Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Murua tattoos

I purchased these Murua temporary tattoos from Cheesie at the Churpout 2012 event*click*. This brand is produced by Momoko Ogihara and while I can't afford most of the Murua items, at least I have this little piece.

How to:

1) Cut out the desired tattoo piece

2) Remove the transparent plastic sheet

3) Place tattoo piece on desired skin area and wet thoroughly. Gently dab away excess water

4) Wait for 1 minute, then gently peel the backing paper. Allow the tattoo to dry completely

To remove, simply use an oil-based make up remover and rub under running water.

Momoko Ogihara
[Pic credit: Tumblr]

Stay classy!


  1. So pretty! I like how they don't look tacky at all (:

  2. These are so cool! I'd love to get them but i honestly have no idea when i'll ever use them, lol.

    1. Haha that is so true. I've only used them twice so far! Totally an impulse buy

  3. oh wow I love the chain around the upper arm tatt! these look great :D

  4. Yay new post :D

    The chains around the arm look amazing! I also really love the wings and the beautiful writing ones.

  5. I've been wanting to get Murua tattoos for ages! would be great to test out before getting a real one haha!

  6. I would love to see the placement of those cursive words temp tattoo. Will you be placing them on your back?

    I'm not too sure if comments moderation is enabled coz I thought I left a comment on Chinese weddings.

    1. I liked how Momoko Ogihara placed those near her heart and I'd like to do that, too. I've used one behind my ear, at my ankles and my wrist so far.

      You did, it's right there hehe :D

  7. omg, i love these tattoos! They look so cool *A*


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