahaha and lots of museums right? I looooove museums! In fact when I was planning to go to Paris I Was going to spend 6 days at the Louvre! I never ended up going to Paris but everyone thought I was insane hahaha Oh and I did read The boy in the striped pajamas and I watched the movie too, all I can say is ='(. Sometimes words are not needed. 


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