Friday, 1 April 2011

My first ekiLove purchase

Something really pretty arrived in the post today!

When I saw the little pink parcel with the ekiLove stamp on it, I had to refrain myself from tearing into it like a little kid on Christmas morning. Instead, I took some photos and slowly admired it. Then, I opened it carefully, layer by layer. I knew Eki's *click for Eki's blog* creations were made with lots of love, but I didn't know that the parcel itself would be lovingly wrapped, too!

'Twas my first time ordering from ekiLove *click to go to the store* and I was really impressed with the packaging! The pretty pink parcel arrived in a bubble envelope. After unwrapping the polka-dotted plastic bag and the pink tissue paper, a little box with a pink ribbon around it is revealed. Alongside it is a handwritten note from Eki and a FREE 3D nail sticker pack. After carefully removing the ribbon, I opened the box to finally see the actual item inside a little clear ziplock bag inside a little velvet bag.

Not only was it extremely secure, the whole parcel was just super kawaii!

I know Eki must be inundated with orders, but I received my order just under 2 weeks, which is very fast considering she is posting from the States.

[Pic credit: ekiLove]

These are the earrings I ordered. My lousy point and shoot camera does it no justice, so I had to ask Eki's permission to use the above photo. It already looks really pretty on screen, but I assure you that it's 10 times better in real life!! It's gorgeous and the swarovski is uber shiny! Eki really put a lot of love and effort into it and it shows as the craftsmanship is excellent and the earrings are of high quality.

When I read that 75% of the store's proceeds will be donated to the victims of the Japan tsunami/earthquake, I knew that I had to support Eki's cause. She has many handmade items on her store like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories et cetera. I settled on these earrings because I fell in love with the crown and the colour of the swarovski stone is just too pretty. It's so girly, I love it! I would definitely be ordering more in the future.

Go support ekiLove!


  1. I love Eki's creations, I have a lovely growing collection xD
    She puts so much love into her handmade, which is what I love about her. She's such a lovely person! <3

  2. So pretty ^^ !! I love the packaging =D and her creations as well

  3. wow so lovely!and packaging too...

  4. soooo pretty and package :)

  5. this is really interesting and love that sales proceeds go to japan. would check them out.

  6. wow, those earrings are beautiful.
    and the packaging is so special
    im going to check eki now :)

  7. I love the packaging and her stamp! Those earrings are GORGEOUSS<333


    Very youthful, but really, really cute!

    Mae Lu @ ~thereafterish.!

  9. What a lovely way to package more lovely things :) I love the pink wrapping, hehe. And the earrings look so pretty and sparkly, with such adorable charms!

    It's awesome that ekiLove is donating such a notable portion of profits :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. So pretty! Its great that she's donating 75% proceeds to the Japan ordeal. I think i might go check out her collection now. x

  11. Oh and how much was the shipping? x
    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. great packages always makes something 10x's more special! love it!


  13. woooo the packaging is so pink and pretty!
    will go check out the shop now =)

  14. The earrings look extremely pretty! Can't wait to see them on you :)

  15. I want a pair of these earrings! I went to the Eiki Love site and couldn't figure out how to buy!! I want a pair!!! Now!! =D

  16. Those earrings are soo kawaii!!! I bet it's going to look great with your outfit!

    Love how EKi packaged it all too. ^^

  17. Wah, so cute ^^
    Eki sure knows how to use packaging!


  18. So lovely!! They must look very cute on you! :D

    Haru x

  19. Thank you, girlies, for all the lovely comments. As always, I really appreciate you taking the time to drop me a note.

    [Anna]: Shipping came out be a very reasonable USD3.95 only! Definitely go check out Eki's shop. Hope you find something you like.

    sunny: Hiya, it may have been a bit confusing because I linked to Eki's blog, her ekiLove website and her actualy ekiLove webstore. It does seem that her ekiLove website doesn't link to her store, but in any case, here's the link
    Hope this helps :) Can't wait to see what you get! :D

  20. i lvoe the earrings ^^ the crown does it for me too :)

  21. Hello Naka: Uber cute, aren't they? :D

  22. omg, I love those earrings! :)

  23. The earrings are gorgeous! I've never ordered anything from her store but I'll have to check it out. That's great that she's supporting a good cause with her profits :)

  24. I've also been pretty curious about Eki's stuff. =) On her blog she's so sweet! It comes through with all the care she takes in packaging and making her jewelry. ^^

    I hope to see these earrings in a upcoming outfit post!


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