Sunday, 11 November 2012

Church wedding

I am absolutely in love with my new bright red platform heels!

It certainly brightens up any outfit!

Dress with heart cut out back: New Look
Red roses clutch: H&M
Elegant low vamp high platform pumps:

The weekend saw me attending a cousin's wedding and this is what I wore to the morning tea ceremony and church wedding. It is the norm for couples in our family to follow the Chinese tradition and serve tea to the elders and give out red packets to the young (unmarried) ones (like moi!). It was a short and quick one as we then had to troop off for the church ceremony and luncheon.

The church wedding was a simple one, but it was quite funny when the groom was confused as to what to answer when the minister was officiating the marriage.

Minister: Will you, _____________ take _____________ to be your wedded long as you both shall live?
Groom: *silence* *inaudible whisper*
Minister: *whisper* I will. Say I will.
Groom: Oh, I will!
Everyone: *bursts in laughter* HAHAHAHA

It was funny because the entire church was silent and waiting with bated breath for the answer, only to hear and witness the minister whisper, "I will. Say I will" Hahahaha...

Don't worry, the couple is very much in love. It was just that the groom was a bit nervous.

The bride looked absolutely gorgeous. Her make up wasn't over the top (it was just nice in enhancing her features) and her dress was simple, yet very pretty. I much prefer brides looking like this rather than those with a heavy-handed make up artist and they end up looking completely different.

After lunch, all guests went home for catnaps (at least I did) before getting ready for the wedding dinner. Yes, Chinese weddings go on forever. Wait for my next post to see what I wore at night.

Incase you're wondering why I'm wearing light beige (very, very close to white), it's because the wedding theme was blue, pink or white. Normally, I wouldn't wear white to a wedding (other than my own) because I'm traditional like that, but since this was actually requested, I decided it was okay. Anyway, I offset it with my really loud shoes and clutch hehe

If you like my shoes, you can get them at They have several more colours and the above are only a selected few. I thought the pink leopard prints one is uber cute! They all come with red soles ala Christian Louboutin's signature style.

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Disclaimer: The shoes were sponsored by


  1. I'm so in love with your red pumps, too!! I'm excited to attend weddings and I get emotional sometimes. I have two weddings to attend to. Well, the other one's still next year if the world doesn't end next month. I wonder if there's any truth to that. Mayan prediction.

    Haha! How extreme. From I do's to end of the world. LOL!

  2. I love love love this dress!

  3. Pretty dress! Love the shoes!

  4. I think the dress + the red is awesome. Those are some HOT red heels.

  5. omg, love your shoes dear! Haha, how can he forgot to say I will xD. That will be something the bride will say to her kids later XD.

  6. Haha it was such a funny moment. Thanks!

  7. that little bit that happened at the wedding is adorable :)

    as for your outfit, it looks lovely! i love the red accents that your shoes and clutch provide. i haven't been to many weddings lately and this coming year is going to be my first batch.. so this gives me a great sense of what i can wear ;) though i have to ask (since i've gotten so many different responses).. is wearing white to a wedding okay if you're not the bride?

  8. Haha it was a funny moment

    I've so many to attend this year (the dragon year) and I'm getting poor just from giving out red packets haha

    I actually do think it's a big no-no to wear white to a wedding unless you're a bride. Personally, I'd be peeved if a female friend wore an all-white dress to my wedding. However, if it's actually a dress code/theme requested by the couple, then it's fine, I think :D

  9. cute dress! and haha its funny the groom was so nervous he forgot to say i will, sounds like something I would do!

  10. Haha it was very funny, indeed

  11. lovely outfit, bold red heels are next on my shop list.

    xo erica

  12. cuteness! you look beautiful hon! i love love all the red accents.. and those red hot shoes.. are well what else red hot haha :p

  13. Haha thanks, Lisa! You're so funny

  14. omg gorgeous shoes!!! You styled them so well with a contrasting white dress! The bride sounded beautiful :) Personally I would totally want to go all out for my wedding. I'd definitely get a wedding dress by Vera Wang or Alexander McQueen or something...assuming that by the time I'm getting married I'll be really well off...I can hope right? haha

  15. A Vera Wang wedding dress would be a dream come true! I so know what you mean. A girl can hope :D

  16. So cute! Loving the pop of red x

  17. I love your dress! I actually saw a pair of red heels today in Primark and was tempted to make a purchase.. I chickened out cos they were so bright and I didn't know what would go with them.. but you certainly made it work! (Now I might need to go back for them ><) Xx

  18. It was my concern, too, but I thought what the heck I have so many black shoes already. I'm so glad I chose red :D

  19. I LOVE YOUR WHOLE OUTFIT OMG <3 <3 <3 The mixture of white and red is really gorgeous. :D

  20. That clutch is simply adorable! And I'll keep your words in mind the next time I decide on a colour to wear to a wedding o.O

  21. I think many people don't follow the colour recommendations anymore, but I still do :D

  22. Those platform pumps are beautiful. Love the stunning red color.

  23. hands down, those pumps are gorgeous.


  24. love your heels!

  25. Are they comfy? I don't know if I could rock a heel like that! They are gorgeous and I love them with the cute white dress, and love the heard cutout in the back!
    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

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