Sunday, 3 April 2011

Acoustic Night

 Sheer maxi skirt: Ark
Peep-toe wedge boots: New Look
Cropped top (bought a larger size to wear it off-shouldered): Topshop
Double-finger cross ring:
Studded rings: H&M
Shield ring: Primark

A group of my coursemates organized a series of events to raise funds for a local creative charity, Bloc Projects. I attended two of the events which were held at a local bar, just across the street from my place. The first one was a Date Auction Night. Basically, the organizers got their most eligible guy and girl friends to volunteer to be "sold off" as dates. One by one, they would be introduced by the DJ, get asked a couple of questions and then, the bidding begins. Bidding usually starts at around £5, raising pound by pound to what ever the highest bid is, depending on the "quality" of the guy/girl hehe. The winner will have to fork out the amount before the deal is sealed and all the money goes to charity.

I hope this doesn't sound odd, but I "won" a date with a girl! Haha...nah, she's actually my friend and I was trying to up the bids, but ended up winning instead. Luckily I had enough cash on me, so I paid up and now she owes me a date :P

The other event I attended was the Acoustic Night. This time round, they got friends and friends of friends to play some live music. Donations were in the form of entrance fees and if you wanted to make a song request, you can pop some money into the donation jar, too. Pretty neat, huh?

I didn't get a picture of what I wore to the Date Auction Night, but this was what I wore to the Acoustic Night. The sheer maxi skirt is so comfy and I love the way it flows when I walk. I was kinda dissapointed people were more interested in my rings, than my sheer maxi skirt, though...only joking. I got so many compliments for the shield ring. I would proudly tell them I got it from Primark, then see the look of surprise on their faces. Primark has definitely upped their game.


  1. Your outfit is really cool! I'll never be as daring as you, and you look great :D It's perfect for the event you mentioned

  2. Love the maxi skirt - the fact that it's sheer makes it just perfect! I've been on the hunt for something "maxi" myself... hopefully a dress if I can find one I like!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. your rings are sooo amazing. big nd stuff :)

    XX I.

  4. Those are really creative events to fundraise. I've been in organizations at school that hold date auctions, and I think it's funny that you won a date with your friend! I'm sure you'll have a good girl's night with her. The Acoustic Night sounds like a lot of fun, too!

    This is an amazing outfit. It's not something I would ever dream up myself, but it's so cool :) I like how it's provocative without showing too much skin! I'm impressed with the rings, too. I really need to start expanding my ring collection! xo

  5. I love that top.

  6. omgosh, love how you teamed everything up. It's so pretty ^_^ You're really pretty aswell. haha, that's great, how much did you end up paying? It doesn't matter too much as it's for charity :P Your cross ring is lovely! I'm actually considering buying one for myself. :) x

  7. aw good on you for trying to up the bids- i wonder if she was relieved or annoyed that she ended up with you :P great outfit tho! Love the sheer layer :)

  8. Great Skirt! I'm totally into this crop top trend. I found a whole bunch today at A'GACI, I will have to go back and purchase some!

  9. Edwina: Thank you! Hehe I'm not very daring at all. Somehow I felt "safer" since it was a maxi skirt, though it was sheer :P

    alison*elle: Oh, it took me forever to find one that I liked and at the right price. Hope you find one soon :)

    I.: Thank you!

    LoveMakesTheGirl: Haha it was very funny indeed. Date auction nights are so much fun. My other friend bagged herself a date with a guy and they're going to have Spanish food together tomorrow. I wonder if something more will blossom hehehe

    yiqin;: Haha, thanks!

    Freddie: Thanks!

    London's-beauty: Thank you! I paid £10 for my date. I guess it was towards the end of the night and people were running out of cash from biddings and also buying drinks.
    Oh, you should check out ASOS then and Urban Outfitters does some nice cross rings, too

    m i s s . t e a: Haha! That was running through my mind when I won. You see, I didn't really expect to win, so I was like, "Oh shit, what if she really wanted a guy to win?" She seemed really cheerful though, so I guess she did it just for charity anyway.
    Thanks for the compliments :)

    Shasie: Oh, do! Crop tops are everywhere this season :D

  10. I freaking love this outfit!!!

  11. haha a date with a friend sounds fun :P love the sheer maxi skirt too. i see quite a lot but this one is one of the best! xx

  12. Gorgeous! Love the skirt so much :) You rock the look!


  13. Dear Joey, Thank you for your message on my page. Very sorry, I havent been round for a long time and I seem to have missed so many of your lovely posts. Im well but just a little tied down with work. This is such a nice see-through skirt....and your first ekilove earrings are very pretty too.

    Very soon I will be doing a Chanel give away. I thought I would give you a heads up before I actually post that entry.

    Hope you are keeping well too.

    Squeeze The Pug

  14. great dess, lovely rings!

  15. i love the sheer maxi dress! i want one :3 gd to hear u helping charities aswell :)

  16. Lovely ensemble! I like your skirt alot! :)
    congrats for a date,LOL
    She will be gald that it's you not a weirdo boy ^_^

  17. Dianne: Thanks!

    Francesca: Hehe, it will be girly date. Thank you :)

    Rosalinda Tjioe: Awww thanks!

    Peh Sun @ Squeeze the Pug: No apology needed. I understand how life can get in the way sometimes :) Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Ooohhhh how exciting! Thanks, I'll definitely participate! You're so generous!

    roel: Thank you

    Hello Naka: Thanks :)

    Olivia: Hehe, thanks! Yeah, that's very true!

  18. I love the sheer maxi skirt, you look adorable!

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  19. No way, that ring is from Primark! They definitely have upped their game :) & awesome look, I love your sheer maxi :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  20. The sheer skirt is really unique! You get the feeling of wearing a mini without bearing so much leg :P The shield ring is really cool though - I can see why everyone was so interested in it! Have fun on your "date!" hehe ;)

  21. Hi Joey,

    Date Auction Night sounds really fun!

    Love your outfit, I need to learn how to wear maxi skirts so this is good inspiration. :)

    The Cat Hag

  22. i noticed the maxi skirt first then the rings. i'm so in love w anything sheer lately and those rings are so bad-ass too!

    you look gorgeous and i'd prolly do the same if i was auctioned off for charity. i'd ask my friend to buy me but use my own money. haha! i just removed the fun from the dating/auction or something. :)

  23. i love sheer maxi skirts for the spring/summer.. can't wait to wear them!

  24. Cute outfit! I love that maxi!!


  25. Hahaha he's actually really supportive about me starting up my own blog, but my commitment towards it is still an issue! >.<

    Oh and my new post is partly dedicated to you! YAY FOR SHEER CLOTHES!

  26. OH MY GOODNESS! That is an amazing sheer skirt! Such a great find.

    Thanks for the bday wishes!


    The Pretty Secrets

  27. The skirt is gorgeous!

  28. Meanz: Thank you, dearie

    --Sanam--: Thanks! Yeah, I know, right? There's so much good stuff at Primark nowadays, especially their S/S collection.

    Rinny: Thank you! Yeap, the sheer skirt provides just enough coverage for me to feel comfortable. Haha, thanks, it will be a girly night out.

    Addie @ The Cat Hag: Thank youuu

    thechyrelgomez: Yay for noticing the skirt first! :D
    Haha I know what you mean. I'd do that, too, just incase no one bids for me, then that'd be pretty embarassing hehe

    Viv: They're so on trend now :)

    Charlotte: Thanks!

    Dianne: Kudos to the boy!
    Oh, really? I'm going to check it out right after this

    Sandy Joe: You're welcome! Hope you had a good one!

    Meekay: Thank you, dearie

  29. This is such an awesome outfit, I love how it's both edgy & pretty! Such a cool, laid back look!

  30. EEK! heart your sheer maxi skirt!!

    love that you're wearing peep toe wedge boots underneath.. makes it totally edgy!!

    and yes the cream brulee was super NOMMY!!!

  31. i LOVEEE that sheer maxiskirt with the slouchy sweater !

    glisters and blisters

  32. I have that skirt from Miss Selfridge's! I absolutely adore it on you!

    I haven't even tried mine on yet, even though I got it on Friday. :)

    You look seriously gorgeous, Joey!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  33. That maxi skirt is amazing!! My sorority is hosting a date auction later this month- so no, you winning a date with your friend doesn't sound weird- funny yes- weird no


  34. Very nice look!

  35. love the maxi skirt,pretty simple combination :) i'm already follow you.

  36. Kate: Thank you! Yeah, I was going for the "not-trying-too-hard" look hee

    Lisa: Thanks, dearie!
    Now I want some creme brulee yums!

    michelle_: Thank youuu

    Mae Lu: Thanks, you're so sweet. Oh, I want to see it on you! Hurry up and find an excuse to wear it out, will ya? I guarantee it will make you feel sexy :)

    Erica: Haha, I hope you get a guy as your date :D

    t: Thanks

    Joy and Amore: Thanks and thank you for following me

  37. Off shoulders are the best! =) I love your ringsss. I don't know of I could pull off a sheer maxi but you did!

  38. That sheer maxi skirt is so pretty on you! I don't think I have the edge to pull that off!

  39. Loving maxis, but I've never worn a sheer one before! Except for one that I didn't quite realise was sheer...hmm.

  40. Melanie: Thanks! I was kind of worried that I may be too short for maxi skirts, but am pleasantly surprised this turned out quite okay :)

    Lisa-respect the shoes: Thank you! It's really quite versatile, I'm sure if paired with the right accessories, this skirt can produce many different looks

    sally annie: Haha, that must have come as a shock.

  41. That's a really nice outfit. I love the movement of the skirt. How funny that you won a date with your friend! I too would be bidding my hardest over my friend, make them feel special hehe

  42. Haha, it was quite funny especially since I didn't expect to win.
    Thanks, the skirt really is very flowy :D

  43. i think you pull this look SO well!! I love it!

  44. I am a newbie to your blog, just wanted to say I love it! your outfits are fab! Your so stylish


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