Thursday, 8 December 2011

Makeup and giveaway winners announced

Since I'm going back to Malaysia soon, I decided to do one last haul from Boots to get some No7 products (which isn't available there). We can get Stila, but since I was shopping anyway, I decided to throw in those eyeliners. If you remember my review on the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner*click*, I did mention I love it and was hoping to get the black version. I did end up getting Stingray (black), but also threw in Lionfish (brown).

Everything you see in the bottom right corner are free gifts. By getting the No7 Intelligent Colour foundation and the No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse foundation, I was entitled to that free pouch with all those goodies in it. Pretty good deal, eyh?

By the way, speaking of makeup, I'd like to tell you about this very awesome initiative called Give and Makeup. Essentially, what they do is work closely with two major charities; Women's Aid and Refuge. Give and Makeup does not ask for monetary donations, all they need are everyday essentials, skincare, makeup, beauty tools, clothing and baby products.
"Give and Makeup is a non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to get everyday essentials into the hands of these women and children who need them the most." - Give and Makeup
I've just posted a box of brand new/lightly used products to them. I hope those small items can make someone smile this Christmas.

So if you find you have a brand new shampoo that was an unwanted gift or a lightly used cleanser or that foundation that doesn't match your skintone, don't throw them away, donate them to Give and Makeup. You can find a list of what they need here*click*

Rafflecopter has randomly picked the 2 winners for my Christmas giveaway!

Congratulations to

Your parcels are already on its way!

I would like to quickly thank everyone who joined and extra hugs to those who followed the steps. Unfortunately, I had to disqualify some entries because they ignored my little note. In any case, I hope you'll still stick around even though the giveaway is over ;)


  1. The Give and Makeup charity sounds incredible. That is such a great idea, thank you so much for sharing!

    Btw, I use No7 Color Intelligent foundation and I love it, hehe. I hope you're doing well Joey! <3

  2. many congratulations to the winners! are you leaving UK permanently? :( Never got to meet you!

  3. oooo great haul!! can't believe u are gonna be moving back to Malaysia so soon!! 

    congrats to the winners! & thanks for letting us know about the charities. i have tons of unused lotions & shampoos etc that were gifted. 

  4. Congrats to the winners! :) I wish to visit Malaysia and hopefully, I can meet you. :D 

  5. Thanks for the link of donating make up stuff!
    Also congratulations to the lucky winners!


  6. congratssss! ^^

  7. Thank you ^___^

    oh, i didn't know there was charities like that :D will definitely try & donate once I clean up my room XD Are you going back to Malaysia for good or just a holiday? :) 

  8. wow, this was a fantastic giveaway, and congrats to the winners!  hope you're having a great wknd!


  9. Nice haul + congratulations to the winners!

  10. yay thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway,heee...totally made my day! :D fighting for 1 more paper tomorrow and i'm done XD the No 7 free gifts are amazing, buy 2 and free so many? good deal! we can never get such gifts here lol,unless if purchase about RM500 or sth @.@ 

  11. Emma_Cosmetic_Charm21 November 2012 at 15:40

    I love the freebies you can get with No7, they are really handy for taking on holiday with you :)

  12. yayyy congrats to the winnerss!!! ahhh you're almost going to malaysiaaa!! i want to go back to asiaaa xD eventhough i just got back hahah

  13. congrats to winners~ The give and makeup thing looks very interesting! I think that’s very helpful! 

    xoxo hItomiNeko xoxo

  14. Great haul! Yay for freebies. :D

    What a lovely idea to donate for a good cause. There are so many women out there who do not have the option when it comes to spending money on such items. What a great way to reach out to them.

    Congrats to the winners! I'll definitely be sticking around!!

  15. I'm truly impressed with Give and Makeup! I think that is so wonderful! :D

  16. Hey sweetie! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my huge travel post! >< Im so happy that I can comment on your blog!!! (As I've had problems with that lately and now too =( ) Wow those are two lucky winners and some awesome prizes! I think the give and makeup charity sounds great, I think most people forget about those simple things and often focus on food and clothing, which are definitively the essentials. But I mean, just take a second and imagine not being about to wash your body with soap, hair with shampoo and forget conditioner! So I think it's great that this initiative is taken and it really benefits both parties! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I still can't believe you're going back to malay *sniff sniff*


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