Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Vivi magazine (November, Malaysian edition)

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Vivi's 9 Must-Have Items for Autumn

1) Black leather flared miniskirt

2) Metallic toe cap shoes

3) Short engineer boots

4) Oversized baseball jacket

5) Fit and flare dress

6) Silver mini bottom wear

7) Oversized knit tops

8) Royal blue knit top

9) Sheer sleeves top

I definitely dig the tattoo tights and thick-soled sneakers look Lena Fujii is rocking

Much as I like the fashion, I actually dislike the makeup. I think the girls all looked better Before

More ideas for the flared skirt

I really like these two looks especially the one on the left; toe-capped shoes, studded bag and leather shorts yum!

Spikes and bling make such a good combo! Rocker chic, yet classy

Some bejeweled items

Neko (kitty) trend still very much present


  1. Lena always so pretty *w* , thanks for sharing XD

    -> www.cominica.net <-

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! It's nearly impossible to find Vivi where I live. Your posts are sooo appreciated!!!


  3. Cute post!
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  4. My fave mag!!

    xoxo Wengie

  5. I always forget that English variations of vivi exist, but I still prefer to buy the Japanese versions because the content is different. But it must be such a novelty to be able to read Vivi, thanks for the photos!

    1. I think the only English version of Vivi is the Malaysian edition :)
      You're right that some of the content is different, but yeap, I love being able to read the tips etc

  6. i love asian fashion magazines! they're sooo much better than the american ones haha
    whenever i go to japan i bring back a bunch with me :)


  7. ah I'm loving this Vivi issue!! Vivi is always chock block full of great fashion inspiration.


  8. Thanks for the mag scans hun! Gotta love Japanese fashion magazines - so many great style ideas! I *need* heels! hehe


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