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International Cultural Evening '11

Hi, beautiful people!
I just want to quickly thank everyone for your kind comments in my previous post. I always enjoy reading what you have to say and really appreciate everyone who took the time to actually read my post. You guys are the bestest!!

Today's post will be about something that I'm quite passionate about; cultural diversity.

Bulgarian Society

I have always been rather proud of my University in terms of its diversity and passion in promoting cultural awareness. It offers so many opportunities for us to learn about different cultures; it's not uncommon to see 2 people from different countries having a language exchange session during lunch time. It's a truly diversed place and in my time here, I've gotten to know so many wonderful people from all over the world.

Mexican Society

We have the International Students' Committee (ISC) (of which I'm a part of) and every academic year, we organize 4 major international events amongst other smaller projects. We're not a charity, but we're run entirely by volunteers from the student population. We have student reps from all sorts of nationalities from Malaysians *ahem* to Nigerians to Germans to Columbians.

Chinese Society

I hope this doesn't sound like some political manifesto, but the ISC is run by international students, for international students. Our aim is to create a home away from home experience for all. Yes, intergration with local students are also one of our agendas, but we believe that we have to also put in effort to make international students feel as if they're home, sometimes, and that they'll always have someone to turn to.

If you've ever packed your bags and traveled 6500 miles alone to a foreign country to pursue your education, you'd know what I mean. If you've ever fallen ill and craved for that homemade national dish, but it's too late to call home (due to the time difference) nor can your local friends help you because they've never heard of said dish, you'd know what a lonely feeling that is :)

Malaysian Society

The ISC has done so much for me, although it hasn't always been obvious. Looking back, without all the ISC socials, I wouldn't know half the people I know now. Without ISC, I would most likely just stick with my little clique (although, I love my little clique, don't get me wrong) without actually meeting all these wonderful people.

Although I'm no longer as active as I used to be during my Undergraduate years, I still help out occassionally and I try to attend all their events.

The International Cultural Evening was held last weekend, where 20 national societies showcased their talents to compete for glory...and a trophy. It was a night full of national costumes, cultural performances and national pride.

Indian Society

All the photos you see above were taken on the night. I apologize for the crappy photos. Lately, I've been getting increasingly annoyed with the quality it produces. Sighhh...

This is my International Business textbook speaking, but if you aren't aware, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Globalization is inevitable and more and more countries are opening up their borders for trade. I think that what ever line you go into in the future, there will be some form of internationalization involved and you'll get the chance to work with people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, I truly believe it's very important to start networking now, not just for business purposes, but for the opportunity to learn something new.

I am not sure how it is in your University or how well-received international students are, but I wonder, do you ever take the time to try to get to know someone of a different nationality? :)


  1. I'm from Canada, so that screams diversity! But then we do have our cliques such as asians stays with asians and so forth. ^^"

    But thats great to hear that other parts of the world have groups that celebrate and promote diversity. :D

    Break down barriers and such! And I lovee that last pic of you!!! I love the long shirt/dress soooo pretty !!! And what you paired it with. :D You look gorgeous!!

    And regarding Yestyle, I never ordered anything from there either so I can't give you any advice. :( But yeah care if you do order! Hehe

  2. i adoreee meeting people from different nationalities! You honest learn so much!

    My unis pretty diverse but everyone tends to cluster to their own groups..which is the norm i suppose.

    p/s yesss, i'm from malaysia. malaysia truly asia lahhh ;D

  3. That's really cool that your university has such a diverse campus and there's a place for everyone to get together and mingle. The university I went to was pretty diverse, but I noticed that a lot of people tend to still stick to "their own kind." Btw your lace dress is gorgeous! :)

  4. Well, I've been out of school for a few years now,but I remember how life was at Bucknell. I think they have a long way to go as far as diversity...we were a small school only 3,000 something students total, but we did have a lot of international students. I met a lot of people from different countries and I'm still friends with them to this day. I've also discovered that via blogging I'm talking and meeting bloggers from everywhere! With the internet the world is truly a small place!

  5. I really like to meet some other people with a different nationality, because it's always nice to have friends with different nationalities :). At the moment I only have "internet" friends abroad. :']

  6. your dress looks great, you look very cute :)

  7. I love meeting people of different nationalities...that is one of the reasons I started blogging (amongst others)

    your outfit is super cute btw xoxo

  8. Tifa Mai: Yeah, I guess we'll always feel most comfortable with our own cliques because we tend to understand each other better. It's still great to have the opportunity to at least mingle with other cultures, though. I've heard Canada is pretty diversed and I'd love to visit one day.
    Oh, thanks for the compliments!

    amanda: Yeap, I think it takes a lot to break free from your comfort zone and force yourself to try to meet people from other cultures. At the end of the day, I'm still most comfortable with the Malaysians here, but that doesn't mean I don't make an effort to mingle with others :)
    Oh, that's great! Sama-sama Malaysian lah! hehe

    Rinny: I guess because sticking with your own kind gives you a feeling of home away from home.
    Thanks! :)

    Shasie: Omgosh, I know! The blogosphere is a truly wonderful place for meeting other bloggers from all over. I'm enjoying it so much!

    Yak Man: Internet friends are cool, too. Since blogging, I've met so many new people from halfway across the globe!
    And thank youuu

    I.: Thank you!

    Aint That Pretty: I know! It's a great platform to meet more people, isn't it?
    Thanks and thank you for following me :)

  9. fab dress and suits you well :D

  10. I also used to be active in student cultural organizations. Kudos to you! That event looked like a lot of fun.

  11. I think it's impossible to not make friends from different nations. =P You look so great in that dress and international cultural evening looks so fun and classy. ^^

    Who won the trophy this year?

  12. yiqin: Thanks

    sunny: That's really cool! Yeap, it was lots of fun indeed :)

    camerafilmroll: Thanks

    Memosne: Thanks!
    The Indian Society won (again)! They're always so energetic, their costumes are always so colourful and most importantly, their music makes you stand up and cheer for them! Oh and also, they are Always so synchronized! hahaha...

  13. Lovely photos, you caught such movement in the clothing!

    Your lace overlay dress is pretty dreamy too!

  14. Thanks! I really like my dress, too, but it's skin-tight so that means I pretty much had to cover my tummy with my clutch for the entire night hee

  15. i love the dress ur wearing!! :) u look gorgeous in it~ the international event sounds awesome too, wish my uni was more eventful like urs~



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